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Europa Park Rust Reviews

jcork2011 jcork2011
2 reviews
Great place, great fun, queues for big rides can be 60 mins at peak times May 29, 2011
But are well worth the wait especially the 2 big rollercoasters. Easy to get to, we stayed in strasbourg and a buses run to and from there every morning and evening in the summer. The place can get really busy if the sun is shining and kids are off school but well worth going to see
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stefan88 stefan88
15 reviews
Amusement park for the whole family Jul 07, 2009
Being located just around 2h from my home I try to get to this amusement park every year.

The park offers attractions for the whole family: starting with play areas and theaters and the "world for kids" for the young visitors, continuing with roller coasters for the "adrenalin junkies" to some attractions and shows for young and old.

The park entry is not too cheap (36€ in 2011), but you only have to pay once for enjoying all the attractions, so it's really worth it.

The park is normally very crowded on public German holidays as well as on French ones and of course at the weekends. You sometimes have to wait around 1h for the most common attractions -like all the roller coasters- then.

When you're a fan of roller coasters, don't miss the indoor one called "Eurosat".

Silverstar, another very fast roller coaster, is of course one of the favourite attractions. If you have some time and not too many people are waiting, be sure to go to the extra queue for riding in the first row, it's really worth it :)

The newly opened area of Iceland has a new roller coaster called "Blue Fire". You'll start with a boost from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2,5 seconds and this roller coaster is the first in Europapark to have a looping.

When I was there we rode this one at least 4 times, because there were not too many people waiting :)

When you enter the park, make sure to get a map of the park. On this map all starting times of the various shows are marked, be sure to check out those that are of interest for you.

I liked the ice show and the show in the arena (the names change often so I can only name the area).

For anyone coming to area near German / French border I highly recommend this park, you'll definetly enjoy every minute :)
Ice Show
Ice Show
angelmoon angelmoon
6 reviews
Mar 31, 2007
Europa Park is the second largest Park in Europe after Disneyland Paris. It is located between Freiburg, Germany and Strasbourg, France. It's mascot is a grey mouse called "Euromaus" which can be seen walking all over the park.

The park is seperated into 14 different areas, usually names after European countries (Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Scandinavia, Portugal, Spain, Holland, Switzerland, Greece, England, Russia, and Adventure Land and Children's World).

It has 9 different Rollercoasters: Alpenxpress Mine Train (Austria), Euro Mir (Russia), EuroSat (France), Silver Star (France), Atlantica SuperSplash (Portugal), Matterhorn Blitz (Switzerland), Swiss Bob Run (Switzerland), Pegasus (Greece), Poseidon (Greece).

Beside the park and rides, there are numerous shows on offer every day. These include a Gladiator Show, a fully re-created Globe Theatre where guests can see a light-hearted take on Shakespeare, an Ice Show an Acrobatics Show in an Italianate Theatre and many more. The 4D Cinema is also open during the evening and guests can pay a small fee to watch a current blockbuster.

area and rides:


•Panorama Train - Also has stations in other areas

•EP-Express - A monorail. Also has stations in Hotel Colosseo and Greece

•Magical Garden

•Elf Ride - A dark ride

•Vintage Cars - A car ride

•Castle Pavilion


•Mack Exhibition - A gallery of Mack ride models and Europe Park's history

•Ciao Bambini - A dark ride

•Ghost Castle - A spooky dark ride


•Old 99 with Circus Parade

•Puppet Boat Ride

•Universe of Energy - A dark ride

•Euro-Tower - An observaton tower

•Silver Star - Megacoaster and Europe's highest and second fastest roller coaster.

•EuroSat - Indoor coaster themed around space travel. Located inside a large geodesic sphere structure, similar to Spaceship Earth at Epcot. The ride itself is similar to Space Mountain, except that the train is made up of many more cars, and it features a spiral lift hill.


•Silvretta Nova Wave Swinger - A swing ride

•Alpenexpress - Powered partially indoor coaster which includes a trip inside the Cave of Diamonds. Makes two trips through its relatively short course during each cycle.

•Magic World of Diamonds - A walkthrough attraction

•Tirol Log Flume


•Vindjammer - A swinging ship ride

•Fjord-Rafting - A rapids ride

•Sunken City "Vineta" - A small walk-through indoor display

•Rocky Bridge and Cable Ferry

•Andersen's Fairy Tale Tower

•Norwegian Stave Church


•Casa De Aventure

•Atlantica SuperSplash - High-speed water ride themed around Portugal. The boats are a higher capacity than Poseidon, and it doesn't feature any high speed turns as on Poseidon, but still has enough time on the coaster track that it can be considered a coaster.


