Ephesus Ancient City

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Selcuk, Selcuk, Turkey
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Ephesus Ancient City Selcuk Reviews

canuck_downunder05 canuck_d…
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Pretty cool, no need for a tour. Apr 25, 2013
Well first off, I don't recommend doing this little adventure hung over! lol. We started off around 10 in the morning. It wasn't crazy busy, but I think it is still slow season here. Our hostel was kind enough to drop us off about 300m from the entrance. It cost 25 turkish lira to get in and 15TL for a head set. You can defiantly do a tour, but having done a couple tours previous to Ephesus, we just wanted to walk around. I did do the Auditory Head set, and it was informative, but I thought it gave far more info than needed. You basically have to stop for 10mins at each spot to listen to everything, and there were several stops. You'd be there all day! The grand stadium was incredible and a bunch of Japanese ladies were singing at the bottom. Very cool experience to see. Overall, worth a go and some very neat historical features!
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qaiser165 qaiser165
4 reviews
Amazing journey through time Jun 14, 2013
Back in January while in Turkey, I planned to visit Ephesus for a day and booked this as part of my itinerary with a local company, the name of which is actually not important for this blog. I was in a group of 8-10 tourists. We visited house of virgin Mary first as it is just 20 25 mins journey away. It was a very serene place and worth the visit before embarking on a Journey to Ephesus.

Before starting the journey through Ephesus ruins, use the rest rooms as there are no public facilities available inside. Hire a local guide or any tourist company , the reason that I am not suggesting anyone particular is because most of them are actually very very good with the history. I love Roman architecture and the certain brilliance and grandiosity that is attached to it. The city generally was well planned by the people living in those days, although the frustrating part is that excavation has only managed to get hold of just 20-30% or even less of the actual city so far.

Here is Ephesus you will find everything that a major Roman port city from Agora (Market), Temples, Hospital and Library

Trust me one of the most well planned part of a Roman city are public toilets.

The Ephesus Library of Celsus is well taking an hour or more to take the pictures from all angles. But the most magnificent piece of Roman is the theater.

Do look out for Temple of Hadrian on your way down to the library.

Other worth visiting places in the city are Isa Bay Mosque, Temple of Artemis ruins and Temple of John the Apostle.
halilee halilee
133 reviews
Incredible! Apr 30, 2012
Ephesus was an ancient greek city that later became a Roman city that supposedly held around 250,000 people. The place is huge despite the fact that they suspect only 18% of the ruins have been excavated. Ephesus is said to be the best preserved classical city in all of eastern mediterannean if not all of europe. The library in particular was absolutely astonishing, in it's detail and grandeur.

The site opens at 8 am and I highly recommend being there when it opens. If there are already people there, skip the very beginning and move ahead of the crowd and do the very beginning at the end instead. That way you will have the place pretty much to yourself. Also make sure to visit the washroom before entering. Bring water!

Also, make sure to see the Terrace Houses! They really bring to life what living back then could have been like.. they even had running water!! The walls were beautifully painted and mosaics all throughout the floor. Very impressive. There is an extra charge to see the terraced houses, but it's worth it!

Give yourself at least a few hours to see the sites!
The library
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Paulovic says:
So true! Go as early possible, before all the tourist buses arrive! :D
Posted on: Jul 14, 2012
o_dog o_dog
79 reviews
Walking on the first century ancient city's marbled walkway! Mar 27, 2011
I have always wondered how it might have felt walking around on the beautiful massive slabs of marble floors inside an ancient city like Ephesus. The ancient city sheds light on human civilization, advancement for daily routines, and the unchanged wheels of life.

I highly recommend visiting the archeological site in Efes.
o_dog o_dog
79 reviews
Cats, Guards of the ancient city Mar 27, 2011
Again, I just can't get enough of the cats hanging out at the site of ancient city Ephesus. Their ancestors must have been very proud of them for guarding the city way past their nine-life allowances.

I was on a guided tour, and the cats followed us around certain locations on site. They did not go further away from the marbled paths.

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