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Dreary Erie, PA
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Feb 14, 2007
So I came up to see my friend Tree and her baby, Bryanna, after work (I didn't get up here until 2AM)...I picked up a outfit fo…
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Nov 16, 2008 – May 16, 2010
My second half marathon was in Erie, Pennsylvania, which is a few hours drive from Cleveland.  Since all my family is…
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This blog was featured on Thursday April 29th, 2010
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going to see a musical
posted by:
Nov 21, 2006
So my friend Seth, from New York City, left last month to go embark on being a lighting artist for the Musical Aida, and Elton …
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Drving through Western New York to Erie
posted by:
May 28, 2011 – May 30, 2011
I felt the need to escape norfolk for a few days and just go somewhere. That somehwere, I decided, would be Niagra Falls, Ontar…
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Day Three - Lake Erie and Dunkirk Lighthouse
posted by:
Sep 15, 2006 – Sep 23, 2006
All of us wanted to see Lake Erie, so we checked out and took the short ride back down to the place we ate dinner the nigh…
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purple dinosaur ice cream for the kid please!
posted by:
Aug 26, 2007
So we get back down to Pittsburgh around 7ish at night and Theresa's daughter, Bryanna, wants some ice cream.  So we stop …
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