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Apr 16, 2009 – Apr 21, 2009
Shir woke me up, as my alarm clock, programmed with the delicate sounds of a harp being plucked drifted into my dreams but did …
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This blog was featured on Sunday May 24th, 2009
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2nd Day - The lowest place on earth, Mesada and Abu Gosh
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Aug 25, 2006 – Aug 26, 2006
Woke up from the sound and feeling of 5 flies hovering around my head just to realize that it's 6am and that evreyone else arou…
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How many buses can I take in one day?
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Aug 04, 2008 – Dec 08, 2008
I had my my last Ulpan course this week and my final exam so I now have a bit of down time before the semester starts up. The …
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