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Epcot, Orlando, FL, USA

Epcot (Epcot Center) Orlando Reviews

Eva09 Eva09
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Great Park! Apr 26, 2013
Love Epcot! Can't skip it when you go to Disney. It's less crowded then Magic and Animal Kingdom, there are not a lot of rides but you will have a great day.

There's a big lake with little countries around it, there's a little China, little Mexico, little Germany and so on. When the park closes there's a big firework show above the lake.

There are a couple of rides there,

you've got Test Track, a great ride where you "crash test" cars. (get fast passes)

There's the huge golf ball, Spaceship Eart.

There's a Finding Nemo ride and you can fly a spaceship or Paraglide in Soarin and a couple more attractions.

Try to go here when you're in Disney!
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dannyrock4 dannyroc…
31 reviews
My second Home!! Oct 11, 2012
EPCOT Centre

(Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow)

First of all I was undecided whether to put this in the review or the blog section, as it is a little bit of both, but as you read through it I guess you will see that it is actually more factual than personal experiences.

I worked for Disney from June 19th 2007 to June 1st 2008, I was working in the UK Pavilion in Epcot on the Cultural Representative Program and I had the most amazing time. First, let me take you on a brief history tour of this wonderful park, Epcot was officially opened on 1st October 1982 and it was Walt Disney’s vision of what future living would look like. It was a concept idea developed by Walt Disney towards the end of his life, saying it would be “the community of the future”, he planned to build self-sustained city housing up to 20,000 people but the ideas and plans he drew up are somewhat different to how the park is today. After his death in 1966 most of the ideas were dropped and instead the Epcot Centre theme park was opened in 1982. The new theme park (part of a larger Walt Disney World) consists of two parks, The World Showcase and Future World (which is based on Walt Disney’s concept idea). When work finally began on building the park, it took over 3 years and around $1 billion to construct, at the time it was the largest construction project on earth and is twice the size of Magic Kingdom. Epcot Centre (as it was originally known as) has grown with time and now celebrates more than 30 years of success. I was lucky enough to be there on 1st October 2007 to help celebrate its 25th birthday, it was great being a part of it as a cast member and to have that evening off to watch the fireworks with friends from the VIP area. Although the fireworks were delayed for almost 30 minutes due to a huge thunderstorm and we all got soaked, not that I’m complaining, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Future World 30 years on from when it was build is not so futuristic anymore, there are still many great rides but I believe that this part of the park is due a major revamp soon. Although still one of my favorite rides in Epcot is Spaceship Earth, a journey through time, it’s a slow train like ride that takes you up and around (the huge golf ball) from the age of caveman to, erm, well the future, where everybody has a computer (?) It’s a fun and interactive ride and good for all ages and the lines never seem to be too long either. Test Track is the thrill seekers ride of Epcot, as it takes you on a course of a series of challenges, twists and turns, bumpy roads, extreme weather conditions before hitting speeds of up to 70mph on the outside track, (tip, do not go on this ride if it is raining, it will hurt!)! Mission: Space is not one for the faint hearted; I think this is the only ride that supply’s sick bags right in front of you as you ride it. Mission: Space opened in 2003 and the ride itself is supposed to simulate a manned mission to Mars, including the G-Force take off and the 0 gravity while in space (hence the sick bags). But due to the amount of people becoming Ill in 2006 Disney opened a less intense version of the ride called the Green team where you would take the exact same ride but without the G Force and Gravity. Soarin is probably the most popular ride in Epcot, this ride is based on the Disneyland California’s Soarin where you sit in a seat and take off on a hand gliding tour of some of California’s best scenery and spots from the Napa Valley to Santa Monica and then over the Golden Gate Bridge. The ride lasts for only 5 minutes and it is a good experience but I wouldn’t wait in line for up to 2 hours for it! Future world is fun, educational and interactive, the kids love it, adults learn from it, it truly is a park for all ages it has something for everyone!

The Second half of the park, World showcase (where I worked) is just as interesting as it is made up of 11 countries around a man-made lagoon, you can literally drink, eat or shop your way around the world in just a few hours. Going in clockwise order, the countries are: Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, The American Adventure, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom and Canada. Each pavilion has its own unique shopping experience, restaurant(s), entertainment and of course the cast members. Every cast member employed in one of these pavilions is from that particular country. I worked in the Historical Research Centre, a small shop in the UK Pavilion that researches family name histories and where you were likely to originate from. The UK Pavilion is made up of The Rose and Crown pub (with a great viewing area for the 9pm fireworks) a fish and chip shop (which to be honest tastes nothing like the fish and chips we get back home), a sports shop, tea shop, HRC, The Toy Solider, a meet and greet spot with Tigger, pooh, Alice, Mary Poppins, a jewelry shop and a band stand where the British Invasion plays every night at certain times. At 9pm every night there’re is a 12 minute firework display over the lagoon, called Illuminations: Reflections of Earth. Every night I enjoyed walking through the park after work watching the fireworks. It is true what they say, Disney is honestly the happiest place on Earth and every single day I worked there was a joy! I still miss it now; I can safely say it was the best year of my life!

