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Bangkok, Thailand

Experience the real feeling of Thai Bangkok Reviews

dodge dodge
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Dec 14, 2006
Real feel of Thailand?

Getting to feel the feeling of being Thai is the matter of when and where.

To see the real life style you'd better wake up quite early in the morning around5 amand go to wet market. There you will see shoppers (Moms / Grand moms) buying fresh food to cook for their family. Theyknowshoppers very well like family or close friends asthey have social bonding. Also, you will have a chance to see lots of traditional foods.

Sometimes you will see old men ganging up at coffee hawker in the market having morning coffee talking with friends about news / politics.

Along the road you will see old people giving food offerings to monk and the monk wil pray and bless them for happy lives in return.

The other time is in the eveing around 7 pm, walking along local residential area / village / local road, you will see men ganging up atone houseor restaurant and drinking. They don't just grab drinks and chat but theydrink til drop. I know that this is not a good habit but it reflects that Thais love socializing and value friendship very much since we are closed society and dependent. That's why they have to pack in group to feel comfortable and relieved.

All of the above are notmock activities / places for touristsbecausethese are the ways we live our lives traditionally, butyou willhardly find onesin central of Bangkok,only you can find from the suburb area or other provinces. I think it depends on where you stay. If you go up country these activities will easily be seen.

To experience Bhuddist tradition?

As above, giving food offerings to the monks is our traditional ritual that old generation people normally do every morning right after they wake up.

Apart from this, you can easily check Thai calendar looking for signs of little Bhudda image which shows our Holy Bhudda day. These days, people will go to temples and do merit in the morning after they offer food to monks. Again, you will really experience these in up country more than Bangkok.

Originally, Bhuddism to us is more like a lifestyle because our ways of livesare influenced by religionfrom waking up till going to bed.

- We are tought to give food to the monk to learn to sacrifice

- To do merit to lern to donate and relieve greed

- To forgive to let go our ego

- To pray before going to bed is to clear our mind and think only good things before getting sleep

Non touristy night life?

RCA (Royal City Avenue) / Ake-ka-mai road / Lang-suan are where Thai teens are majority, unlike Kao-sarn where is very touristy.

Hope these help. Next review, I'll input some recommend for other tourist attractions that's not very touristy in Thailand.


Amanda says:
I have such a wonderful and smart friend! Great review honey!!
Posted on: Dec 14, 2006
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