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Zermatt #101 most popular location
The idyllic village at the foot of the famous Matterhorn, did change to one of the most important summer- and winter- spa. In Zermatt there are no cars. Electric-cars, horse-drawn sleighs an…
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Geneva #102 most popular location
Sat on the shores of the magnificent (-ly cold) Lake Geneva, the city itself is now an EU and financial heartland – hardly a shock for Switzerland – and dismissed by many as being nice, b…
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Kusadasi #103 most popular location
Once a haven for those wishing to explore the Aegean coastline of Turkey, Kusadasi has transformed over the years into a package-destination and doubling as a cruise-ship port. Bottom line? W…
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Zagreb #104 most popular location
The largest, most influential, and culturally significant city in Croatia, Zagreb also doubles as the capital. Resting on the southern slopes of the Medvednica mountains, along the Sava River…
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Killarney #105 most popular location
Poised on the northeastern shores of the Lough Lein and Lough Leane, part of the world-famous Killarney National Park, Killarney is an Irish town in the southwestern part of the country and o…
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Palma #106 most popular location
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Bristol #107 most popular location
There are places in the world which, for some reason or another, have fallen off the grid in terms of being considered a “tourist” destination. This is both good and bad. On the plus side…
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Oludeniz #108 most popular location
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Brasov #109 most popular location
One of the largest cities in Romania, tucked away in the shadows of the Carpathian Mountains, and part of the mythical Transylvania region, Brasov is the capital of Brasov Country, and consid…
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Alghero #110 most popular location
Imagine a pristine medieval village on a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean just off the coast of Italy. Picture cobblestone streets completely pedestrianized, lined with dozens …
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Lloret de Mar #111 most popular location
Definitely, Lloret de Mar is one of the most famous resorts on Costa Brava. It is widely known for its nightlife in the summertime - all those discos and bars which attract crowds of teenager…
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Belfast #112 most popular location
Harboring a dodgy local reputation both in the rest of the UK and in the Republic of Ireland, Belfast was in the news daily for years, finding itself at the heart of the Northern Irish ‘tro…
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Bournemouth #113 most popular location
Bournemouth is a town in the South West of England, perhaps best known for its wide, sandy beach and its Victorian pier. The town lies across the water from the Isle of Wight, and South of th…
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Rotterdam #114 most popular location
British indie-crooners The Beautiful South once sung that Rotterdam is like anywhere, suggesting the city lacked any outstanding attributes. Architecturally, they were pretty much bang on. Ha…
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Siena #115 most popular location
Nestled in the heart of one of the most well-known regions of Italy—Tuscany—sits Siena, the capital of the eponymous province it is a part of. With a historic center that has been deemed …
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Solden #116 most popular location
Sölden is a small town in the austrian province Tirol in the west of Austria. The town is a famous ski resort and every year a large number of tourists visit Sölden during winter season.
Ankara #117 most popular location
Ankara is the capital city of Turkey, in the region called Central Anatolia. The article that states that Ankara is the capital city was added to the constitution on 19 October 1923, which i…
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hersonissos #118 most popular location
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Cesky Krumlov #119 most popular location
A tiny little town tucked away in southern Bohemia within the Czech Republic, Cesky Krumlov sits on the Vlatava River, one of the most well-preserved towns in the country, a fact which has ha…
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Salou #120 most popular location
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Inverness #121 most popular location
The mental image the Scottish Highlands usually conjures up is a picture of the Loch Ness monster, peat-covered hills that turn into craggy cliff-faces and lush, green mountains covered in a …
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Marseille #122 most popular location
One of the oldest cities in France after Paris and Lyon, Marseille sits on the southeastern coast of the country against the Mediterranean Sea. It serves as a commercial port for France, as w…
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Turin #123 most popular location
Located in the northwestern corner of Italy and serving as the business and cultural center of the Piedmont region along the banks of the Po River in the Alpine arch, Turin is one of the most…
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Cambridge #124 most popular location
With a skyline dominated by King’s College Chapel, Cambridge University Library, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, and St. John’s College Chapel, and a history that is just as lauded and lengthy …
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Fethiye #125 most popular location
Fethiye is like a garden from the heaven. It's a town it the southeast coast of Turkey, where where you can see and feel the color 'Turquoise'. Fethiye promises you a lot of activities. Th…
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Heidelberg #126 most popular location
A glorious and charming old university town. The striking, red roofed landscape of Heidelberg, with its picture postcard bridges and fabulous green backdrop (on the edge of the legendary Blac…
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Nuremberg #127 most popular location
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Kemer #128 most popular location
Located on the Mediterranean coastline of Turkey, roughly 40 km west of Antalya, and a major seaside resort in its own right, Kemer sits on the Gulf of Antalya, with the Taurus Mountains risi…
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Siracusa #129 most popular location
Siracusa is a city on the eastern coast of Sicily and the capital of the province that brings its same name. It was once described by Cicero as the greatest Greek city and the most beautiful …
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Oxford #130 most popular location
