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In appearance, Erice looks like a town from the Middle Ages with its many castles, walls and stone streets. In fact, it's much older. According to the legend, Erice or Eryx, son of Venus and Neptune, founded a small town on top of a mountain (750 meters above sea level). Its ancient history can be traced to the writings of Thycydides surrounding events following the conquest of Troy. After the fall of Troy, some Trojans settled on the western tip of Sicily. Along with the people already settled there they became known as the Elymi, and the towns they developed were Segesta and Erice. In parts of the city there are the remains of ancient Elymian and Phoenician walls that reflect various stages of settlement and occupation. Homer, Theocritus, Virgil and Horace have celebrated this magnificent spot in Sicily in their poems.

It was destroyed during the first Punic war and subsequently occupied by the Romans. Like many parts of the island of Sicily, influence of Greek, Byzantine, Arab and Norman architecture and culture can be seen. During the 13th to 19th centuries, Erice was ruled by a local oligarchy, and under wise leadership a long period of cultural development and economic prosperity developed. This gave rise to the many churches, monasteries, stone streets and houses that are seen there today. Since the early 1960's Erice has been called "The City of Science" after the founding of the Ettore Majorana Centre for Scientific Culture in 1963. A place of great charm and picturesque views make Erice delightful to visit. The views of the city of Trapani and Mount Cofano are simply magnificent and unforgettable. Erice is located near some other beautiful Sicilian places like San Vito lo Capo, Segesta, Trapani, and Palermo around the northwest portion of Sicily.

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