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Ein Gedi Overview

Ein Gedi is one of the cities to access the Dead Sea. Many buses can drop you off across the street from the beach area where you can walk down the sand dune and take a dip in the sea.

Ein Gedi (Hebrew: עין גדי) is an oasis. It is known for its caves, springs, and its rich diversity of flora and fauna.

A kibbutz, founded in 1956, is located about a kilometer from the oasis. It offers various tourist attractions and takes advantage of the local weather patterns and the abundance of natural water to cultivate out-of-season produce.

Ein Gedi National Park was founded in 1972. The park is situated on the eastern border of the Judean Desert, on the Dead Sea coast, and covers an area of 6,250 acres. The elevation of the land ranges from the level of the Dead Sea at 418 meters (1,371 ft) below sea level to the plateau of the Judean Desert at 200 meters above sea level.

The park includes two spring-fed streams with flowing water year-round: Nachal David (David Stream) and Nachal Arugot. Two other springs, the Shulamit and Ein Gedi springs, also flow in the reserve. Together, the springs generate approximately three million cubic meters of water per year. Much of the water is used for agriculture or is bottled for consumption.

The park is a sanctuary for many types of plant, bird and animal species. The vegetation includes plants and trees from the Tropical, Desert, Mediterranean and Steppian regions.

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