Home to the oldest university in the English-speaking world and a haven for the intellectual elite, Oxford is a city that boasts not only some of the smartest people in the world, but one of …
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Catania #131 most popular location
Capital of the Italian province from which it draws its name, and located along the Sicilian coastline bordering the Ionian Sea between Messina and Syracuse, Catania is one of the major citie…
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Lucca #132 most popular location
Lucca is a medium size town in the Tuscany erea. The city still has its midevel town centre. The old city walls create a seperation between old and new. The old city centre is like a labytint…
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Rhodes #133 most popular location
The largest of the Dodecanese islands off the coast of coast of Turkey, and part of the Greek series of islands, Rhodes sits as one of the main islands in the group not only due to its size, …
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Vatican City #134 most popular location
Both a country within a city and a city within a country, the Catholic heartland of the Vatican lies entirely within the boundaries of ancient Rome, and is guarded by the heavily trained and …
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Odessa #135 most popular location
Odessa is a legendary city of Ukraine. It's often called the Ukrainian Paris. It's the city of romance, art, poems, theaters and museums… Odessa is a very special city. Speaking more precis…
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Bergen #136 most popular location
Bergen came to prominence as the heart of the busy Norwegian fishing trade, though don’t let that put you off: for the tourist it offers so much more. For a start, the city centre is so old…
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Hannover #137 most popular location
Hannover, the capital of German state Lower Saxony, has gained international reputation as location of industrial fairs (Hannover Fair) and computer expos (CeBIT). With a population of ove…
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Goreme #138 most popular location
Hidden in a far-off section of Turkey known as Cappodocia, with a population of only 2,500 at most, Goreme is a hidden treasure within the Goreme National Park, designated as a UNESCO World H…
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Bergamo #139 most popular location
Bergamo, Italy is about 40 KM Northeast of Milan. The Orio al Serio airport which serves the area is also a main airport for those going to Milan. The bottom of the Alps begin north of to…
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Innsbruck #140 most popular location
Tucked away in the comfortable confines of the Inn Valley along the Wipptal and Inn Rivers with the Nordkette Mountains rising against the background, Innsbruck sits as one of the largest an…
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Toulouse #141 most popular location
‘La Ville Rose’ named after the colour of the buildings in Toulouse, is the 4th city of France, and picked by the French as ‘most beautiful city’ of their country multiple times. Y…
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Fira #142 most popular location
Fira is the capital of Santorini. Fira is perched on the edge of an impressive cliff 260m high and offers a great panorama over the submerged volcano. Below Fira sits the port. Looking down t…
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Chania #143 most popular location
The first thing you hear about Chania - the Venetian Harbour, the old port, the narrow shopping streets and waterfront restaurants. The atmosphere has a touch of Florence and Venice, combined…
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Cork #144 most popular location
Cork come from the Irish term "Corcaigh" meaning "swamp". Straddling the River Lee with the actual center of the city on an island created by a branching of channels, Cork stands as a major I…
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Cordoba #145 most popular location
There are places in the world where the mystical aura of time and beauty come together with a modern sense of urgency to create a unique environment that can only be experienced in a specific…
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Naxos #146 most popular location
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Karlovy Vary #147 most popular location
Karlovy Vary is a spa town in the Czech Republic, about 69 miles from Prague - to drive takes about 2 hours. Day trips are also very popular. Whilst Karlovy Vary is known for its Spas, hea…
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Lagos #148 most popular location
Lagos is one of the larger cities in the southern Algarve region of Portugal. While its history dates back to the 13th century and many excursions by Henry the Navigator it i snow primarily …
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Luxembourg #149 most popular location
When in AD 963, Count Siegfried built his "Lucilinburhuc" (little castle) on a rocky promontory overlooking the river Alzette, little did he know that his home was to become the cradle of one…
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Ghent #150 most popular location
Known as Gent in the western world, Ghent is a city in the northern section of Belgium in the Flanders region of the country. Initially born as a small settlement on the confluence of the riv…
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Lourdes #151 most popular location
Lourdes is a town situated on the foothills of the Pyrenees in Southwestern France. This town is famous for an apparition of Mary, mother of Jesus to Bernadette Soubirous here in 1858 and th…
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Assisi #152 most popular location
One of the most famous towns in Italy is Assisi, a small medieval town perched on a hill in Umbria in the heart of Italy. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and, above all, homeland of St. F…
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Leeds #153 most popular location
The largest city in Yorkshire, Leeds is a modern hub of activity, famous for its metropolitan appeal, its vibrant nightlife, the multiple universities, sports teams, superb shopping experienc…
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Strasbourg #154 most popular location
Officially home to the first city center granted status by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, and home to some of Europe’s most influential groups such as the Council of Europe, the Eurocorps…
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Varna #155 most popular location
Varna is a fantastic place for a bit of sun, sea and...partying. Long stretch of beach, lined with bars which are open all day and night, as well as plenty of clubs to keep you happy til the …
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Paphos #156 most popular location
Paphos is a city located on the western coast of Cyprus. One of the main attractions is the Papos Archaelogical Park near the harbor.
