Dunn's River Falls

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Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Dunn's River Falls Ocho Rios Reviews

Skinneman Skinneman
4 reviews
Pure fun. Mar 03, 2017
This was one of the more enjoyable days I've spent in a long time. Nearly everyone in our party believe it was one of the best day trips they've taken on any vacation.

The falls are beautiful. The climb is not difficult but provide a sense of accomplishment when you arrive at the top.

Bring a water proof camera. Wear water shoes. Those that did were happy they did. Those that wore sneakers regretted it. Water shoes are available for $10.00 US nearby. if you can't bring a waterproof camera, they sell waterproof bags that allow most camera phones to work.

Avoid shopping in the tourist trap market at the exit. It is best to just walk through it quickly. The vendors engage in a hard sell. Most items can be found elsewhere cheaper.
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Zay27 Zay27
2 reviews
Climbing Dunns River Dec 02, 2016
I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of climbing Dunns River in Ocho Rios.

Our guides (cannot remember their names) were such vibrant souls who encouraged everyone to make the most of their experience.

The climb wasn't too steep or tiring but you have to have good stamina and be careful as there are slippery rocks.

Cheerful guides made us sing along / speak with a Jamaican accent and video recorded this all with the opportunity to purchase a DVD after.
ulis ulis
330 reviews
Dunn's River Falls Jul 05, 2016
Dunn River Falls is a quite nice daytrip from Montego Bay. you can either take a bus to Ocho Rios and from there a shared taxi or if you are more persons hire a taxi. We got it for 7000 Jamaican Dollar both ways and waiting time. Entrance fee is US$ 25 (June 2016, there is also a senior citizens rebate US12, 50).

If you want to hike up the falls you need also the right shoes (available there for US$ 10), and you might want also to get a locker, 500 Jamaican Dollar, for keeping your things dry, or use a waterproof rucksack.
Dunn's River Falls
Dunn's River Falls
Dunn's River Falls
Dunn's River Falls
Bluenose Bluenose
25 reviews
Dunns River Falls - Jamaica's #1 attraction Oct 28, 2014
If you go to Jamaica you will probably end up at their #1 tourist attraction Dunns River Falls. It's basically a fast flowing river cascading down boulders eventually flowing into the sea. The idea is to climb the last the last few hundred metres traversing across boulders, swim in small pools and shower in the small falls as they flow across the rocks.

You may have seen pictures of tourists in a chain holding hands as they ascend up the river. A friend of ours had been here and did not really give it a glowing reference. He hated the throngs of tourists that arrive here daily and make the place crowded and noisy.

Despite this "warning" if you go to Jamaica you just have to go there, I know it's going to be packed with tourists, it's the #1 attraction, but I'm a tourist and want to see it for myself.

Most hotels have tour packages to get here that vary in price depending on where your resort is located. We are staying at Runaway Bay very close to Ochos Rios and Dunns River falls. A package from our hotel was US50 per person which included the admission cost of $20. Not that bad, but I wanted to go early so I decided to try and make my own way there. Despite being warned against hailing a shared taxi on the street outside our hotel I ignored the advice as my hotel were promoting their own tours.

So my daughter and I hailed down a taxi "with a red number plate" advised by a gardener of the hotel as he looked on puzzled as to what we were doing making our way there independently. It did not take long before someone stopped, a guy who had just done an airport drop off and returning to Ochos Rios. He said he would take us for 1,000 Jamaican dollars, I knew the going rate was 150/person in a shared taxi but JD1,000 is only about £5.50 so we jumped in his pristine car. After a quick 15 minute drive we arrived and were driven to the entrance turnstile up the hill away from the main road, arriving at 8.20am. There is a massive car and coach park there and it was completely empty. I wondered if the attraction was closed, but no, there was one person in attendance at the entrance turnstile, we paid our $20 each, had a wrist band placed on us and went in. Still there was nobody to be seen anywhere and we had to rely on signs leading us to the beach where you commence the climb. My daughter was a little perturbed at no sign of activity and when we got to the beach there were signs visible advising you to take a guide, not use cameras or wear a backpack. Of course we had no guide, a camera and a backpack for our dry clothes. We had taken a rash vest each and some pool shoes with us and got changed on the beach. The pool shoes were essential but a pair of old trainers would suffice if you were happy to throw them away after.

