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September 7th 2014
Wahita and I flew to Lukla to start our trek.

In Singapore her BMI (body mass index) was perfect for netball and yoga, but at altitude she pushed too hard and got sick on the second day. The monsoon was lingering on so for the first 10 so we didnt get more than brief glimpses of any mountains as we treked for only a few hours per day.

When we arrived at Gorakshae 5180 m we met some very disappointed travelers, who having waited almost a week for the weather to clear were now heading back down to catch their flights to KTM.

The weather on following two days was totally sunny and clear. We were totally blown away by the 360o views of the majestic snow capped peaks which NOW surrounded us. Without these views, base camp would have really only look like a huge rock quarry, with great glimpses of the glacier beside the track. Sunrise on Kala Patthar 5,643 m was totally breathtaking but within about 20 minutes we were driven off the peak by blustery blasts of freezing winds and snow. My buddy was medivac choppered from Gorakshae to KTM and I joined a group of New Zealand sports athletes. At Goyko we got a little sun but the monsoonal weather persisted during the next 2 miserable weeks and we cut our trip short. We learnt to respect the mountain and the highly changable September weather.
Having trekked Annapurna twice (March 2014-2015) and EBC (Sept 2014) I must admit that trekking EBC (during the monsoon season) was rather disappointing and I'll return to EBC in March 2016 and hope for better weather and a far more enjoyable experience.

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