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Tbilisi #157 most popular location
Tbilisi (some locals pronounce it as "Tiflees" ) is the capital if Georgia. It's an amazing mix of old, ancient, and a bit of new. It is split by the Mt'k'vari River. Along it you will find f…
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Hvar #158 most popular location
Hvar Island, is the Island of natural beauty. It's the sunniest and most beautiful island in all of Croatia. It's popular because of its important strategic and nautical position, the rich o…
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Santorini #159 most popular location
Consider arriving on the Greek island of Santorini on the slowest boat you can possibly track down. You’ll want every minute you can take to savor to stunning melodrama of the remnants of o…
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Toledo #160 most popular location
With a nickname like “The Imperial City”, one might think that the city itself belongs in Italy, perhaps, but Toledo is Spanish to her core, despite having roots that are deeply marked by…
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Interlaken #161 most popular location
Traditionally the site of a convent for the Augustinian Canons, it’s hard to remember that the city has been a tourist destination for the Swiss for longer than most modern travelers have k…
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Newquay #162 most popular location
Newquay is the surf capital of Great Britain. Generally a vibrant city located in the county of Cornwall. You can get to Newquay by train, bus or air. Once there everything is generally withi…
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Scarborough #163 most popular location
Scarborough is a vibrant modern town on the yorkshire coast of England. It has a population of around 50 000.
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Tías #164 most popular location
Lviv #165 most popular location
If you ask a specialist in geography, he’ll say that Lviv is a city in Ukraine. Lviv is one of Ukraine’s regional cities, situated on the hills of picturesque Roztochia, where the main Eu…
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Funchal #166 most popular location
The island of Madeira was discovered by the Portuguese in 1219, with the first settlers arriving 5 years later. When landing they encountered a great abundance of fennel, a herb with a sweet-…
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Rethymno #167 most popular location
The town still maintains its old aristocratic appearance, with its buildings dating from the 16th century, arched doorways, stone staircases, Byzantine and Hellenic-Roman remains, small Venet…
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Bremen #168 most popular location
Belonging to the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, along with Bremerhaven, Bremen is the second most populous city in North Germany and tenth in Germany. In 2006, the city’s population was cal…
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Gothenburg #169 most popular location
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San Sebastian #170 most popular location
Reputed to offer one of the best beaches in the entirety of Europe, San Sebastian (officially known as Donostia-San Sebastián) is one of those dream destinations that offers a combination of…
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Llandudno #171 most popular location
Llandudno is a Victorian seaside resort on the coast of North Wales. Known as the "Queen of the Welsh Resorts" it is the largest seaside resort in Wales and has numerous tourist attractions …
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Taormina #172 most popular location
Beautiful Taormina. A short bus ride from Messina through curvy highways up to the top of the mountain. Once there you will notice that you park at a parking structure and walk a bit till you…
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Zadar #173 most popular location
Located in the region of northern Dalmatia, Zadar is prefectly connected to the main land with the new highway. It takes only 3 hours from Zagreb to reach this beautiful coastal city. Over th…
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Zell am See #174 most popular location
Zell Am See, literally translating to 'Zell at the Lake' is a superb little Austrian town in the state of Salzburg. Nestled between the mountains and by the large lake of Zell it makes for a …
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Leipzig #175 most popular location
Since the Middle Ages, Leipzig has been a cultural and economic center of Central and Eastern Germany, with a university and many important fairs.
