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Dordrecht is the oldest city of Holland and has about 1000 monuments.
You can reach Dordrecht by train, then you can take the bus to the centre. Or you can walk (that takes you 10 minutes).
Near the station is, on the Spuiboulevard, the VVV office, where you can buy a city route, called "Rondje Dordt", it shows you the most important sights of the centre.
You also can take the Fast Ferry from Rotterdam, or the waterbus.
The atmosphere in Dorddrecht is very lively, there are many shops, restaurants, cafés and people.

The most important building is The Big Church. The famous tower of the Big Church has the largest Carillon of Europe, wich consists of 64 bells. You always hear the Carillon in the city. The tower can be visit the whole year and after 275 steps, you`ve a wonderful view of Dordrecht. The inside of the church is also very beautiful and impressive, with the world-famous organ. The tower weights about 12 million kilo.

One of the museums in Dordrecht is the Simon van Gijn museum, it`s a house museum. Simon was a rich banker and collector of a surprising collection of arts, crafts and toys from the 19th century. When he died he left his house to Dordrecht. When you walk into his house, you get a taste of how the upper classes lived a hundred years ago. The rooms are packed with collected items, just as in Simon van Gijn`s own lifetime. The museum is open year round from 11.00 – 17.00 every day, exept Monday. Adults pay 6 euro, kids are free.

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