Edinburgh Castle

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Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle Reviews

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A fine castle Jan 22, 2017
Edinburgh Castle is a stunning fortification perched on top of a huge rock created by volcanic activity. The walk uphill is definitely worth it as you can take in some fantastic views of Edinburgh from here. When visiting the castle, you should allow a least 2-3 hours to see the castle's highlights, although I imagine you could spend a lot longer here if you wanted to explore the castle in more depth.

We bought our tickets for the castle from the booth on Waverley Bridge for £28 for two adults. We also decided to buy our sightseeing bus tickets at the same time which brought the fee up to £30 each. Not bad considering these were our main priorities and reasons for visiting. Buying the tickets at the booth meant that we did not have to queue at the castle entrance. We just showed our tickets to the man and walked through. I believe you can do the same if you buy your tickets online.

Once inside the castle, we took some photos of the fantastic views over Edinburgh. We then took a look inside the National War Museum of Scotland. After this, we went into the castle prison and saw the doors which included original graffiti from the prisoners kept there. We also saw the dog cemetery where the various regiments' dogs were laid to rest. We then climbed the final ascent to the top of the castle and visited the peaceful St Margaret's Chapel and the Scottish National War Memorial, a tremendous tribute to those Scots lost in conflict. We took a quick tour of the Royal Palace before we went to see the Scottish Crown Jewels. It was amazing to see the crown jewels so close up. The Scottish coronation stone was also exhibited here, although there is speculation that the stone is not the original. Could it be that the original Stone of Destiny is gracing someones patio somewhere? Who knows. I enjoyed visiting Edinburgh Castle immensely and it was without doubt the highlight of my time in the city.

Address: Castlehill, Edinburgh

Directions: At one end of the Royal Mile. You can't really miss it!

Website: http://www.edinburghcastle.gov.uk/index.htm
Edinburgh Castle on a clear, cold …
Dog Cemetery at Edinburgh Castle
View of Edinburgh Castle
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joseph98 joseph98
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Grand and beautiful fort Oct 20, 2015
First a royal residence dating from the 11th century, and second a military stronghold that has seen action as the fortunes of Scotland have ebbed and flowed through various conflicts over the years, Edinburgh’s most iconic attraction is both visually impressive – its complex arrangement atop an extinct volcano is a ‘wow’ factor all by itself - and entertainingly informative.

The views from the ramparts, be they the old and new towns below, or the Forth on the North coastline horizon, or the ringlet of hills that hem in the city, are hugely impressive. But more impressive still are the imposingly grand and jagged swirl of the castle walls, plus the exhibits and chambers within.

There are plenty of highlights to enjoy around the complex. Particular standouts are St Margaret’s Chapel (the oldest building in Edinburgh), the brooding ‘Prisons of War’ exhibit (complete with reconstructed PoW cells and authentic, graffiti-etched doors), the unfeasibly massive Mons Meg siege cannon from the 15th century, and the ‘Honour of Scotland’ exhibit. This takes you through the pomp and circumstance surrounding the history of those crowned in Scotland, culminating with a chance to see the Scottish crown jewels and ‘Stone of Destiny’ upon which all Scottish monarchs were crowned (photography prohibited).

Edinburgh is deservedly considered to be one of the finest castles in the whole of the UK, and is a must-see for all who visit Edinburgh despite the price and crowds!
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princessleia94 princess…
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Historical Hub Sep 26, 2015
Being a royal history fanatic, visiting the castle was a must-do on my list while in Edinburgh. Maps are available for free as well as audio-guides. There are many parts of the castle open to the public and lots of things to see for any type of traveler. A highlight for myself personally, was seeing the Scottish Crown Jewels. Being at the Tower of London the week before and unable to see the English jewels, it was a real treat having the privilege to see the Scottish honors.
mewall21 mewall21
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Edinburgh Castle Nov 08, 2014
I greatly enjoyed my visit to Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. The old town and castle frame the city's skyline so beautifully. The view from the castle itself is the best to see a panoramic outlook onto the city.

Of the many castle/palaces I have seen Edinburgh castle definitely ranks quite high in marks for grander. There are many stations to visit along the self-guided tour I took, but I didn't stop at all of them and yet found that I saw more than I could have asked for.

