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Despite safety issues along its borders (avoid those with Eritrea, Sudan and Somalia especially), Ethiopia remains one of Africa’s most admired tourist draws. It’s the mix of contemporary and ancient history, combined with a natural world that encompasses vast savannahs chock-full of animals and absorbing tribal villages.

The holy city of Lalibela feels like stepping back in time through several centuries, with cross-shaped rock churches dropped into square holes in the earth, and large columned hallways standing guard. The city is a ‘New Jersusalem’ – a Christian response to the real Jerusalem’s ancient Muslim capture – and draws legions of pilgrims to sites that are antique copies of Jerusalem’s originals.

Gonder’s heavily fortified 17th century palaces have earned it the nickname ‘Africa’s Camelot’, and have a rustic fairytale feel. Aksum is a sprawling, dusty city with tottering Stelae (narrow cubic towers to rival the Egyptian Obelisk), crumbling palaces and heavily inscribed underground tombs. In Lake Tana you’ll find century-old island monasteries tucked away in the middle - a great backdrop to the surreal sunsets – and hippos frolicking in the water.

For the truly intrepid, Lower Omo Valley is touted as ‘Africa’s last great wilderness’ and is home to tribe upon tribe of heavily painted tribal Ethiopians, some wearing lip disks, and others clad in long shell necklaces or oversized animal-horn earrings. For your wildlife fix, Nechishar National Park is known for its Zebras and occasional Lion, while Bale Mountains National Park is home to 60 species of mammal – a number of them endemic – and 260 different types of birds.

Exercise junkies will love the Simien Mountains, full of craggy escarpments and startling drop offs, and the perfect place for a major hiking expedition. Tigray is similarly dramatic, out of the way, and home to churches carved from rocks that hover precariously over massive cliff sides.

In fact, for all its exotic charms, you could be forgiven for leaving congested capital Addis Ababa and flocking to the countryside for the duration of your visit. With reams of history and hauntingly rugged landscapes, Ethiopia is a rural traveler’s dream.

Addis Ababa #1 most popular location
Addis is a safe city you can walk around anytime of the day, taxis are helpful and not costly if you know where exactly your destination (plan ahead) the city is pretty big to get around. …
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Lalibela #2 most popular location
13travelers 10reviews 14blogs
Bahir Dar #3 most popular location
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Gondar #4 most popular location
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Gonder #5 most popular location
Gonder was founded by Emperor Menas in 1559 and the town served as Ethiopia's capital until Tewodros II moved the capital to Magadala in 1855, after that the city was several times plundered …
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Harar #6 most popular location
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Axum #7 most popular location
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Aksum #8 most popular location
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Debark #9 most popular location
Mekele #10 most popular location
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Dire Dawa #11 most popular location
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Hawzien #12 most popular location
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Arba Minch #13 most popular location
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Turmi #14 most popular location
Simien Mountains #15 most popular location
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Yirgalem #16 most popular location
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Konso #17 most popular location
the picture that put on this page is not Konso but Mursi in Omo Valley Tribal villages!! Please the culture is not much the picture please travelers to Omo Valley need the right information w…
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Wonchi #18 most popular location
Omo Valley #19 most popular location
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Adis Abeba #20 most popular location
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Axsum #21 most popular location
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Erta Ale #22 most popular location
Erta Ale, the most active volcano in Ethiopia, is situated in the northeastern part of the country on Afar Region near the border with Eritrea. It's a basaltic shield volcano very isolated…
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Dallol #23 most popular location
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Shire #24 most popular location
Lake Assale #25 most popular location
Moyale #26 most popular location
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