On the beach was a park official I approached him and asked if it was OK to climb alone. He took one look at us both and said "yeah Mon - enjoy" which has been pretty much the response from most Jamaicans I've met sine I've been here when asked about anything!

The sign below the falls also indicted that it would take about 1 hour to climb, my daughter was not too happy about this but we pushed on. There were a few difficult bits but in general it was a fairly easy ascent and I got some great photographs taken with my waterproof camera. You can sit amongst the falls and shower, swim in the rock pools too. After about 20 minutes we were at the top. We had climbed at a leisurely pace and not seen one other person at all on the falls. In fact the only person we saw after entering through the turnstile was the park ranger on the beach. We had the whole place to ourselves it was amazing.

We changed out of our wet gear back into the "dry" stuff in the pack I was wearing as I climbed the falls. It is a kind of gym shoe bag that had kept all our our stuff fairly dry and I did swim in a couple of pools. At 9.15am we were back at the park entrance and saw 4 tourists walking down towards the beach. I feel I need to reiterate, we had the whole place to ourselves. Now some people may like to do the "linked handed chain thingy" up the falls but I would recommend getting there early, it opens at 8.00 am.

Back at the roadside it took seconds before a taxi stopped, I asked to go to Runaway Bay "how much you gonna pay me Mon" I offered 1,000 JD again but told him I knew the price in a shared taxi was 150. He snatched my hand off and dropped me right at the hotel entrance. To complete the whole wonderful experience they were still serving breakfast back at the hotel and we still had a whole day to spend at the resort.
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itravel1 says:
The typical tourist trap avoided but enjoyed like it should!
Posted on: Nov 11, 2014
Zagnut66 says:
Wise move to go early and on your own. Congrats on being featured!
Posted on: Nov 11, 2014
walterman9999 walterma…
218 reviews
Carnival cruise and Jamaica, what a waste of time and money Oct 17, 2014
This trip was our only ever cruise with Carnival, and we left from Galveston. The food was terrible, buffet and formal seating. None of the meat was cooked all the way and we saw blood running down the meat. We had to eat veggies and fruit for the whole cruise. We asked, but there was no disenfectant available anywhere including bathrooms and food services. It is clear why Carnival gets so many plague ships.

We made port in Montego Bay in Jamaica. We had a Carnival excursion to Dunn's River Falls; so the first thing we had to do was take the long bus ride to Ocho Rios. We finally got to the falls...I took one look at the falls in murky water with the walk uphill in the falls; I said "no way" as I allready paid for the excursion. Sylvia did the up hill falls and the danger the falls provided. Maybe I was stupid or Sylvia was brave...who knows. I followed a trail next to the falls so I could keep an eye on Sylvia.

After the long walk up the falls Sylvia told me the walk was dangerous and miserable.

We took the long bus ride back to Montego Bay the bus stopped at the outskirts of town. The driver told us that this was the best stop for shopping, and she was right. We continued back to the ship. There was an open air market on the dock so we shopped for a while. Then we boarded the ship and wondered what miserable food they would serve us tonight.
Dunn's River falls
Carnival Conquest
Montego Bay
Montego Bay, Walter
Rokerij Rokerij
91 reviews
Crowded But Fun Feb 19, 2012
Another tourist site that is literally over crowded with tourists and surrounded by cheap aggressive vendors. You can do this alone or in a tour, but either way you are going to be waiting on people ahead of you.

It was a lot of fun and if you can find a way to hang back and let the groups pass you can get some good photo's and enjoy the beauty of the place without having 600 people in your line of sight.

Leaving is your typical tourist maze. You need to try to fight your way through the vendors selling stuff and trying to trick you to go to their store by telling you the way out is actually the way to their store.

On this day we also did Ochos Rios shopping which was absolutely lame. They claimed you get 50% off everything, but they jack the prices up 200% before taking 50% off. We tried to buy a small soccer ball for the beach. The same cheap ones that we can buy at home for $2. The cheapest we could get them there was $15. The rest of the stuff was the usual cheap tourist crap.
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Chokk Chokk
1733 reviews
We had the falls almost to ourselves - fabulous Apr 27, 2011
Dunn River Falls is probably one of the more picturesque waterfalls in the world according to the Jamaicans. I have to agree that the fall was beautiful, awesome and all the other great words that you could come up with.

