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Dundee is in North East Scotland and is Scotland's 4th largest city. The city is just over 800 years old. It is located on the banks of the River Tay.

Historically, it is famous for the three J's. Jute, Jam and Journalism

Jute - The boats, laden with jute from the Indian Sub-Continent used to arrive at Dundee, where the jute would be unladen and processed in the many jute mills around the City. Due to these jute factories, there was a lot of immigrant labour during this time. The last textile factory closed down a few of years ago. A lot of the old jute factory buildings have now been converted into flats and offices.

Jam - Dundee is famous for its jam and is the original home of Marmalade. The farms around Dundee grew (some still do) berries. These were used to make the jam. Also the Keillor Sweet Factory was famous for its sweets.

Journalism - Dundee is home to the famous Dandy and the Beano comics. D C Thomson are the publishers of these and other print titles.

The people of Dundee, a.k.a. Dundonians, are generally friendly to outsiders. The student population is very high, about 1 in 7. A friendly place. Beautiful views can be taken from the top of Dundee Law.

Information technology and software for computer games have been important industries in the city for more than twenty years. Rockstar North, developer of Lemmings and the Grand Theft Auto series was founded in Dundee as DMA Design by David Jones who is now the CEO of Realtime Worlds, which has recently (2007) released Crackdown for the Xbox360.

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