If you every get the chance to go to Epcot, DO IT! Eat in Germany, drink wine in France, shop in Japan, listen to great music in the UK and finish the night off sipping on a margarita in Mexico while watching Reflections of Earth! I guarantee you, you will not be disappointed!


•Opening Hours – Future World: 9am – 9pm

World showcase: 11am – 9pm

•Extra Magic Hours - 8am – 9am and 9pm – 12am

•Extra Magic hours available to Disney World hotel guests only, usually once or twice a week, the days change depending on the time of the year. To ride any of the attractions you need to obtain a wristband by showing your hotel key card.

•Epcot doesn’t have any parades

•Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival runs from the end of September to mid-November.

•Epcot’s International Flower and Garden Festival runs from beginning of March to mid-May.

•If you’re staying in one of the Disney Reports you can have you souvenirs shipped back to the resort.


1)It’s a big park and a lot of things to see and do, there’s a lot of open spaces so check the weather before you leave, you do not want to be caught on test track in the middle of a down pour, or walking around all day without any sunscreen.

2)If you are there during peak season be sure to arrive early, Future World opens at 9am and World Showcase at 11am, take full advantage of the fast pass tickets, Soarin, Test Track and Mission Space are the three most popular rides.

3)Wait till you get the World Showcase before you eat as there are many different options, excellent choice, Le Cellier in Canada, but it is popular so you might have to book a few days in advance, by far the best steak house in Disney.

4)Lean about Vikings in Norway and enjoy the patriotism of the American Adventure Pavilion, but above all stick around to watch the 9pm Illuminations: Reflections of Earth story/show/firework spectacle!

If you have any questions about Epcot or Disney in general just let me know, I’ll be more than happy to help

If you think this review is helpful in anyway please let me know, as I will write more reviews on all the parks, hotels, restaurants and shows that Disney World has to offer, I lived it, I breathed it and I go back almost every year to experience the magic once more! Thank you for reading,

Many Regards

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dannyrock4 says:
Yeah I love EPCOT, as you can tell :-)
Posted on: Oct 14, 2012
WalterC says:
I remember not liking Epcot when I first went there, but have grown to love it.
Posted on: Oct 12, 2012
dannyrock4 says:
Thank you
Posted on: Oct 12, 2012
atmos05 atmos05
6 reviews
EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival May 03, 2011
The EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival is a worthwhile addition to any visit to Walt Disney World. Featuring literally hundreds of floral displays and topiaries, acres of plantings, dozens of informational displays on home gardening and a butterfly exhibit, the Festival is a bucolic break from the oftentimes overwhelming bustle of all things Disney.

Occurring every March-May at EPCOT Center, the Festival covers nearly every inch of the park during this period, so there's no chance of you missing it!
Entrance Topiary
You know, he really does look like…
Butterfly Exhibit ftw
Giraffe Topiary, for those of you …
aarun aarun
7 reviews
Our 2nd Day at WDW - Epcot Jul 04, 2010
We went to Epcot on 4th of July 2010.

Our friends told us it will be too crowded, but it was not that bad.

Plus we saw the 4th July fireworks at Epcot! ... was awesome!
S-Jay S-Jay
44 reviews
Jan 10, 2008
Walt Disney dreamt that we would all live united and be able to live with one another in peace.

The result was Epcot - An attraction for the young and old.

It holds a few rides such as Nemo's quest and the road rally test but what Epcot is most famous for is the small countries built, 13 to be exact from Canda, to Paris then England, America and HongKong as a few examples.

Each county holds national restraunts, shops & boutiques. The countries also provide shows, displays and entertainment related to their culture. The shows are free and keep many attentive.

Epcot also provides disney charactres throught the day for the young and old to have their photo taken with their favourite character.

Around the park you will find various places to eat, drink, watch and relax.

To get to Epcot you can drive, a shuttle bus provided via your hotel or the monorail that you catch from the disney transportation depo.

There is something for the young and old and lots to enjoy with plenty good photo opportunities.

Prices depend upon the time of year you go and if its a group, family etc.
Epcot Christmas Tree
Fishes in Hong Kong
Nemo virtual ride
Canadian Land
streamlines streamli…
20 reviews
Sep 30, 2005
The first of our Disney Parks. Epcot is the most educational park and as such was a good first day, blending us into the Disney experience. The High lights in the Park were Soarin' (which only I did but I am determined to get Celia to ride next time we go) & Test Track which we both roada couple of times.On the day we went, Epcot was starting its annual Food and Wine festival, so the Whole of World Showcase had additional small carts serving small tasters of local cuisine.
The Entrance
The Disney Characters
Entrance to Mission:SPACE

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