Empire State Building

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350 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY, USA
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Empire State Building New York Reviews

agrsachin agrsachin
1 reviews
Perfect place to see NYC Skyline in the night! Dec 21, 2013
I was here in June 2013, and it was so very amazing to see all the lit up skyline from above NYC! Lots of travelers to meet, and some real Dark Knight Stuff!

With all the police sirens on the streets and cars that look so small from the top, it feels like you are a part of the Dark Knight Movie.

Other than that, it is overcrowded with travelers. It isnt even easy to find a place for capturing a photo.

Apart from that, a must visit if you are in NY.

The Gotham City Building! Lovely!
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MalefromToronto Malefrom…
6 reviews
Worth going up there and getting the spectacular view of the city Oct 12, 2013
The Empire State Building is a 102-story skyscraper located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and West 34th Street. i went with 2 of my buddies and took some snaps there which i am uploading here. Anyone visiting New York City i surely recommend them to visit the Empire State Building. From very top of the building you can get a very spectacular view of the whole Manhattan. Its pretty affordable but very time consuming. So make sure you try to be there in the early hours of morning so that you get access to it easily without standing in line for long period of time. Make sure you take your binoculars with you.
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dannyrock4 dannyroc…
31 reviews
Over rated Jul 09, 2012
The Empire State Building is one of the most famous buildings in the world so; in theory no trip to New York is complete without a journey to the very top outdoor viewing platform. The security is extremely tight (that of an airport) and because it is so popular your will experience long lines, I went both times off season and it still took a long time to get to the top. One thing I hate is being promised something and then being let down, so when we stepped in the elevator finally we expected to go straight to the top. We ended up on something like the 70th floor, just an empty open space with the windows blacked out and another 30 minute wait. Finally we reach the viewing area and guess what? It was busy, full, packed, we had to wait for gaps to take photos, plus the whole area is protected by a massive steel cage, so the photos were took through the cage. The views however and nice, you are close to downtown (well you feel close) and on a good day you can see for miles and miles, oh don’t forget to pick up your King Kong souvenir on the way out. Overpriced, over rated and Over Crowed, if you’re ever in New York, skip the crowds and head to the Rockefeller Centre that place Rocks!
tms183 tms183
3 reviews
Fantastic Taste of the Jun 17, 2011
Nothing equals going to New York than going to the Empire State building. No matter the time of day the view from the observation deck is unreal! I would recommend doing the audio tour option during the day as you will be able to see the landmarks probably but definately do take in the night time view as well it's a perfect way to round off the night after a dinner and before you head to a bar for some drinks.
Kushagra Kushagra
1 reviews
Great view to see NY from such a height May 17, 2011
Well, the perfect place to have a glimpse of the entire New York City. You can't imagine the giant structure unless you are on the 86th floor of it. Everything seems such tiny objects from there. You can view the whole central park, the times square area and the other mega buildings as tiny blocks.

The best time to go to Empire State Building is sometime in the Evening around 5. You can enjoy the three different shades of New York at a go- the daytime view, the sunset view and the night view.

Moreover, its the best place to be in Autumn. The perfect breeze blowing can drive u Crazy and you will fall in love with NY forever and ever!!!
megan13 megan13
6 reviews
Not sure... May 12, 2011
Ok, so with only 10 hours in NYC I decided the Empire State Building would be my first stop off. After paying to go up to the 86th floor and a map for waaay more than I had expected, they then asked me if I wanted to pay an extra $15 to go all the way up, to the 106th floor. Well after getting all that way you cant exactly not go all the way up right? But if you ask me, it wasnt at all worth the extre height. Once your that high, a few extra floors dont make much difference, and plus its tiny up the top and you cant go outside. I much prefured the sights from the 86th floor, and could have saved the $15 and spent it on some goodies! Not spectacular...but nice to have it ticked off the list of things to do I guess.
heyitsgerard heyitsge…
2 reviews
Empire state of mind Jul 23, 2011
If its your first time in NY and want to see the sights. I recommend visiting this landmark building.

Nice historic building with over 100 floors. When I visited they were in the middle of remodeling. The observation deck gave great views of the 5 boroughs. It was night time so the city was lit - that was a bonus! Can get very windy up top, but well worth it...
Steph_Prichard87 Steph_Pr…
3 reviews
Wow......but, Jun 22, 2011
Wow, this is such an experience and i think every first time vistor needs to visit. But, Rockafella is much more worth the wait and money, with a great shot of the empire state behind you!

