Dubai International Airport

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai International Airport Reviews

NorthernMonkey86 Northern…
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Dubai international airport what a gem Aug 09, 2011
I have passed through Dubai international airport on many occasions, and i have seen it grow into a fantastic airport as the new terminal one, supported by emirates airline has been completed.

One of the first things you will notice about terminal one is its sleek, clean and modern design.

When you arrive, you are usually put on a stand that is close to arrivals or to the transit area if you are getting a connecting flight. The one thing i have noticed though is sometimes you can be put on a remote stand and then have to be bused to the terminal, this does add a bit of time on especially if you are transiting, so i would make yourself aware to the cabin crew if you have a quick transfer for a connecting flight as they will arrange for a quick transfer from the aircraft upon arrival for no extra cost.

If you have time to look around the airport there are many shops and restaurants to look around, and even if you do loose track of time, there are always regular announcements and screens about departure information. If you are ever need of any information the friendly information staff which are based around the airport are always welcome to help.

Overall this is a fantastic airport which is still growing and i hope to travel through it many times in the future
Great architecture
Gardens in terminal 1
Lovely gardens in terminal 1
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andmar andmar
54 reviews
WOW Apr 10, 2010
What an airport. It is huge, clean, with lots and lots of shopping and numerous areas to seat/eat something or have a coffee.

No matter how much time you will stay there you will not be bored.

For sure one of my favourite airports together with the singapore one.
lauro lauro
236 reviews
dubai international airport Feb 19, 2009
I was in dubai international airport in 2004 as a stopover to frankfurt germany. The airport can be comparable to european standards then. Large, spacious, high ceilings and fabulous ornamental decorations.

its is one of the airports in the world that is open 24 hours a day. With lots of passengers waiting for their long stopovers and sleeping inside the airport.

there are lotls of affordable cafes in dubai and the largest duty free shopping i had ever seen in my entire life. But the staffs are not helpful as i got sick and looking for the airport hospital but they didnt know anything.
yadilitta says:
good to know your point of view, Lauro! For me the people working in an airport is always important :)
Posted on: Feb 19, 2009
zajoryn zajoryn
8 reviews
What an Airport!!! Oct 11, 2009
I stopped here for four hours in my way to Mumbai. I really didnt had the time for discover all about this wonderful airport. Wherever you want, they have it. Free internet,Electronics, designer clothes, great restaurants, CDs and DVDs... All you want but a bit overpriced. Well a lot a DVD movies cost around $30... So make your math!!!
Africancrab Africanc…
777 reviews
Sheikh Rashid Terminal Jun 02, 2008
This terminal is commonly referred to as the 'Concourse 1': It houses the main and most popular Dubai Duty Free shopping, food courts, banking, internet services, and entertainment for children, business facilities, medical care, special needs, airport hotel, postal, lounges, and many more services. This was the terminal my daughter and I transited through it on our way to Uganda. We had coffee in the terminal food court.

The entire Dubai International Airport is a work of art, constructed at a cost of 170 million dollars, it is unrivaled in the region.
Dubai International Airport 2008
Dubai International Airport 2008
Dubai International Airport 2008
Dubai International Airport 2008
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Africancrab says:
Yes, I heard about that. I'm hoping that we might make a 72 hour stop in Dubai on our way to Uganda later in the year.
Posted on: May 26, 2012
williamsworld says:
Did you know they are building a spaceport there as well? Check out Virgin Galatic and see all the interesting things going on.
Posted on: May 26, 2012
Africancrab says:
Really? It is a great airport in an intriguing country/emirate
Posted on: May 25, 2012
adventuremann adventur…
26 reviews
Apr 04, 2007
Dubai has one of the world's best airports. With flights to destinations all over Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and even American and Australia, Dubai is one of the true global hubs. It is the place where first world wealth collides with the most troubled corners of the world. It is one of those spots where people from widly different backgrounds are tossed together for a few minutes before going their separate ways.

Terminal 1 is sleek, modern, and beautiful. The the departures hall can get a bit crowded, but after clearing the first layer of security and entering the ticketed passengers area, things improve a bit. But the magic begins after check-in. The efficient immigration lines move quickly, and then you descend into a long, brightly lit tunel with rapidly moving walkways that lead you to the main departures building. After ascending an escalator, you walk into a beautiful shopping mall, with boarding gates attached. There is a small food court, all kinds of duty free shopping, and lots of buying customers. This is where flights to Singapore, London, Amsterdam and New York arrive and depart. Terminal 1 is the best the world can offer, with all its superficial flaunting of wealth and prestige.

Despite Terminal 1's glitz, Terminal 2 is actually much more interesting to me. This terminal is on the opposite side of the airport, and needs to be reached by taxi from Terminal 1. It is low-key, very small, and not so crowded. Most travelers have no reason to come here, but this is where the flight to Kabul boards next to the flight to Badgdad. It is where passengers from Djibouti arrive, and where flights to Tashkent depart. The mix of rough US contractors going to Bagdad, overly educated humanitarian aid workers flying to Kabul or Khartoum, giant African families checking in to fly home, and random backpackers connecting to a red-eye flight gives the traveler a sense that you have somehow arrived at the point where the Star Wars bars mix with the crude reality of the world today.

A gigantic new terminal that looks like a mammoth slug is being built to complement Dubai's other Mega-Projects. This terminal promises to be grander, more beautiful, more luxurious than anything air travel has ever seen or experienced. But I will still relish in Terminal 2 where fascinating people are just a seat away.
Chokk says:
I like the airport but had expected more though!
Posted on: Aug 09, 2011
jenn79 says:
Thanks for sharing that, personally I haven't had the opportunity to meet a lot of humanitarian aid workers in the US. I am thinking of doing something similar and I just wanted to see what the rest of the world thought of this sector. You know - if it seems to do any good or is really just ineffective. Thanks so much for your candidness =)
Posted on: Apr 04, 2007
adventuremann says:
"Overly educated humanitarian aid workers" have a great impact on some individuals' lives. They demonstrate visibly that many foreigners do care for the needs of the poor. However, in some places donors can take over the local economy and actually bring a perverse effect with all their spending. It's a catch-22, if they don't help, the rich world is seen as careless. But by spending so much on aid, these organizations risk crowding out the private sector by inflating salaries to the point that businesses can't compete. Some of this is happening in Afghanistan, where I work. Overall, I am very supportive of the NGO community and the aid workers. However, I recognize that the Afghan economy has basically become addicted to this kind of aid, and that we need to figure a way out, so that development can be done in a more sustainable fashion, and not so dependent on international hand-outs. Ok, I hope that this is not too political for everyone because the last thing I want to do is get a whole debate going on this travel site. The reason I mention "overly educated humanitarian aid workers" is that it is quite surprising to see how educated and urbane the crowd is checking in to fly to Kabul.
Posted on: Apr 04, 2007

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