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Probably one of the most pristine medieval cities in the whole of Europe is Tallinn, located within Estonia. The Old Town section is a World Heritage site, and the city has managed to perfectly blend modern life and technology under a medieval visage. Upon first glance you will wonder whether or not you're stepping back in history as you delve deeper into the streets that wind through the 14th century architecture, but you will soon discover that technology is right there at your fingertips, despite the medieval façade.

But Tallinn isn’t the only thing to see while here. Estonia as a whole is a country full of medieval delights. The country's coastline, the undulating marshlands, and the massive forests make for a blend of medieval charm that simply cannot be explained without actually experiencing it for yourself. This is a country you want to come back to again and again and again, simply to enjoy one of Europe’s best-kept secrets.

Estonia has five national parks overseen by the Ministry of the Environment. The Karula National Park, the Lahemaa National Park, the Matsula National Park, the Soomaa National Park, and the Vilsandi National Park. In addition, there are 1,500 Baltic islands which are part of the country, providing even more access to nature and natural beauty. In fact, many Estonians will admit that they prefer a hike in the park or simply relaxing in nature more than anything else. This is a country for the outdoor enthusiast, and while the country itself is fairly laid back, there is plenty to see and do within the cities as well. There is the ski-resort Otepaa, the seaside resort Parnu, or the nightlife of Tartu.

Easy to access, Estonia is a pleasure for any traveler, first-timer or veteran. From the medieval cities to horseback rides along the coast, hiking through the woods, canoeing down the forest rivers, skiing the slopes, or simply bird-watching, Estonia is the perfect little getaway for pure relaxation.

Tallinn #1 most popular location
Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Estonian capital Tallinn has slowly emerged from the shadow of Prague to become a main contender as an Eastern European city that’s simply unavoidably bea…
467travelers 137reviews 75blogs
Parnu #2 most popular location
If you want to know why Pärnu, this little town of 50 000 people in southwest Estonia, is so popular it is called the nation's 'Summer Capital', you should head to the place most visited - P…
8travelers 2reviews 2blogs
Tartu #3 most popular location
Tartu is the second largest city in Estonia and the centre of Southern Estonia. It is know for being the University City of Estonia. Tartu has a population of approx. 100,000 in an area of 38…
63travelers 6reviews 5blogs
Kuressaare #4 most popular location
Kuressaare has been a favourite destination for people on holiday for centuries! Kuressaare is the capital of Saare County on the island, Saaremaa in the West Estonian Archipelago. It has a p…
4travelers 5reviews 4blogs
Haapsalu #5 most popular location
Haapsalu is a small quiet seaside town 100 kilometers south-west from Tallinn. It is a well-known resort for local people as well as for close neighbours such as Russians and Finns. It is fam…
5travelers 9reviews
Otepaa #6 most popular location
1travelers 2reviews 2blogs
Narva #7 most popular location
Narva is the eastern point of Estonia, located on the border with Russia, on the river Narva. Almost all of its population is Russian, more that 90%. It is separated from Russian town of Ivan…
7travelers 6reviews 1blogs
Narva-Joesuu #8 most popular location
Viljandi #9 most popular location
Viljandi is one of the most beautiful and popular towns in Estonia. This ancient town is situated on a hill by a lake. Everyone can find something to their liking there. Hiking paths, old ru…
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Viimsi #10 most popular location
1travelers 1reviews
Palmse #11 most popular location
Palmse, located 70 kilometers east of Tallinn is an essential part of Lahemaa National Park which is one of Europe's largest protected forest areas. The visitor center can provide information…
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Keila #12 most popular location
2travelers 1reviews
Sillamäe #13 most popular location
Muhu #14 most popular location
Valga #15 most popular location
Valga is a town in southern Estonia and the capital of Valga County. Until their separation in 1920, Valga and the town of Valka in northern Latvia was one town. They are now twin-towns. The …
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Alatskivi #16 most popular location
Alatskivi is a small town in Tartu Maakond (Tartu County). Its main attraction is Alatskivi Manor and Park, that are easy to find just following the brown signs.
Kaali #17 most popular location
Johvi #18 most popular location
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Kuutsemae #19 most popular location
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Martna #20 most popular location
Koluvere #21 most popular location
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Sagadi #22 most popular location
Sagadi is another beautiful manor in Lahemaa National Park, not far from Palmse. It is hard to decide which of the two deserves the crown. The manor is located in a lovely landscape with for…
Pakri Tuletorn #23 most popular location
Pärnu #24 most popular location
8travelers 1reviews
Pangodi #25 most popular location
Virtsu #26 most popular location
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Koguva #27 most popular location
Sinimae #28 most popular location
Sörve #29 most popular location
Helme #30 most popular location
Muhu Stronghold #31 most popular location
Elva #32 most popular location
Elva is just a small town on the outskirts of Tartu - it is situated 26 km outside of Tartu in direction of Letland and only 60 km from the border city of Valga. Elva is a nice little city th…
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Abje-Paluoja #33 most popular location
Joeesuu #34 most popular location
Kuijoe #35 most popular location
Laiuse #36 most popular location
Laiuse is a small town in Estonia. Its located in Jõgeva County and is a part of Jõgeva Parish. Laiuse Middle School is one of the oldest in Estonia, being established in 1822. Laiuse is t…