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Grado #401 most popular location
Grado is a small beach town in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of Italy on the Adriatic Sea. The area is common for Italian tourists as well as tourists from abroad and is very family/child…
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Cangas de Onis #402 most popular location
Oviedo #403 most popular location
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Haarlem #404 most popular location
Haarlem is very close to Amsterdam and definitely worth to visit. The city offers culture, history, pedestriated shopping centers and nightlife can be around every corner. Staying in Haarl…
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Dover #405 most popular location
Dover is a major port on the south-east coast of England. Situated in the county of Kent, it faces Calais, France 22 miles across the English Channel. It has a population of over 40,000. D…
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Rostock #406 most popular location
Located on the southern coast of the baltic sea Rostock remains a popular hub for ferries to all major baltic countries. If you are planning to go to Denmark you can take a ferry from he…
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Borovets #407 most popular location
Texel #408 most popular location
Texel is the first of a string of islands which stretches from the north-west coast of the Netherlands along the German coast all the way to Denmark. This island has a modest 16.000 inhabit…
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Porto-Vecchio #409 most popular location
Very small, not too touristy place, which feels like a small pirat place with an upper village and a nice small porto. Not many nice beaches in the Golf of Porto Veccio, but north and south o…
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Fiumicino #410 most popular location
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Cascais #411 most popular location
Cascais used to be a small fishing village until the Portuguese royal family decided to vacation here in the late 19th century and early 20th century. From then on it quickly became a popular…
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Ostend #412 most popular location
Oostende in Flemish is a busy beach town were local fisherman sell their catch of the day. The city itself is called "the queen of the Belgian Coastel cities" and along the beach you will fin…
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Pertisau #413 most popular location
Pertisau is a small cosy village enclosed by the mountains of the Karwendel and a view to the Achensee. It was not overcrowded when we where there. It's a great place to ski, langlauf (cros…
Kalambaka #414 most popular location
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Cefalu #415 most popular location
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Cortona #416 most popular location
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Groningen #417 most popular location
Groningen is the capital of the province Groningen and with 182,000 residents by far the largest town in the North of the Netherlands. Groningen has one of the oldest and largest universities…
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Auschwitz #418 most popular location
More commonly known by its German name, Auschwitz, and overshadowed by its history as a headquarters for genocide and terror as the location of the concentration camp established there by the…
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Aachen #419 most popular location
Aachen is one of those cities that cries out beautiful even on a rainy day. The city's main focus is religion, with amazing churches around every corner covered with colored stained-glass wi…
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Constanta #420 most popular location
The city of Constanţa is the fifth largest in Romania. It contains the fourth largest port in Europe. The city dates back 2,500 years. Regional attractions include traditional villages, vine…
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Kazan #421 most popular location
Kazan is the largest city and also the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan in Russia. The people here speak mainly Tatar and Russian , with Russian being spoken by almost everyone there whil…
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Krasnodar #422 most popular location
Krasnodar (Russian: Краснодар) is a city in Southern Russia on the Kuban River. It is the administrative center of Krasnodar Krai (also known as Kuban). Population: 710,400 (2006 est…
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San Vito lo Capo #423 most popular location
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Kharkiv #424 most popular location
Kharkiv or Kharkov (Ukrainian: Харків, Russian: Харьков) is the second largest city in Ukraine. It is the administrative center of the Kharkiv Oblast (province), as well as the a…
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Erfurt #425 most popular location
Erfurt is a city in central Germany. It is the capital of the state of Thuringia or Thuringen with a population of ca. 202,619. Erfurt is located 100 km SW of Leipzig, 113 km SE of Kassel a…
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Falmouth #426 most popular location
Falmouth is a town located on the South coast of Cornwall and boasts the deepest natural harbour in the world. There are many fantastic beaches nearby, as well as castles and other sites of …
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koblenz #427 most popular location
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Kalkan #428 most popular location
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Bamberg #429 most popular location
Bamberg is a reasonable sized town, nearly 70,000, in the northern part of Bavaria. Reputedly the inhabitants of this place drink more beer per head of population than anywhere else in Germa…
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Lodz #430 most popular location
Lodz (Łódź) is Poland's second largest city when it comes to population, and lies near the center of the country. Tourism is not one of Lodz's strong points. However, if you do visit L…
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Fuengirola #431 most popular location
Fuengirola is a thriving tourist destination in southern Spain on the Costa del Sol. It is easily reached by road or rail from the major tourist gateway airport located km away at Malaga (IAT…
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Cavtat #432 most popular location
Willingen #433 most popular location
Dingle #434 most popular location
The main town on the Dingle peninsula, Dingle is a small fishing town in County Kerry. Centred around the natural harbour, the town offers the visitor to sample the local catches in one of it…
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Perth #435 most popular location
The name Perth derives from a Pictish word for wood or copse, and links the town to the Picts described by the Romans, who subsequently joined with the Scots to form the kingdom of Alba which…
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Calella #436 most popular location
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Hexham #437 most popular location
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Pas de la Casa #438 most popular location
Vigo #439 most popular location
Ciudad costera de las Rías Bajas que limita al norte con la ría a la que da nombre, (Ría de Vigo), al Noreste con el municipio de Redondela, al este con el de Mos, al sur con los de O Porr…
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Leicester #440 most popular location
Leicester is a city and county town of the county of Leicestershire. The city itself has grown from being a roman military settlement to the urban metropolis it is today. Many ethnic minoriti…
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Swinoujscie #441 most popular location
Świnoujście is situated in the corner of northwest Poland and is one of the most attractive towns on the Polish coast. Świnoujście is located on forty four islands, three biggest is Uzna…
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Southport #442 most popular location
Southport is situated in the North West of England and is a beautiful place mainly visited by neighbouring towns and cities who fancy a nice day out and a wander across the beach.
