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‘Fly to El Salvador, don’t know why and I don’t know what for…’ English rockers ‘Athlete’ pretty much sum up the prevailing wisdom about this small corner of Central America, which people still remember for it’s ferocious 90s civil war. As we all know, however, prevailing wisdom isn’t always that wise. There is still an undercurrent of illicit activity, but all in all, the negative image is the perpetrators loss, as there's more than enough here to enjoy, providing you stay well away from the annual hurricane season.

If it is the civil war that fascinates you, though, check out the sobering sites at Perquin – a former rebel stronghold – where a revolutionary museum gives visitors a glance at the homemade hardware and political leanings of the insurgents, as well as the remains of the helicopter their leader ultimately died in. The area is also a haven for bird spotters and plant lovers, as home to copious breeds of birds of prey and an abundance of tree-hugging plants.

At Parque Nacional Montecristo-El Trifinio you can stand amid the clouds, and watch drops fall from the leaves of a lush green rainforest stretching to the horizon. Forest hikes take you over quivering footbridges and past a phenomenal array of technicolored wildlife, scampering and fluttering through the trees. Off shore, surfers traverse waves many argue are the best in Central America, launching off brooding black-sand beaches right in the heart of the jungle.

Hopping San Salvador is not the prettiest of cities, but it does have a noisy street culture and funky nightlife that charms visitors nonetheless. Gang culture’s alive and well here (you’d best avoid the notorious district of Soyopango), but with a little care, most travelers find it an unexpected highlight. A more laid back, colonial ambiance is up for grabs at quiet Suchitoto, where you can gawp at the surrounding volcanoes from a cobbled lane, or visit harrowing bomb craters on the back of a trotting steed.

Relatives may greet news of a trip to El Salvador with presents of flak jackets and tearful send offs, but, as long as you’re careful, the same group will be eying your photos with ill-disguised envy on your return.

San Salvador #1 most popular location
San Salvador is the capital city of El Salvador, approximately in the center of the country in a valley near the base of the San Salvador volcano. The city has a long history, with origins da…
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La Libertad #2 most popular location
La Libertad, also known as "El Puerto", "Puerto La Libertad" is home to Central America's elite surf spot, La Punta. A 100+ feet ride of consistant head high waves. Right point break. …
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Suchitoto #3 most popular location
Suchitoto is a pristine colonial town on a hill overlooking Lago Suchitlan. The town's historic center is both idyllic and a great stopping point for people who like to please their pallets. …
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Juayua #4 most popular location
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Santa Ana #5 most popular location
Santa Ana is the second largest city in El Salvador. It is located about 40 miles from the capital city, San Salvador. The city has year round warm weather. Though it can be very humid and ho…
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La Palma #6 most popular location
La Palma is a small village in the north of El Salvador, near the border of Honduras. If you are planning to travel to Honduras this way it is well worth stopping over for a day. The vill…
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Ahuachapan #7 most popular location
San Miguel #8 most popular location
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Perquin #9 most popular location
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playa el tunco #10 most popular location
Las Flores #11 most popular location
Coatepeque #12 most popular location
Lago de Coatepeque is a beautiful lake (one of the most remarkables in Central America).Please, don't miss this place in your visit to San Salvador. Is near to capital, El Salvador around 45 …
Apaneca #13 most popular location
La Union #14 most popular location
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El Zonte #15 most popular location
El Tunco #16 most popular location
Alegria #17 most popular location
Chalchuapa #18 most popular location
Joya de Ceren #19 most popular location
Izalco Volcan #20 most popular location
Costa Del Sol #21 most popular location
Concepcion de Ataco #22 most popular location
Concepcion de Ataco is small colonial town located in El Salvador's northern highlands. It's a major stop along the "Ruta de las Flores," a colorful road that passes through the region's colo…
El Tular #23 most popular location
Caserío El Tular is located in the municipality of Cuisnahuat, in the southern region of the department of Sonsonate. Cuisnahuat is ranked as the 3rd poorest municipality in El Salvador and …
San Andres #24 most popular location
Tacuba #25 most popular location
Barra de Santiago #26 most popular location
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