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Only Fools and Horses May 11, 2013
A tag line from the all time most popular British TV comedy: Only Fools and Horses. "And the thing that's driving me beserk/How come only fools and horses work?" David Jason plays a market trader, living in the local council estate (Projects) with his half brother and grand dad, bringing in black market and other dodgy goods to resell to his buds, the Jolly Boys, at his local, the Nag's Head. The Brits will do anything for a laugh, and the UK and US as Churchill famously said, are two countries separated by a common language. In America, culture is an accomplishment; in England it is an atmosphere. As a Yank, we are known for being arrogant, frivolous, and lacking social graces and the knowledge to dress ourselves properly. Manners count hugely. "Cheers" for You're Welcome. "Ta" for thank you, or thanks, and as George Orwell wrote: England, Old Bailey, that green and pleasant land, the only country where you can knock a man off the sidewalk and he apologizes to you. Travel by rail if you can, walk and bike around London, my fav city in the world, though I've born and raised in NYC, get thee to a pub each and every night, but not a wine bar upscale, but try one over in the East End. Visit villages and towns, have a "pub meal" on anyday for real English food, shop Tescos to notice the variety of cheeses and other foods, get a haircut, take a bus anywhere, but not too late because the sidewalks roll up in the towns and villages by 9-10 at night. Be prepared to talk, take part in a pub quiz, and notice how the Brits prize knowledge and learning over money. Once a Brit warms to you a bit in conversation, it gets really good, so go with an open mind, open heart but a locked tight purse because times are a bit tough and simple thievery and purse snatching sadly still is prevalent. In a bike shop, once, the owner advised me not to put my backpack by the door...just in case. There's a gentle and playful relationship between the sexes but it isn't sexual, just flirtatious. Brits take relationships very seriously and family is everything.

Yorkshire's my favorite section, but Cornwall is so beautiful, the Lake District overrun with Oriental tourists, in fact, the whole country's nature experience is breathtaking. Dogs rule the home roost, cats to a lesser extent, but Brits love their animals, a walkabout, and a CHAT. I spent almost four years going to U. in Sussex for two, and living with the love of my life in Kent, Medway, near Rochester, for two years. Mentality: provincial.
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