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Vysoke Tatry #443 most popular location
The High Tatras mountains are situated in the northern part of Slovakia, on the border with Poland. In 1949 it was declared to be the first Slovak national park (TANAP) and in 1993 it was tog…
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Oberstdorf #444 most popular location
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Camaiore #445 most popular location
Kalamaki #446 most popular location
Kalamaki is a beach resort town on the Greek island of Zakynthos. It is located on the south of the island, in the Bay of Laganas. The beach at Kalamaki is also a nesting place for the endang…
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Denia #447 most popular location
Denia is located about 85 km north east of Alicante along the Costa Blanca. It possesses one of the most important harbors of the area, with ferry connections to Ibiza, Mallorca and others. …
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Jerez de la Frontera #448 most popular location
Well,as a fellow who picked Jerez De La Frontera as my first destination for my solo travel, let me introduce the city from my view and give you a quick guide about what you can expect to see…
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Conil de la Frontera #449 most popular location
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Manavgat #450 most popular location
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Plzen #451 most popular location
Plzen (Pilsen) is the capital of West Bohemia, and was founded by the Czech King Wenceslas II. The historical city centre, is dominated by the slim tower of the Gothic St. Bartholomew Cathedr…
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Calpe #452 most popular location
Calpe is a coastal town located in the comarca of Marina Alta, in the province of Alicante, Spain, by the Mediterranean Sea. The town is located 67 km from the city of Alicante, lying at the …
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Kotor #453 most popular location
Kotor is a coastal town in Montenegro. It is located in a most secluded part of Gulf of Kotor. In the Middle Ages, this natural harbour on the Adriatic coast in Montenegro was an important ar…
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Warwick #454 most popular location
Warwick (pronounced /ˈwɒrɪk/ war-ick (silent w in middle)) listen (help·info) is the historic county town of Warwickshire in England and has a population of 25,434 (2001 census). The town…
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Riomaggiore #455 most popular location
Mainly distinguished by being the first Cinque Terre village you encounter, Riomaggiore does not offer as many delights as its sisters. This isn't a detraction, because the village is stil…
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Tossa De Mar #456 most popular location
Tossa de Mar is a medieval village with narrow streets very busy in the summer but almost desserted during winter time (less than 4600 persons). Curving around a beautiful bay has one of the…
Crawley #457 most popular location
Crawley is in the county of West Sussex in the South of England. It is one of the new towns created as London overspill after the second world war. It has a college and a big shopping centre.…
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Tromso #458 most popular location
Between the island landscape, fjords and mountain peaks, you find Tromsø – Gateway to the Arctic and capital of Northern Norway. As far back as a century ago, visitors were surprised to fi…
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Burgos #459 most popular location
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Agios Ioannis #460 most popular location
Klaipeda #461 most popular location
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Icmeler #462 most popular location
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Wiesbaden #463 most popular location
Wiesbaden is described as the "Nice of the North", the gateway to the Rheingau, or the city of villas. The city has a rich history as a health resort due to its hot springs. Wiesbaden's mus…
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Andorra la Vella #464 most popular location
Andorra La Vella (which means ‘old’) is the capital of Andorra and it is surrounded by mountains of up to 2400m. Retailing duty-free electronic and luxury goods is the main economic acti…
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Jurmala #465 most popular location
Jurmala is a small seaside town a short trip away from Riga. You can take the train and be there in about an hour. The town is filled with old summer houses. The town was a vacation spot f…
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Teguise #466 most popular location
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Rouen #467 most popular location
Rouen is located in Normandy, on the North Western part of France. The cathedral of Rouen is arguably one of the most beautiful cathedrals in France, and subject of many of Monet's most …
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Mijas #468 most popular location
Mijas is commercial version of the white cities of Andalucia and when it is said it not ment negative - it is the beautiful little village. The village is actually really nice with its white …
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Blarney #469 most popular location
Blarney, known as "the biggest little village in Ireland", is one of Ireland's most picturesque villages. One of the finest things that impresses the first time visitor is the well preserved …
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Langenfeld #470 most popular location
Lincoln #471 most popular location
