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Emden is the center of Ostfriesland (East Frisia), the region in the northwestern corner of Germany by the shores of the North Sea. This region has a great history and amazing historical architecture, and many surprises.

The city of Emden was, unfortunately, heavily hit by World War II air raids and more than 80% destroyed. Not much is left of the once wealthy old town with its almost Dutch appearance. The closeness to the Netherlands helped Emden, for example, during the 30 year war and founded the town's wealth and independence.

The port in the estuary of the river Ems used to be more important in former times than it is today. Economy is struggling. Compared to Hamburg or Rotterdam, the port is tiny.

The branches of the port extend into the heart of the town and connect to a system of canals leading further inland. There is lots of open water in town, thus space, fresh air and views.