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#1 of 12 hotels in Ella
Jo104 says: "Mr Nadun the owner of Ella Village Restaurant has 4 bungalow style rooms in a pl..."
#2 of 12 hotels in Ella
PrueD says: "The Lonely Planet is right, this is one of these places you end up staying longe..."
#3 of 12 hotels in Ella
tj1777 says: "The Garden View Inn is located in the centre of Ella - but honestly all the acco..."
#4 of 12 hotels in Ella
Jo104 says: "The rooms above the Dream Cafe have been elegantly furnished to make your stay a..."
#5 of 12 hotels in Ella
andrejav says: "Ella is a small town in the Sri Lanka mountains. Very picturesque. The best thin..."
#6 of 12 hotels in Ella
Jo104 says: "I enjoyed a pleasent few days rest here on my last trip to Ella. The rooms are b..."
#7 of 12 hotels in Ella
Ianwarren84 says: "When I arrived in Ella I had no idea where to stay as I didnt have a guide for S..."
#8 of 12 hotels in Ella
davejo says: "This is a wonderful place to stay, 2 kms away from the busy town of Ella, run by..."
#9 of 12 hotels in Ella
The Sunnyside Holiday Bungalow is located in Ella Sri Lanka. It is surrounded by green foliage, including large trees and a tea ...
#10 of 12 hotels in Ella
The Ella Holiday Inn is ideally positioned in the heart of the town. The rooms at the Ella Holiday Inn offer cable / satellite c...
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