I would definitely recommend visiting Edinburgh the city and its castle.
Edinburgh Castle
Amazing view of the city
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rurymason rurymason
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Edinburgh Castle - The city's No.1 attraction Feb 18, 2013
Not a lot of people from Edinburgh actually take the time to visit the Castle. I visited this iconic Edinburgh structure only last month after a 20 year hiatus!

Most tourists make a beeline when they hit Edinburgh, as it's one of the most popular attractions in the UK, let alone Scotland. It's so worth it... The sheer history of the place will have you captivated even if all-things military isn't really your bag.

The views from the battlements down to Princes Street and the Gardens are a panoramic spectacle of unrivalled proportions, so if you don't bring your camera you will DEFINITELY regret it.

Check out one of the Castle's recent video tours here for a taste of what's in store here:


PS > One thing to note is that walking and taking pictures on the Castle Esplanade (outside the gates) is free but there is a charge to get into the Castle proper.
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spocklogic spocklog…
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A Castle That Does Dazzle! Sep 23, 2012
The Castle of Edinburgh is a recognizable symbol of the city as it makes a presence from many places in sitting atop castle rock, a volcanic formation some 350 million years old. Human habitation here can be traced back to the 9th century, though there is some evidence that it was known in Roman times as early as the 2nd century. The castle itself was a royal residence and defensive position since the 12th century. It’s quite clear to see why it was chosen as a defensive position and it becomes even more clear once inside. It’s quite an impressive castle and takes at least several hours to tour.

The tour of the castle is 16 pounds (~$25 USD), a bit expensive perhaps, but it’s the major tourist attraction in Edinburgh. Aside from the grounds of the castle itself, which are quite large, there are museums inside (including a place for the Crown Jewels). Many fantastic panoramic views of Edinburgh from all compass points can be enjoyed. Although expensive to enter, I suppose it is worth it for all it has to offer. Here is a list of some things to see inside the castle with a brief description or summary of each item for convent reference:

1.) Honors of Scotland – Otherwise known as the Crown Room, here the nation’s treasures are kept including the stone of destiny (Stone of Scone), the coronation stone of Scottish monarchs.

2.) The Great Hall – Built by King James IV in 1511, it holds a fabulous display of armor & weapons as well as the ‘key’ to the castle. Other uses included conducting business of state, and as a garrison by Oliver Cromwell's army

3.) Royal Apartments – Dating from the 15th century, where Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to the boy who became James VI of Scotland and James I of England

4.) St. Margaret’s Chapel – The oldest building in the Edinburgh, dating from the 12th century to commemorate Queen Margaret, the mother of David I

5.) The Prisons Vaults – An atmospheric recreation of the life of prisoners at the end of the 18th century, originally built in the 15th century

6.) Mons Meg – One of Europe’s oldest siege guns that fired stones weighing 150kg (330lbs) over 3.2kg (2 miles) has not been fired since 1681

7.) The One o’clock gun – The famous time signal has been fired almost daily since 1861 except Sundays and Good Friday

8.) The Scottish War Memorial – A shrine to those who gave their lives in conflicts from World War I onwards and first opened in 1927

9.) The National War Museum of Scotland – Displays artifacts and exhibits covering 400 years of Scottish military history. There are also two regimental museums

10.) Crown Square – The principle courtyard of the castle dating from the 15th century

There is much to see here, but this list serves to target the major things. To see everything in detail you would likely have to spend the entire day here. If time is available visit it on two separate trips if you have a multi-day city pass or such. Pardon my plethora of photos, but this is like many sights in one, so I figured it deserved the coverage. There's a little something for everyone here!
Edinburgh Castle - early morning
Welcome to the Castle
Edinburgh Castle- early afternoon
Castle Hill View I
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spocklogic says:
It's a big castle, so there's some spreading out room once you get inside and wander around. It is The big tourist draw in Edinburgh though.
Posted on: Sep 17, 2013
Bojasem says:
amazing attraction but crowded
Posted on: Sep 17, 2013
rsvpme says:
Well done..a lot of great photography
Posted on: Aug 23, 2013
rahulshukla rahulshu…
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Edinburgh Castle Apr 06, 2012
Edinburgh is a lovely city. Lanes with paved brick roads, street performers playing melodies bagpiper tunes, awesome buildings with architecture that makes you think about earlier times.... its wonderful! Infact, the whole city made me feel as if I am in an earlier time. Ok, that might have sounded stupid, but that was the thought that came into my mind :)

