Exchanging Money in Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Exchanging Money in Buenos Aires Reviews

HuBison HuBison
417 reviews
Make sure you get real money as change (stupid taxi cab driver!!!) Apr 08, 2012
We had read a little info on this problem, but ran head on into it our 2nd hour in BA. We exchanged money at the airport as we landed quite late and nothing in the city would be open. There is a poster in the airport about looking at the last two digits in the money to avoid receiving duplicate fake bills. For example, if you paid a $20 AR pesos bill or cab ride with a $100 AR peso bill, you could either get back $80 AR is 20s or 10s and it is recommended that you look at all the bills to be sure they all have different serial numbers (just look at the last 2 numbers). You want to be sure your money wasn't copied from one real bill....however, that doesn't help much.

We arrived in BA and for circumstance we did not forsee, had to take a cab part of the way to our hostel. We had $40 AR pesos exactly for the $36 AR peso bill, but we wanted to split the change from a $100AR pesos bill we were holding. We gave him a $100 AR, got back $60, went to eat and used that change for the bill where we were told "falso". The waiter was stern, but compassionate when we told him we got it from the cab.

LESSON: This is how to assess fake money. When you hold up a peso bill to the light, there should be a watermark of a face on the left side. This is much harder when you are trying to get out of a cab or are getting change from in a nightclub or other dark place. However, we were also shown a sample fake bill that had a watermark. The best way is to look at the number in the front of the bill in the upper left hand corner. If you look directly at it, it should be green; tilt the bill and watch it turn dark blue, if not, you probably have a fake bill. We only lost about $15 US and it could have been worst, but I don't see why specific reviews weren't written on here (pouting).

Cabs are they worst, cause once they drop you off and disappear, it's lost. A store or restaurant isn't as bad. Use exact change at taxis and when ever you can. When using a taxi, use your money and get your change BEFORE you leave the cab and examine it before you step out of the taxi, no matter if he is rushing you because you are on a busy street or in a bus lane or whatever!
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HuBison HuBison
417 reviews
Tips you need on exchanging money BEFORE you leave your home country Apr 15, 2012
This is important to know in advance if you need to pay a reciprocity fee when entering BA at the EZE airport. Before leaving the US or specific countries (you will have to look up and see if you are one of 5 or 6 countries listed as needing to pay reciprocity fee), you need to visit your bank. Don't just take your money out of the ATM because at the airport--as well as some banks--they may not take money with the following issues:

1. Ink or other markings on the bill (marker, writing in pen, etc).

2. Any small rip or tear.

3. Any old bills and those without modern markings of authenticity.

Make sure you get nice, crisp, new bills from your bank. The airport in Buenos Aires (EZE) or other institutions will examine each nook and corner of the bill and will easily give you back a bill they don't like and ask you for another. Be prepared and it will help you enjoy your trip.
yadilitta yadilitta
723 reviews
Enchanging Money in Buenos Aires May 22, 2008
It's always important to know how to exchange money in the different places. Here in Peru there are people who exchange the money at the streets, but in Buenos Aires you have to do it in a Exchange House, otherwise you could get fake money :(

Most of the stores and restaurants take US$ and Euros, they will even give you a better rate. But for the small expenses and taxis you will need Pesos. For example for the taxis.

By the way if you go to a Exchange House, you will need to show your passport in order to exchange the money. By law they will ask you for the document you used to go into the country. If you are using a foreign currency in the stores or restaurants, you don't need to show your passport. You can pay with the foreign currency and get the change in Pesos. ;)

Something that amazed me was the fact they have really old money and everyone accepts it.
wow! this was really old...
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cachettebiker says:
great advice - i am going soon!
Posted on: Sep 08, 2011
yadilitta says:
sure! send me a request
Posted on: Aug 01, 2010
postaltiburon says:
Thanks for the advice! I hope to go to Argentina very soon!
Posted on: May 27, 2008

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