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Its called rain forest for a reason!
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Sep 06, 2004 – Sep 20, 2004
So we set out of San Juan for a completely different adventure. I've always wanted to see a rainforest and the other ones are v…
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in contact with the rain forest at El Yunque, how beautiful is the nature!!!
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Feb 04, 2009 – Feb 09, 2009
It was past noon when we arrived to "El Yunque". It is a National Park, where you can see beautiful landscapes, swim in the wat…
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~To the Rainforest we go~
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Aug 16, 2007 – Aug 21, 2007
The 4th day we were FREE! Well, just hurricane free that is, and we were finally able to go and actually explore the islan…
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El Yunque
photo by: missandrea81