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Escuintla Overview

By the high native population that existed during the pre-hispanic period and to be joined indissolubly to the conquest of Guatemala, the population of Escuintla, by its historic process, is found highly mixed, for which the majority speaks Spanish, except for the municipality of Palín the one that still the pocomam is spoken, and in Saint lit up Cotzumalguapa, with some presence of the ethnic group Cakchiquel.

The escuintlecos are possessors of large natural tourist attractions as their extensive beaches, where the ports excel: Quetzal, San José and Iztapa, as well as spas and turicentros that harbor to thousands of tourists, especially in summer.

Also remainders of the pre-hispanic can be appreciated, which is done evident in the museum of The Democracy and in the park of this place, the monumental heads of stone carved that are for some, tests of the Olmec culture.

Archaeological places exist also as the Trunk and The Illusions in Saint lit up Cotzumalguapa, where still persist remainders of the culture cakchiquel

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