There is hardly any difference in price and just as good a view from both......would reccomend both!!
jas2011 jas2011
2 reviews
Spectacular View! Jun 18, 2011
The views from the top are extraordinary! You can see the whole of NY City even central park! It is a def when you go to NY City. The interior of the building is very art deco which I love.

As you can imagine due to the sheer height of the building it does take a bit of time getting to the top. Don't worry there are elevators...phew! 100% recommend it :o)
Trippple3 Trippple3
3 reviews
Tourist Trap Jun 15, 2011
Obviously a place that you have to visit in NY purely and simply because you've grown up hearing about it. I went using citypass so I didn't really mind the massive lines to buy tickets although I can see it being a long wait.

The view is pretty amazing at night, I haven't seen it during the day to compare though. Make sure you bring a jumper, it's extremely windy up there!
kasanote kasanote
2 reviews
Single at Empire State Building May 22, 2011

if you want to make a nice picture at Empire State Building and its cloudy and you are just walking there alone. I can recommend to take picture on the west side. There is small but nice sign hanging on the wall describing the Empire State Building facts in few words.

Enjoy your stay at the Empire State Building


mdstowe mdstowe
3 reviews
Empire State Building at night May 02, 2011
I have been to New York City plenty of times but going to the top of the Empire State Building, especially at night, is still one of my fsvorite things to do. You can see the entire city and it looks gorgeous when it's light up at night.
adamhickman_uk adamhick…
3 reviews
Deffo worth a visit while in NYC Apr 19, 2011
Deffo make the empire state building a must during your NYC stay. The views are incredible and the attraction itself isn't overly expensive. I'd recommend the fast track pass as queues are normally very large. With this pass you're treated like royalty and escorted straight past all the queues. Deffo worth the extra money.
fl0r88 fl0r88
2 reviews
Empire state building at night! Jan 09, 2011
Beautiful scenary! 0pened till 1am, i went there at 11pm and there were few people.

It IS quite expensive, has 2 diffrnt levels, were u can see the whole island of Manhattan from, very cool view!

I highly recommend this to everyone who steps in NYC, it is a must!!!
nice mem0ries
beautiful views
0vrl00kn manhatnn island
nice times in NYC
Dr_Seuss Dr_Seuss
216 reviews
Great Views Across The City Jan 31, 2010
Was going to do it during the day, but having done The Rock during the day the arguement to do the Empire State at night was persuasive.

Having done it this way, I would recoomend doing one at night and the other during the day, doesn't really matter which way round. Where you can see to from the top is fairly similar, but the contrast between day and night is immense.

Lucky in going in January, and never had to do any queueing, for either, but you could see the way the barriers are laid out how busy they aticipate it could be.

Probably the later you go the quieter it would be, and you can still get up to the top at 1am in the morning. Also you can book online and set a time that allows you to skip past some of the queues.

Quick going up in the elevators, and once at the top there were staff about who were happt to explain what you were looking at, and to point out other stuff to look for.

A real buzz as you lookover the vast sea of lights at night and are able to pick out the places you have been. Well worth the $20 to get up.

Has an enclosed section on the first observatory level where you can shelter for a bit if the weather is wet or cold, and then you can get back out again.

Not a massive gift shop on the way out, but it wasn't really that over priced, well not for the stuff I was looking for. You can get 'offical' pictures taken on the way up, but even on a quiet January night we had difficulty finding the one they took of us amongst all the rest.
On The Way To The Empire State Bui…
Looking Up To The Top Deck
Down Towards Brooklyn
NW and Up To The George Washington…
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aloneinthecrowd says:
Congrats on being featured, Ian :D Nice review.
Posted on: Feb 23, 2010
yadilitta says:
Congrats on being featured, Ian! Good job!!!
Posted on: Feb 23, 2010
vulindlela says:
Posted on: Feb 23, 2010
joelh89 joelh89
3 reviews
Breathtaking views of Manhattan Dec 26, 2010
on the way up to the top we went on a sky ride which is a simulator taking you across all of New York showing you the sights in a helicopter it was a rather fun an cool way to start! We headed up to the first viewing deck and wow! blown away! I must admit the views are much better at night so if you want to be blown away (not by the wind) then go up at night the lights and views are amazing! totally awe struck we headed up to the final viewing point at the top of the building and not thinking it was possible but wow awesome views! if you are travelling all of new york and doing all the tourist attractions i would reccomend a New York city pass which you can collect from planet hollywood.. it saves you so much money on over 55 attractions and it cuts the ques.. safe to say they came in handy alot of times!
View of Manhattan
Main reception area of Empire Stat…
me at top of Empire State
Empire state at night
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HuBison HuBison
417 reviews
Everyone living or visiting NY has to make a pit-stop here. Jun 09, 2010
The Empire State bldg is a must-do if you live in NY or are just visiting. Buy your tickets in advance and skip the line. Be sure not to carry any pepper spray (they will hold it for you and return it to you once you are back downstairs), but just be aware that they are a variety of things not allowed.

