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Elva is just a small town on the outskirts of Tartu - it is situated 26 km outside of Tartu in direction of Letland and only 60 km from the border city of Valga. Elva is a nice little city that really reminds of the contryside of Sweden.

The town is full of beautiful wood houses. It is a little pearl - the wooden houses have most of them seen there best days, but now there is focus on painting and taking care of them again. I will try to take some more pictures next time I go there.

I think that this city has been stuck since the Russians invaded the country because the houses seem to look like they all are from the same period and haven't been taken really care off since. In the city there is now coming new houses as well and the distance of 22 km from the second largest city in Estonia Tartu is increasing the interst for the city.

The city is in an area where there is a lot of water which is adding to the visual value. A lot of the house are placed between threes and have water close by either as a lake or a small river. Overall the city is a lovely small city and it has qualities which charm its visitors.

Due to its variable landscape, peaceful pinewoods, clearwatered lakes and the picturesque banks of the River Elva, this town has been one of the most celebrated summer resorts over the past century for the Estonians.

One the biggest things in Elva is the sport activities - the local bike team have always been amongst the best in Estonia.

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