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Dougga, Tunisia
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Dougga, instead of Carthago Dec 07, 2008
Most people wil vistit Charthago when they are in Tunisia. But there is a bigger more intresting place to see. That place is Dougga. There are not many touroperators which offer this as an excursion. But you can easily visit it on your own, or better you share an private taxi with another couple. For about 130 dinar you will have your own taxi for the whole day. But you should book your taxi at your travelagent. And do not take the taxi who is out on the street offering you everything. The travelagent has a kind of contract with taxicompany's. You also get a much better car. And a better driver. This is the way to get to dougga:110 km south=west from Tunis follow the RN5, 72 km east of Kef,and 8 km of Teboursouk.

About dougga (thugga) is the officical name, it is very spacious, and not the best "roads". Sometimes just mud. can you imagine that in this town more than 20.000 people lived?

At the entrance of the city you will see the Punisian tower, build in the 2nd age before christ, and is 21 meters high.

If you walk there you feel lost, it is so big, and not so very busy. And if the man with the camel coat wil guide you it is ok, but negociate sharp about the price. (do not pay that much) and afterwards he would like to have a cigarette or two!! And a cup of coffee.
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Jennica11 says:
about the travel agent... are you talking about hotel concierge? or do they have like tour shops where you can purchase tours when you get to Tunisia? I'm hoping to spend a few days there, but not sure how to go about hiring transport and guides for some of the things I want to see.
Posted on: Jun 28, 2009
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