The line is constantly moving, but it can really back up like a clogged toilet and it's hard to know what it will look like or any given day, so pack your patience. The view is available from 8am-ish to 2am! You take the elevator up to the 60th floor (don't touch any of the buttons in the elevator, it's controlled by a remote), then you get out and walk all the way around to get on another elevator that will take you up 6 floors to the 86th floor. if you have some extra funds to spare, you can buy a ticket to get you even higher. Don't spend the money for the "skyride".

Safety concerns that can get you yelled at include putting small children on your shoulders, climbing on anything or letting kids climb on the periphery and sticking any limbs out of the fencing.

Might as well bring 50 cents to pay for the binoculars so you can see the Verrazano bridge and Coney Island to the south, Shea stadium to the east, and Yankee stadium to the north. On a clear day and with good vision, you can see all those items without binoculars.

Enjoy and take lots of pics
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leelee24 leelee24
27 reviews
Empire state building Dec 22, 2010
So Empire state building it was!!!! Maybe do 'Top of the Rock' when im here another time!! Rockefeller centre that is!!

Well the journey up to the top is fun enough and it looks and feels exactly how it is in the movies!! Cant think which one right now but it will come to me!

I went around 5pm one evening and decided to stya there from dusk , sunset and night!

So got some fabulous pics which i will upload asap. You relise how straight and square Manhattan is once you get to the top its like someone took a right angle to the buildings.

Reasons why you should do this is because on a good day you can see for miles and miles! Across the river, statue of liberty, flatiron building and it makes you realise how gigantic Central park actually is! Will most definately go again when i visit NYC in a few years!
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jenn79 jenn79
129 reviews
wowza, I have altitude sickness.. Mar 16, 2010
20 bucks gets you into the 86th floor of one of the most famous buildings in America. I think an extra $15 or so gets you to the 100+ floor observatory, but it wasn't quite worth it for me!

Expect long lines for everything - getting in, buying your ticket, waiting for the elevator, waiting to get out, waiting for a spot at the edge so you can take your pictures.. you get the picture.

I went on a Tuesday at 3pm, and there were a lot of people, I can't imagine what it's like at night when the lights are aglow, or the weekends - it muts be a zoo!

They also take your picture against a green screen while waiting for the elevator, and like most amusement parks - try to sell it to you afterwards for $20.

There's also a souvenir store on the 80th floor with surprisingly good quality knick knacks and gifts. There's even a little clearance section - I snagged myself a kid's large shirt for $5 - booyah!

Next time I go, I may even try to look down. I'm sure I missed tons of things trying to wrestle my way through the crowds. Poor skyscrapers.. even they looked crowded from up there =(
one of the views from the 86th flo…
the famous Chrysler building on th…
can you see Lady Liberty out in th…
what a view! I can't even imagine …
callufrax says:
I did go down to the lower level, though. That was fantastic!
Posted on: Mar 19, 2010
callufrax says:
There's always next time! :) Though, that won't be until 2015!
Posted on: Mar 16, 2010
jenn79 says:
oh I'm sorry to hear that stephen =( You could have loitered around the lower gallery! It's a lot to take in though - I recommend binoculars and an hour of being jostled by people.
Posted on: Mar 16, 2010
b-rye1985 b-rye1985
4 reviews
On top of the rockefeller Jan 12, 2010
I went inside the Empire state Building but did not go to the roof, we decide just to go on top of the Rockefeller instead, I think we made a great decision, there a few different prices and package we just wanted to go on the roof which wasnt bad $21. I definetly recommend go to the rockefeller. I love the tree so pretty.
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