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Lech AM Arlberg #176 most popular location
Maastricht #177 most popular location
As the capital city of the Limburg province, and the southernmost city in the Netherlands with the Meuse River splitting her in two, and within walking distance of both Germany and Belgium, M…
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Mostar #178 most popular location
It is said that the name of the city is derived from the word mostar- the bridge keeper, who watched out the historical Old Bridge( in Bosnian, most is a bridge).The bridge was built in 1566…
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Izmir #179 most popular location
Izmir is a gorgeous coastal city located in the western extremity of Anatolia, and is the third most populous city in Turkey. It has almost 3,500 years of recorded urban history as an advance…
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Basel #180 most popular location
One of the largest cities in Switzerland, containing the second largest urban area in the country, Basel sits in the northwest corner of the country along the Rhine River, functioning as one …
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Perugia #181 most popular location
Perugia is the capital city of the Italian region of Umbria. It has an important university that attracts many foreign students, is a major centre of medieval art, has a stunningly beautiful…
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Santiago de Compostela #182 most popular location
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Aberdeen #183 most popular location
Aberdeen (Gaelic for mouth of Dee) is a city in Eastern Scotland. It is situated at the mouths of the rivers Dee and Don. Aberdeen is the 3rd biggest city in Scotland. It is the most importan…
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Ohrid #184 most popular location
Ohrid, immortal Ohrid – a kingdom of light and water, a repository of ancient ruins from Macedonia’s earlier kingdoms – is the sublime lakeside town that for many represents the culmina…
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Pompeii #185 most popular location
Formerly a great Roman city, Pompeii is now a byword for disaster, having been buried under the weight of lava from Mount Vesuvius in the 1st century, wiping the city off the face of the eart…
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Tirana #186 most popular location
Tirana is the capital of Albania since 1920. With its population of over 700,000 inhabitants, is the principal political, industrial and cultural center of Albania and is the headquarters of …
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Utrecht #187 most popular location
Utrecht is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. Founded by the Romans in 48 A.D. as 'Ultrajectum', meaning; end of the road , because it was here where the roman empire stopped at the…
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Bordeaux #188 most popular location
First things first. Bordeaux is a wine mecca. Devotees make pilgrimages to the Medoc, Pomerol and Saint Emilion. A port city, Bordeaux was an important trade route for many goods other tha…
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Newcastle upon Tyne #189 most popular location
Newcastle is the largest city in the North East and its residents, who have a very distinctive dialect, are known as 'Geordies'. The city is situated on the north bank of the River Tyne. T…
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Ayia Napa #190 most popular location
Ayia Napa (Agia Nápa) is located on the far south-east of the island of Cyprus and is the major tourist resort for the young (for the British, think Blackpool). The resort has 12 clubs and …
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Skopje #191 most popular location
In its 2,500 years of existence, Macedonia’s welcoming capital city has had many different incarnations. All of them – from Roman to Byzantine, from Ottoman to Yugoslav – have left inde…
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Marbella #192 most popular location
Many people come to Marbella for the weather and the beach. It is just another city beside the sea but there are also more to that. Everyone should come here onfor the eve of new year. Orange…
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Mayrhofen #193 most popular location
Mayrhofen is a town in the Austrian Tyrol. It is located in the Ziller River Valley, about an hour away from the city of Innsbruck. In summer Mayrhofen is a great place for hiking. In win…
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Trapani #194 most popular location
Trapani is a port town located in the North of the Island of Sicily. The town can be described as lively, commercial and industrial, beautifully situated at the foot of Monte Erice. Some s…
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Nerja #195 most popular location
Nerja is on the seashore 50 kilometres from Málaga on the N340 coastal highway. Known for the spectacular Balcón de Europa, the "Balcony of Europe", a magnificent promenade along the edge …
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Thessaloniki #196 most popular location
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Oia #197 most popular location
Oia is famous for its imaginary sunset and its narrow passageways get crowded in the evenings. The most popular spot to watch sunset is by the Kastro walls. Oia, is beautiful, exquisite small…
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Chamonix-Mont-Blanc #198 most popular location
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Bled #199 most popular location
Blejsko Jezero (Lake Bled) is located in northwestern Slovenia, in the middle of the Julian Alps and surrounded by picturesque mountains and forests. Bled Castle, a Medieval structure, repute…
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Genoa #200 most popular location
Genova (Genoa) is a city and the most important seaport in northern Italy and all the mediteranean sea, and the capital of the region of Liguria (Ligury). The city has a population of abt. 62…
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