Edinburgh Castle in particular is also a good place. Castle is strategically located on hill top which would have made it good for defense in earlier times. It is a cool place especially for the awesome view of the city. There is a whiskey shop in the castle. Don't forget to check it out, specially if you are a fan of scotch or liquor for that matter :) They do keep other liquors as well. You can buy your chosen scotch or grab small souvenir bottles branded with Edinburgh Castle brand name. Here you can also buy a 3 bottle pack of world's smallest Scotch bottles as they say is confirmed by Guinness book of world records. Useless for a drinker basically, but they look kinda cute so you can keep them as collector's item :) Just to mention, its not like they are available only in the castle you can buy them outside as well.
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junartkim junartkim
15 reviews
One day in Edinburgh Oct 20, 2012
If you only have a day to spend in Edinburgh, the best thing to do is to ride the hop-on hop-off city sightseeing tour bus for you to see what the city is like. You may not be able to go down and visit all the places but at least you'll already have a background on what to visit the next time you come.

The next best thing to do is of course doing the must - exploring the fascinating Edinburgh Castle. For a little bit more of culture, try a local scottish cuisine for lunch. These should make your stay in Edinburgh worthwhile without feeling unsatisfied or rushed.
kolomiyasvitlana kolomiya…
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Edinburgh is brilliant! Aug 27, 2011
First time in UK and first time in Scotland!!!

İt was the most impressive trip so far. İt was middle of July. İ arrived to Edinburgh airport from London (Stansted), from the moment İ went out of airport İ thought İ arrived to Gods country. Amazing stone buildings and castles everywhere. City is very old, very green, very friendly, very organized... you can never be lost in Scotland.

Probably the most exciting thing was the fact that guys are wearing kilts and hanging around in city center. And second impressive thing is that castles are everywhere, small, big, medium size)))) You feel like it is knight century.

Pub life is everywhere. Awesome restaurants with national food and best service in each place I've visited.

İ can say - Scots are awesome! Scottish food are incredibly delicious! Scotland is the first place in my list, İ'd like to travel again!

Very very very impressed!
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cheryl6 cheryl6
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Very interesting, great views and atmosphere Jul 14, 2011
Great way to spend the afternoon. I've visited many castles around Europe, and this one was not specifically spectacular or different, though it does house Scotland's crown jewels. I opted for the audio guide, I had never done this before. It was very informative, and being a history person I really enjoyed learning the extras. However, once I got in, I realized that a free guided tour is part of the price and that there were lots of explanations and castle workers everywhere that could explain things and answer questions. With this said, I feel like it's a £3 I didn' t need to spend.
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tjwood tjwood
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Great Visit Dec 08, 2011
To my Father here for his 81st Birthday and he has troubling walking. The staff is very polite and will inform you of a service (free of charge) that will drive you to the castle grounds (and back down again).

The person driving us up the hill also called ahead and arrange for another person to escort us in the castle, into an elevator and then trough the Crown Jewels room. Excellent service for those impaired.

Awesome views and sights to see on the grounds and excellent cityscape photo opportunities.

Definitely a must see when in Edinburgh!!
chrisbourgeois chrisbou…
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Edinburgh Castle WOW Mar 29, 2011
What a great place you do not realize how big it is till your up there and how high you it is what a beautiful...hope go back soon
view from Edinburgh Castle
Damienja Damienja
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And I thought Windsor castle was overpiced Mar 09, 2011
Windsor Castle was much more interesting and worth while than this. I loved Edinburgh but Edinburgh castle was a bit of a let down.
lokeshgm7 lokeshgm7
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One of the finest Castles I have been to Apr 20, 2011
I have been to many castles across Europe and I must say this beats all of them hands down. Its built on the hilly side of Edinburgh and the view you get from the castle of the surrounding city is breath taking. The Castle itself gives you a sense of presence in the Gothic Era and really speaks the riches of Scottish culture and heritage.
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alives alives
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Great day great times.. Jun 22, 2010
Last august(2009) me and 2 freinds spent 4 days in edinburgh we stayed at an amazing hotel called Hotel Du Vin edinburgh, the hotel was amazing and sitd 30 seconds from edinburgh modern science musiem home of the Legandary dolly the cloned sheep (but more on that later) set about 15 - 20 mins walk from the Royal mile the hotel was Brillant set in the old part of an insane ayslum we felt at home right away with Amazing service and bar and although being on the costly side was well worth the price.

