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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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sarahsan sarahsan
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Ethiopian Airlines - never again! Nov 28, 2009
This was my first time traveling with Ethiopian Airlines. I was surprised to see that they use a boeing 757 on a long distance night flight. It is a small and not very comfortable aircraft.

I was seated in the aft tourist class cabin. There was no space for my hand luggage in the overhead bins, since they were already full of crew bags, headphones, breakfast boxes, entertainment system etc. This meant that I had to put my bag under the seat in front of me, which again meant that I could not stretch my legs. Uncomfortable! Great! Don´t know why they handed out head phones, the entertainment system was never turned on.

On the flight from London to Addis Ababa they served two meals. Both meal services were very chaotic. The crew was running back and forth and they missed a passenger here and there. When I reminded them that they had missed me, I got an arrogant look back.

Between Addis Ababa and Djibouti they served a beef sandwich. Did they have the special meal I had ordered? NO!!!!!! In stead they gave me a piece of cake. Cake is not food!

The most hysterical flight was the one from Djibouti back to Addis Ababa. It was a pretty full boeing 767. With the crew´s inefficiency they were way over their heads in work. The drink and snack service looked ridiculous. There was no plan to what they were doing and they "forgot" to serve several rows. When they were half through the cabin with the drinks and snacks, the seatbelt sign came on again. We were landing in Addis Ababa. They never checked the cabin before landing. People had baggage in the seats as well as in the aisle. And some did not even have their seatbelts on. The lady behind me had her table down with a drink on it. As we touched down the drink splashed everywhere. Thank God, we did not have to evacuate.

Not once did I see the crew smile on any of the 4 flights I did with them. As a passenger I did not feel welcome onboard their planes.

Our last flight to London left Addis Ababa at midnight. Why do they wait 1 1/2 hour before they serve dinner? On such a late flight people want to sleep, so serve it as soon as you get air born! When they woke us up, before the stop in Rome, it was with the brightest light. It is not necessary to wake people up like that 4 o´clock in the morning. Dim the light!

When we disembarked in London the crew was too busy doing other things and had no time to say "thank you" or "good bye".

In London we had to wait 50 minutes by the conveyer belt before they started it and our bags came. When mine appeared, it was damaged. The lock was ripped off and the zipper was broken. I had packed my clothes in packing cubes and everything had been pulled out and just stuffed back in. Absolutely unnecessary to treat peoples thinks like that. It disgusted me to know that some dirty hands had gone through my lingerie. Since my bag had already been x-rayed at check-in, it was no reason to make such a mess. And absolutely no reason to damaging the bag.

I went to the Ethiopian Airlines arrival desk to claim the damage. An arrogant guy just turned me away with the comment "we don´t cover damage to zippers"! I´m not so sure that they can do that. As a member of IATA, they do have some responsibility.

My impression of Ethiopian Airlines is that they are totally unprofessional. When it comes to safety it is nothing but a Donald Duck airline!

Will I fly them again? NO!!
Ethiopian Airlines
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xavnow says:
hmm maybe they have changed recently. none of my flights have been on time but the food and service were wonderful and liquor included!
Posted on: Aug 12, 2011
gimpel says:
Good review. Not all airlines take it so well with safety and hospitality.
Posted on: Nov 02, 2010
stelliou21 says:
That was really bad experience while traveling to Addis ababa, I have also heard that flights and the service of some African airline is not good. But most of the companies are providing comparatively better service. But if you go for the the cheap flights to Addis Ababa , you will get the better quality with less price.
Posted on: Apr 24, 2010
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alexchan alexchan
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Big time saver in Ethiopia Jan 24, 2008
Ethiopian Airlines flies to Ethiopia and also runs domestic flights.

If you fly in/out of Ethiopia with them you qualify for discounted domestic fares if there's two of you. The domestic fare must be booked together with the international so its best to do it through an agent ... not sure if the website will apply this discount if you manage to get it to do a complex itinerary like that.

Our experience with them were fine: flights were on time, they make a good attempt to feed and water you on board even on short flights.

The domestic fleet is getting a bit worn but still more bearable than the buses ... one short flight is equivalent to a day on the bus!
Africancrab Africanc…
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Addis Ababa to Newark Feb 10, 2001
I flew Ethiopian airlines (now called the New Spirit of Africa) to Newark almost ten years ago and I was dis- satisfied and particularly disappointed with the service. It was a Boeing 747 filled with refugees from Somalia and Ethiopia headed for the United States.It seemed they had carried few things but they dressed like they had five layers of clothing and the men chewed on as if they had an unending sweetness in what they were chewing (don't ask).

What disappointed me particularly was the unbecoming attitude of one of the flight attendants, I guess I can rightly call it being rude and disrespectful, it seemed that she was particularly rude to her fellow Ethiopians and good to anyone that looked foreign or was not Ethiopian. I took it for a while but soon it became unbearable and I was itching to give her a piece of my mind anyway. Being who I'm I gave her some customer service tips because I was tired of feeling guilty on her behalf. I asked her to be especially kind to all and anyone on the flight because each and everyone of us had paid the same if not more for the flight.

The same money we paid, pays her salary and allows her to be on the same plane with us (a privilege, I added). I also told her to leave her job if she does not like what she is doing. She seemed surprised that I should talk to her so, I looked at her and continued to advise that I'm one of the people who sells that airline and therefore want to recommend it knowing the passengers would be treated with respect (well not that I did after that).

I would not recommend Ethiopian to anyone who has a choice even though using the airline helps their economy. I guess they have to compete for the share of the market.

PS: Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today!

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