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Nov 12, 2006
Before I moved to Dublin, someone told me that public transport in Dublin is appalling. I thought, how bad can it be...little did I know!

Appaling is not the right word to use and I believe there's no word that could describe how bad Dublin Bus really is. One thing though, I am originally from Germany and public transport is exceptional over there! The first encounter everyone has with Dublin Bus is at the airport and you seem impressed as there's plenty busses standing there waiting to bring you into town. It's expensive enough and there's no mention that you can buy a daily pass that would save you a lot. I don;t think you can buy them anywhere in the airport though.

When you are in town the bus service seems to be ok and you can get several busses. If you live outside of town, it get's more complicated. Most bus services go into town and back. This means if you need to go to a place maybe justa fewmiles down the road you won't be able to catch a bus directly. You would need to get a bus into town and then out again to whatever your destination is.

The worst though is timeliness. You could be standing at the bus stop waiting for a bus for ever and suddenly 3 or 4 of the same route would arrive at the same time. Also the time tables you see at every bus stop are pretty useless as the times shown on them are the times when the bus leaves the first stop. Now you need to calcuate how long it takes from the first stop to yours and you'll still be left waiting or worse you see it leaving early. I hear you saying that you're safe when you are lucky enough to be at the first bus stop then...not at all! Even then they could be leaving early or late. I have not figured out how you can be late at the first stop.

There are not many bus lanes in Dublin, so busses could aslo be late when traffic is bad and that is almost all the time, so calculate this into your travel time.

Oh and one other thing. When you're not at the first stop and want to get the bus you need to hold out your hand to indicate you want to get on otherwise it just drives past you. Happened to me the frist time :) They tend to drive past you too when they are full.

Anyway, you will get used to it and instead of being irritated you will laugh about it and get a car in the end ;)
Supigirl says:
also you have to have the exact change ready. the driver doesn't give any change back, you just get a little slip with a refund that you have to collect in O'Connell Street.
Make sure you do have the coins ready, cos the people behind you and the people that are already in the bus won't be very patient, as they might have waited already very long and are late by now :)

I'm living close to the city, therefore I love Dublin Bus. I have about 5 lines to choose from, there is always plenty of buses.
I love the view out of them, watching the people, or just the pigeons on the roofs.
I love Dublin Bus :)
Posted on: Jun 12, 2007
joelennon says:
It's worth mentioning that the same can be said for bus services around Ireland! Public transport is not our forte!
Posted on: Apr 15, 2007
Amanda says:
Wow, who knew?? That's amazing! And very good to know, thank you so much!!
Posted on: Nov 12, 2006
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