We were quite lucky arriving on a Wednesday where there were no cruise ships from Ocho Rios and we arrived before the all the tour buses arrives from all the resorts; so we were there almost alone.

One of the best things was the possibility to look at the fall without the numerous of people climbing the different falls and one thing was sure I was certainly not going crawling on it but enjoying it anyway, I truly did.
Dunn River Falls
Dunn River Falls
Dunn River Falls
Dunn River Falls
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jsasouth jsasouth
7 reviews
Dunn's River Falls Jul 30, 2011
If you're not into photography you must do the hike on the falls. Also beware of the vendors at the park they will not force you or anything, however, they can be a bit irritating.

Be careful with your cameras as there's a good chance of getting wet.
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mmokka mmokka
3 reviews
Well organized, beautiful place, but come prepared! Jun 18, 2011
Beautiful Dunn River Falls! Went to Ocho Rios via Cruise line. it was a great experience to remember, personally i would recommend it to anyone passing by ocho rios, everything starts at the bottom of the falls where the tour guy does a debrief on the things to watch out for.. there is a team of photographers following you along the way in case you didn't bring your camera (bring a zip lock bag for your camera, or make sure it's water proof)

Do keep in mind that having non-slip pool/boat shoes definitely helps and decreases your chances of slipping on rocks. Buy them at the local supermarket, outside the tourists area and save over 40%. Definitely bring them with you if you have it (do not buy them at the falls)
sourlemons sourlemo…
1 reviews
You can! walk on water! Apr 13, 2011
Yeah, its a tourist trap; but heck! you're a tourist. I don't regret going to Dunn River Falls. It was definitely a highlight of our vacation in Jamaica. TIPS: (1) get watershoes in town for $5US and bring them to the site (2) get a waterproof case for your camera if you want to take pictures, but better yet give your camera to one of the tourguides! they'll take pictures for you! remember to tip :D (3) don't buy the DVD they offer you! lol, the tour guide will follow you to your bus and they will eventually strike a deal with you for $20 or less a DVD ;) (4) ladies wear a good swimsuit, the water is pretty strong and you will try too undress you; guys, keep an eye out ;) (5) You will get wet, prepare accordingly. ENJOY
Ryan_Styles Ryan_Sty…
2 reviews
Great fun Mar 03, 2011
This activity was by far the best thing I did in jamaica I advise anyone traveling to jamaica to climb this waterfall. Extremely beautiful.
leelee24 leelee24
27 reviews
Natural beauty Dec 21, 2010
Well staying in Jamaica i love it already! So the taxi ride to Dunn river falls i getting excited as all ive heard its been in the Bond movies, so must be worth a try right??


Wow yes it is worth a try!!! its a lovely walk down through what i can loosely describe as semi jungle foliage down some steps onto that jawdropping view of a breathtaking sandy beach!

The ones you see on peoples laptops... well the picture i took is now my wallpaper for certain!

Be prepared the river water is actually quit cold considering the sea is hot but its constant running water, but you get used to it!

Climbing the actual falls is great and i'd say if your not physically fit then yes it ever so slightly raises the heartbeat on the way up.

Ever so enjoyable though and your guide which is free will happily take pictures on your camera. I chose to climb in birkenstock sandals which were ok, but then i got annoyed with the small stones so ended up climbing barefoot, which i was fine with as i normally walk around barefoot anyway!

Oh and remember to duck when you come to the bridge.

Also if you have time spend an hour lazing on the beach was great and the sand in the sea under your feet is warm!!

All in all fun fun fun and a must see for anyone holidaying in Jamaica!
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jendara says:
Congratulations on your Featured Review:)
Sorry by the delay!!!!
Posted on: Jan 08, 2011
ChrisMcDevitt ChrisMcD…
22 reviews
Take 7 Years Off Your Lifespan Jul 28, 2010
"Climb the Falls and take Seven Years off your Lifespan" is what the locals say. I don't know about that but while climbing the falls I felt like a 7-year old all over again. As part of a package from our Cruise Company we took a boat to a kayak rental place and rowed in two-man kayaks to the base of Dunn's River Falls.