The Cathedral city of Lincoln is one of Britain's prettiest cities in the North. It has a fantastic cathedral, which gathers many visits from all over the country, and indeed the world, but t…
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Segovia #472 most popular location
Segovia, located about an hour away from Madrid, is the capital city of the Segovia province within the Castile-Leon region. It is often a daytrip from Madrid. Its main sights are: the Roma…
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Porec #473 most popular location
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Merano #474 most popular location
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Tsilivi #475 most popular location
Isle Of Skye #476 most popular location
So much to see! So much to discover! For a true experience of the scottish charms, the Isle of Skye is a must on your list! Breathtaking landscapes at every turns; A long history revealin…
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Annecy #477 most popular location
The capital of the Departement de Haute-Savoie, Annecy, is a small medieval city located at the foot of the Alps along the shores of a lake with the same name. It is about 40km away from Gene…
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Valletta #478 most popular location
Valletta is the new capital of Malta built after the Great Seige of Malta by the Ottoman Turks and is approximately 10km from Luqa airport. Valletta is a fortified town and was built using a …
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Stonehenge #479 most popular location
Stonehenge is famous for one thing and one thing only and that is the Stonehenge monument itself situated in the English county of Wiltshire. One of the most famous prehistoric sights in t…
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Telford #480 most popular location
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Ipswich #481 most popular location
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Sighisoara #482 most popular location
The town of Sighisoara is the most enchanting of all the Transylvanian towns. Its medieval buildings, gilded roofs and towers have been unspoiled by war or modern industry. The Citadel, buil…
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Munster #483 most popular location
Münster is an independent city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is located in the northern part of the state and is considered to be the cultural centre of the Westphalia region. It is…
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La Rochelle #484 most popular location
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Santander #485 most popular location
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Llucmajor #486 most popular location
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Cirali #487 most popular location
Orvieto #488 most popular location
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Sankt Leonhard im Pitztal #489 most popular location
Formentera #490 most popular location
Formentara is one of the smallest inhabited islands (83 km²) of the Balearic, located in the Mediterranean and South of Ibiza. Beautiful Formentera consists of two parts, separated by a wid…
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Lindos #491 most popular location
Lindos with the ancient village and Acropolis towering above and ocean view as far as the eyes can see, captures the heart of all who visit it. You can climb the Acropolis tower by foot thro…
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Doolin #492 most popular location
Doolin is a charming small seaside village on the northwest coast of County Clare. Once a traditional fisihing village it is now a more noted as a center for traditional music and a surfing d…
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Pitlochry #493 most popular location
Pitlochry is a small town with a good sized supermarket and amenities. The town has loads of great little souvenir shops where you can end up spending a fortune as there are so many nice thin…
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Tampere #494 most popular location
Tampere in finnish, Tammerfors in swedish, this is the third city largest city in Finland with more than 200.000 inhabitants in the area. Tampere is in the south of Finland, just 160 kilo…
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Acharavi #495 most popular location
Newbury #496 most popular location
Newbury is a nice typical town, located in the middle of Southern England. The town is famous for its racecourse, and also for its 17th century castle (Highclere Castle). It is very beauti…
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Northampton #497 most popular location
Situated in the centre of England, Northampton is steeped in historical significance. It was one of the country's most important cities during saxon times. Market square is the centre of No…
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Ayvalik #498 most popular location
Ayvalik is the most popular seaside resort in North Aegean coast of Turkey. It's surrounded by olive trees and thyme meadows. It's nice to smell the air of the city which is a mix of olives, …
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Gijon #499 most popular location
With a population of 258,200 Gijón has its ancient core on the headland known as "Cimadevilla". There you find tons of "sidrerías" where you can eat the best seafood. Between its main b…
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Keflavik #500 most popular location
Keflavik is a town located on a small peninsula in southwestern Iceland. With a small population of 10,000 it was founded in the early 16th century. Its heavy development was aided by the fis…
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