We spent the first day getting to know the sites around edinbourgh and loved every mintue of it All three of us being in our early 20 i wouldnt of expected it to grab me so much but soon found myself Taking pictures and loving the sites it had to Offer, Of course us being young we did waht most young people do of an eve and hit the town and although hotel was Quite a walk from princes street its self we then found it was even further to there so called Bar strip (Bars and clubs all in one road) but we loved every second of it:P

On our last Full day in edinburgh we could put it off no longer and decided to head to the castle And what a beautiful day it was the weather was amazing,Im not the best with Ques and the castles one was An hour long but belive me when i say well worth it seeing most of edinburgh from the top of the castle is amazing all the sites the castle had to offer, from the old guns i wont wont say much more ill let you ponder as to what else edinbourgh and and its castle has to offer but for me this was a 10 outta 10 and id do it again in a heart beat
view from top of castle
saMm04 saMm04
5 reviews
fantastic scenery, awsome Jul 03, 2010
Edinburgh castle is an amazing sight you definitely have to see.. not to pricey..walking around the castle has such a cool feel to it so much history and amazing views of the town and ocean also..
Ann_Hells Ann_Hells
33 reviews
Edinburgh Castle Nov 29, 2008
Here's a tip for anyone visiting Edinburgh in November. I went for my Thanksgiving holiday to Edinburgh for about a week. During this period in Late November is Saint Andrew's day, I'm not sure which day exactly. If you are going to be in this city for this holiday do go to the castle on that day! Everybody gets in for free, meaning that you save 11 pounds (I can buy lunch instead!) and there is absolutely no queue! It was rather crowded but not so much that you couldn't get a good sense of the castle.

This wonderful place is built on a hill and is visible from almost everywhere in Edinburgh, meaning that a visit is necessary. The reverse is also true, I got some great great views from the castle onto the wonderful city, it was rather impressive.

We went on some of the walks explaining some history of the city and castle. There seemed to be a general theme of lost and found. In (this year) the national treasure/mythical weapon was lost due to somebody burying it in the ground to spare it from the raids of the enemies, it was found 200-500 years later by a Scottish gentleman who restored it to the castle.

There are sometimes men walking around in ancient Scottish clothing if you're into that.
great views!
X_Drive X_Drive
836 reviews
Jun 10, 2005
Sitting high on the top of the hill overlooking the city and harbor below is this magnificent fortress castle. This is no ruin as most castles are, but is still quite well maintained and used as a military garrison and headquarters for the Royal Regiment of Scotland and the 52 Infantry Brigade. It also serves as a museum for the Royal Scot and Royal Scot Dragoon Guards. You can tell they mean business at this castle. As you stroll up along the walkways modern cannons sit right next to the old cannons overlooking the water. In fact, one of them is named the "One o'clock Gun", because each day at 1 p.m. it is fire as a tradition for sailors. Each August the spectacular performance known as the Edniburgh Military Tatoo takes place here. The interior is well maintained too, with its stained glass and beautifully built rooms. St. Margarets Chapel, the oldest building in the castle was built in the 12th century. It is still used for weddings today, but only 18 people can fit inside at one time. King David I built it and dedicated it to his mother who died in the castle in 1093.

You just cannot go to Edinburgh without seeing this castle.
The entry was already in the proce…
One of the views
Some of the modern guns
A great view from high at the Cast…
Aurora78 says:
I love this place so much, I visited it twice (on separate trip). :)
Posted on: Aug 19, 2010
mellemel8 says:
am bummed i did not have time for that. we did not know it closed at 5pm :(
Posted on: Jul 16, 2007
nhces29 nhces29
7 reviews
Nov 13, 2005
Edinburgh Castle was absolutely amazing. From the walls you can see the entire city. I took the audio tour which I found to be very informative. You have the option to explore as much or as little of the castle as you want. Be sure to check out "Mon's Meg" a 14th century cannon fashioned from hand forged iron bands. This place is a must see for anyone traveling to Edinburgh.
Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh as viewed from the castl…
Mon's Meg

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Edinburgh Map
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photo by: vances