There we checked in with a local lady, Maureen, who would "watch our stuff" while we climbed the falls with a guide. Seeing as the 7-year-old in me WAS a boy scout, we had come prepared with a waterproof backpack and a waterproof/shockproof camera. We didn't leave anything behind for Maureen to "watch over".

We joined our group of about twenty and our barefoot and highly skilled guide at the bottom of the falls. As with any 'tour' in Jamaica, our guide had a rather annoying friend with a video camera who would be preserving our climb for posterity (and tips). His job it seemed mainly was to get in the way and make us say "yea mon" over and over again. With my wife in front of me and a stranger behind we made a human chain and started up the falls. I've read that watershoes are recommended, I've been told that watershoes are required; I'm not sure which is the case but we had bought some watershoes back in the states for the express purpose of climbing the falls for around $8 bucks a pair. They were well worth it. I didn't see any slimy rocks that might have been pitfalls for the ungainly adventurer but I can't say for sure they weren't there. The best advice I can give you for climbing the falls is to plant each foot firmly before moving the next. The falls are a beautiful contradiction. The view gets more intimidating and daunting as you go but the climb actually gets easier. By the time you're halfway up you'll no longer need to hold hands.

You will get wet, you may slip, you may get bullied into buying a video. Luckily for me and mine, I have a rather intimidating natural build so must tip-mongers realize quickly that no means no. I've read other stories where this was not the case, but in my experience the whole ordeal was well worth it and quite awesome. We had no intention of purchasing the video, we tipped our guide ten bucks and went on our way. The video guy was rather pissed that we didn't tip him, but I only had twenties left and he really did nothing but get in our way.

The stairs back down were much quicker and we had to hurry before we missed our party boat back. If your 'tour' leaves you at the falls it's a 30 dollar cab ride back to the sea port. Not recommended as the driver may take you all over tarnation to visit various 'trick performers' and sites that you probably wouldn't care to see.

All in all, there's no way you can say you've been to Ocho Rios and not gone to the falls. By all means check it out.
kayguarnay kayguarn…
91 reviews
Wear Watershoes, and enjoy the amazing sensation of weightlessness! Dec 21, 2010
Just came back from Ocho Rios, Jamaica where my grandfather and I climbed the Dunn's River Falls. It was an incredible trip and I highly recommend it. You might ask...you climbed it with your grandpa?!? Yes, and it wasn't a 100% a walk in the park, but we climbed 200+meters up to the top of the falls having started at the sea. This is one of few places in the world where the waterfall comes down into the sea. The camaraderie in climbing the falls is amazing! Most people do this as part of a cruise excursion (same with us), and not everyone you go with has to climb the falls, but highly recommended. Those who wish to stay dry, can walk up alongside on regular stairs. I was really impressed with the way the falls are arranged, the natural beauty of the rock, and the unique feel of the rock formations will leave a lasting memory on your fingertips. This is also a unique aspect of the falls...rather than shrinking back from the force of water rushing down the hillside, the rocks are constantly adding a deposit of calcium and sodium (at least that's what I read), and this makes the stones feel velvety.

I really recommend you visit this beautiful area.
HuBison HuBison
417 reviews
A compilation boat ride is better than just the climb Sep 17, 2010
Dunn River Falls is best seen approaching from the water on a small boat...you can climb out where they stamp your arm like cattle and you get about an hour to wander/climb. The climb up the to top is trecherous and the water is freezing, but I suppose you get used to it.

You MUST have the proper footwear, but I saw a man with a cane and a woman who must have been at least eighty-if you take your time, you'll be fine. The dry route was the way to go (if you take your heart medication)-it was quite a climb up the stairs and ramps...the water route was so so...Once you get to the top, you can take a picture with a sign that is proff about how you conquered the Falls. Be sure to bring money for a beef patty and a water proof camera...otherwise, you should go ATVing near Ocho Rios (be warned, don't wear white...you ride through cow pooo on the ATVs!)

Once you make your way back down to the beach, it's a nice beach to hang out on, fine sand, clear water and a nice chilled relaxed crowd.
View of the beach from mid-way up …
vances says:
Dunns River Falls was much fun...we took our daughter along, who was six at the time, and it was quite a confidence builder for her!