•Adventure Playground

•Columbus Dinghy - A spinning ride

•Feria Swing


•Pirates of Batavia - An indoor themed boat ride, very similar to Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean


•Rocking Bridge and Chute

•Mini Scooter - A kiddie bumper car ride


•Red Baron - A spinning ride

•Peter Pan - A spinning ride

•Koffiekopjes - A spinning coffee cup ride

•Bouncy House

•Ball Pool


•Balloon Ride

•Jungfrau-Gletscherflieger - A spinning ride

•Swiss Bob Run - Bobsleigh coaster. One of the few ones of this model to feature a large drop.

•Matterhorn Blitz - Wild mouse featuring the largest drop of any wild mouse in the world and a rocking vertical lift. Themed around a Swiss Farmhouse.


•Pegasus - Family coaster based around the Flying Horse

•Poseidon - High-speed water coaster with incredibly detailed theming, such as the Trojan Horse, and the station being located inside a Grecian temple.

•Cassandra's Curse - A madhouse type indoor illusion ride

•Greek Vilage Mykonos


•Baron William's Mystery Hall - A walkthrough attraction

•Silverstone Race Track - A car ride

•The British Carousel

•Arena of Football - A football themed bumper car ride


•Mir Space Station - A walk-through of the Mir training module

•Euro Mir - A one-of-a-kind, high-speed, Mack steel track spinning coaster, based around Russian Space Missions. The spinning is controlled and only happens during some parts of the ride. The ride features indoor dark-ride elements, back-to-back seating, an indoor spiral lifthill, a techno soundtrack, and one of the longest ride times of any roller coaster. The Mir space station training module is located above the outdoor queue for the ride.

•Sleigh Ride Snowflake - A dark ride

•Radio Telescope

•Lada Autodrom - A car ride

Adventure Land

Basically the area that comprises everything besides Europe.

•Dwarf City

•Fairy Tale Alley

•Jungle Rafts

•Mississippi Steamer

Children's World

•Viking Boat Ride

•Viking Ship

•Giant Slide Labyrinth

•Dino Merry-Go-Round

Hotels & Hostels:

The three hotels at the Europa Park Resort are based on-site. The newest is the 4* Superior Hotel Colosseo, opened in 2004. This Italian themed hotel offers an indoor pool, sauna, steam room, themed spacious rooms and a range of luxurious suites. The Hotel Castillo is a Medieval Spanish themed 4* hotel which is situated next door to the 4* Hotel Andaluz, a Mexican villa themed hotel. Cheaper hostels can be found in Freiburg.
Euromaus and Europa Park logo
Where is it?
Europa Park
EuroSat (French area)
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Koralifix Koralifix
104 reviews
A MUST for action fans!! Aug 09, 2007
Hey guys, where is the sixth star? Honestly, I could need it right now!

Europa-Park Rust is one of the best amusement parks ever! That’s for sure!

I absolutely love action in form of high and fast roller coasters. That’s why one of my favourite places is Europa-Park.

This park offers everything an action fan can dream of.

The roller coasters are so fantastic and many of them are just breathtaking! If you hear their names you can imagine the great fun but if you experience the speedy rides you’ll never forget the joy.

Last time I’ve been there I tried out the latest attraction: the ‘Silver Star’. That’s Europe’s highest roller coaster (73 metres high) and you almost fly through the air with unbelievable 130 kph. These rides were incredible and reminded me of an astronaut, who flies through space.

But there are so many other roller coasters like ‘Euro-Mir’ and ‘Schweizer Bobbahn’, waterslides like ‘Atlantica SuperSplash’ and ‘Atlantica-Dusche’, huge swings and entertaining shows that the time passes by in lightning speed.

The attractions are modern, safe and lovely designed.

Watching a few of the amazing shows (eg. ‘Atlantica Pirate’s Show’ or ‘Wonderland on Ice’) allows young and old to relax between the rides.

The clever and pretty neat park structure is comparable to the European map because many countries and their varied traditions are represented in different zones. Enjoy the flair of German castles, a Dutch windmill, Spanish Flamenco dances and countless other highlights.

It’s definitely a park for all age groups and everybody will have loads of fun.

I’m convinced that every roller coaster fan has to visit and experience Europa-Park. If you don’t stop there you’ll miss a most awesome and fun day!

I can’t wait to go back and feel the great atmosphere of craziness there.
Welcome to a fun day!
Schweizer Bobbahn
Even too fast for the camera ;)
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Flyinhigh says:
Wow!!! Sounds awesome!!
Posted on: Mar 11, 2009
sylviandavid says:
Sounds like a blast..... And ... I still love rollercoasters....
Posted on: Mar 10, 2009
delsol67 says:
sounds like fun....I love rollercoasters!
Posted on: Mar 10, 2009

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