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Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Experience and Impression  - Winter fest
Experience and Impression  - Events on Krayina Square
Experience and Impression  - Grandpa Frost
Experience and Impression  - Zimzograd fest
Experience and Impression  - Summer at Vrbas River
Experience and Impression  - Victory Day 2015
Experience and Impression  - Day of Europe 2015

Experience and Impression Banja Luka Reviews

odiseya odiseya
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Banja Luka Spring Experience Feb 11, 2017
Favorite thing: Spring is the time when most of cultural activities occur. Springtime can be very humid and changing with usually cold nights.

Especially April is time of biggest celebration. Those days are reserved for manifestation connected with Days of Banja Luka. In almost month there is lots of activities in city and surrounding. Lots of cultural, spiritual, sporting event as well recognition of scientific, humanitarian and social achievements and results of our fellow citizens and institutions. There are meant for all generation.

There is and lots of non-working days and public celebration too. Lets start with celebration of religious celebration start with Orthodox Easter and followed by The Patron Saint-day (Slava) of Banja Luka which is Ascension Day (Spasovdan). This holiday take place 40 days after Orthodox Easter. Ascension Day is important holiday for Banja Luka and big public celebration.

Banja Luka follow current world events and there is also and tradition of host Night of Museum event and Theater fest.

Then there is more non-working days - May Day Fest (1st and 2nd May) and Day of Europe (9th May).

During official public holidays official institution are mostly closed but also and cafes, pubs and restaurants. On Orthodox Easter and on 1st May mostly of them are closed all day long.

Spring is also and shopping time. Banja Luka had wide and diversity offer and mostly of them is budget friendly.

Spring is time of biggest sport events and Banja Luka become place where you can participate or attend several big international sports events and at least one European or World championship. Even during Spring you might expect rain Banja Luka hosts lots of water sport competitions.

Fondest memory: I follow Banja Lukas cultural calendar and planning my visit during that period.

I find interesting to see how East and West tradition mix here and I think that Spring is time where this is especial notice. For example, 9th May here is Day of Europe and Victory Day. This year I come to Banja Luka to be part of both events. On 9th May 2015 first part of public manifestation and organized cultural program was reserved to commemorate victims of WWII and remembrance to all fellow citizens whose sacrifice their life and dearest to fatherland. Reach cultural program was held on Square of fallen WWII soldiers (between Banski dvori and Hotel Bosna) held in the presence of the greatest statesmen of the Republika Srpska and foreign diplomats (mostly Russia). It was held just before noon and last two hours. Not to long from this place even bigger public manifestation was held on Square of Krajina. Another official part with city major and more foreign diplomats (USA and Western Europe) followed with biggest promotion of cycling that was held in Banja Luka. Most of day downtown of Banja Luka was closed and reserved only for passengers and for cyclist.

Plus, I visited National Museum in meantime. National Theater and nightclubs have best and important events.

Banja Luka is known as city of sport. Interesting is that most of them was held during spring time. This year (2015) was held first Banja Luka half marathon as well and several international competition: ECA Wildwater Canoeing Senior European Championships and EUROPEAN RAFTING CHAMPIONSHIP “BANJA LUKA – VRBAS 2015” R6 as well International cycling race BELGRADE-BANJA LUKA and lots of other local, regional, national and international sports events and competitions.

I enjoy in Banja Luka in springtime and I hope you will too.
Walking in downtown
Day of Europe 2015
Victory Day 2015
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odiseya odiseya
241 reviews
Banja Luka Summer Experience Feb 11, 2017
Favorite thing: Banja Luka had very good geographic location. Settled among gentle hills and in river valley you could expected warm and even hot summer days and if you stay away of concrete and not too hot. During day you could notice that some short side streets even in downtown are almost deserted. There you have a chance to take photo of those street properly and take a time with it.

I notice that some cafes also are half empty.

During vacation season Banja Luka (like and rest of landlocked place) is almost peaceful during day. In late afternoon life back on streets as usually.

Sea don't effect on nightlife in Banja Luka. In fact biggest music festivals happens in middle of summer. Banja Luka had tradition of great music festivals. There is famous Jelen Demofest and now and Banja Luka beer fest. Mostly places of interest is Kastel fortress.

Almost whole august is fun for kids and youth with traditional manifestation "Creative august". There you can participate in lots of different activity and workshops free of charge (except Sundays). Places of interesting is riverbanks between Youth center Kastel and Sport hall "Obilicevo" (across the Kastel fortress).

Traditional manifestation "Summer on Vrbas" is big part of summer in Banja Luka. It is big tradition here and it is one of oldest manifestation in country. Remember stories about famous attraction of jumping from Mostar bridge over the river Neretva?! Yes, you could vitness and attraction of jumping from City bridge over the river Vrbas.

In meanwhile, all institution connect with culture and art had rich program.

Places of interest is Kastel, Banski dvor, Youth center, cinema, square of Krayina, Museum of contemporary art of Republika Srpska, riverbanks, etc.

Enjoy in summer!

Fondest memory: I follow event calendar for Banja Luka and its events and festival is great reason for visiting Banja Luka.

I was participate in first "Creative august". My group come here from Doboj and have a small performance.

Directions: Banja Luka
Summer at Vrbas River
odiseya odiseya
241 reviews
Banja Luka Winter Experience Feb 11, 2017
Favorite thing: Winter become popular period for visiting Banja Luka. Winters days can be very cold but there is still lots of people in city center. Snow happens several times during winter but doesn't keep long and sometimes no snow at all. January particularly is time of long celebration and lots of non-working days and public celebration.

Official institution are mostly closed but cafes, pubs and restaurants are open even longer then usually. In many shopping malls are usually sales.

Lots of interesting activity in city for all generation. During day kids can enjoy on ice on square of Krajina and rest of visitors in hot wine and music.

Two officially celebration of New Years Eve (International on 31th December and Orthodox on 13th January) is big public celebration with free concert starting with fun for children during day (Children celebration of NY).

Fondest memory: I find out some Slovenian travel agencies offers Banja Luka as destination for celebrate New Year. I was visiting Banja Luka in this time. Its events and manifestations are always good reason for visiting City.

Since December 2013 winter festival called "Zimzograd" (meaning "Winter City") slowly become tradition. That was modern expression of tourism, following European tradition of Christmas markets. Well, it not quite like that but it is good enough for region. Beside this there is another events that combined local quality products and creativity and lots of fun for visitors.

At the end of 2014 I was visited Banja Luka and besides visiting "Winter City" and local pubs and shopping on seasonal discount prices I was saw another interesting event. That event is call "Memories of winter" (Sjecanje jedne zime) and it is some sort of fair where you can find lots of interesting homemade products on stands on plateau behind of Christ Savior Church in city center. The events official start on 27th December 2014 with music programs. I enjoy it and I hope it become tradition.
Zimzograd fest
Grandpa Frost
Events on Krayina Square
Winter fest
odiseya odiseya
241 reviews
Banja Luka Autumn Experience Feb 11, 2017
Favorite thing: Autumn and late summer is time for start of cultural season in Banja Luka. When is warm in autumn Banja Luka looks like big colorful park. Due to hot summer this season is probably best to choose as your time for visit to city. In late spring there is more rain in latest years then usually in autumn.

Anyways, if it rain you can choose one of many cafes, pubs or restaurant in Banja Luka and late evening you could visit houses of culture and end of night spend in one of many clubs there.

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