Posted on: Sep 17, 2010
cordobazo cordobazo
4 reviews
Biggest tourist attraction in Ocho Rios. Oct 10, 2009
When I went to Jamaica one of my friend told me about this great falls where you climb up holding hands with other turists. He told me that if I was going to go to Jamaica there was no way that I could miss such adventure. I found out more about it on the internet and really sounded like an amazing experience, so I included in my list of things to do.

Dunn's River Falls is unique. Described as a living and growing phenomenon, it continuously regenerates itself from deposits of travertine rock, the result of precipitation of calcium carbonate from the river, as it flows over the falls.

The idea is to climb 600 feet from the base of the falls, hand-in-hand like a human chain, guided by competent staff. Guides at Dunn's River Falls are skilled at leading you up the falls and can use your camera to take your picture as you pose under the many falls. They are a lot of fun, cheering you up all the time and daring you to jump into natural pools, or slides that make the whole expierience a lot more exciting.

You don't have to climb them if you feel that it is a big challenge, you can observe the falls and climbers from many entry points; while taking photographs.

After your first time, you can do it as many time as you want, and if you are confident enough you can do it alone, wich is a lot more fun.

After enjoying yourself until you get tired, you can go and relax at the beach located at the base of Dunns River Falls where the river meets the ocean. Here you can rent Jet Ski or just enjoy yorself of the nice warm waters of the Caribbean.

Definitely a MUST if you are in Ocho Rios!! Ya'Mon!!
This Is where the whole adventure …
Me in some of the many natural poo…
Another view if the Dunn River
yanessap says:
Without a doubt Jamaica is great. It's awesome seeing reviews as far back as 2008 with people expressing their passion for Dunn's River Falls. For anybody that has reservations about visiting I definitely recommend you go ahead and give it a shot. Totally worth it. The official website www.dunnsriverfallsja.com/ talks more about it. You can also find individual reviews from people such as from http://jamaicahotelreview.com/attractions/dunns-river-falls/

Don't think twice about going. Just do it. Trust me.
Posted on: May 16, 2017
jennee80 jennee80
9 reviews
An awesome experience! Mar 19, 2009
A group of 4 of us went to Dunns River Falls and decided to climb on our own instead of joining a long chain of tourists holding hands while climbing. It was refreshing and exciting for anyone who loves waterfalls! I would suggest wearing water shoes with good grip. The algea on the rocks can get pretty slippery. On my second climb, I slipped and almost cascaded back down the river. The vendors all around the exit area are rather pushy, best not to make eye contact if you don't want to get badgered.
josh129 josh129
1 reviews
Cool off at Dunns River Falls... Apr 17, 2008
If youre going to Ocho Rios, Jamaica I definitely recommend going to Dunns River Falls... I went with some friends on a cruise and we had a great time... The forecast called for 100 degrees the day we were there but with the cool water coming down the falls it was perfect... Plan on getting wet and be cautious... You are actually climbing up the waterfall on slippery rocks... Although not necessary, there are guides available to help you with the climb... We did it without one and it took us about an hour and a half... We took our time and stopped for pictures... There were a few times that we had to wait for the groups with the guides to make their way up before we could go any further... Altogether, it was an awesome experience! =OP
a lil captain in the falls =OP
LoLo21 LoLo21
1 reviews
very fun!! Mar 23, 2008
I had a blast here.... jamaica is so pretty and this was a very fun thing to do you cant leave jamaica without seeing the falls!! I would def. recomend it to anyone!
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FR-ank says:
Dunn River...oh yeahhhhhh...was pretty AWESOME...
waiting your Pix & comments ;)...
Posted on: Mar 25, 2008
pbobenhausen pbobenha…
22 reviews
Aug 30, 2007
I really enjoyed the time I spent at Dunn's River Falls. The tour starts at the beach and a group of about 25 people hold hands in a long line and start walking up the falls. There is a guide that goes along and films the climb and sells DVD or VHS tapes at the end. I got the DVD and it was all of our climb. Be careful of any loose jewelry, cameras and glasses. You will be walking through the water and will be wet from head to toe, by the time you are done. The whole trip was about an hour and a half. At the end of the tour you are encouraged to walk through a village like area that is basically a souvenir flea market. Be prepared to be nagged to purchase their products or you can keep to the left and avoid the village altogether.
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