Don`t trust old ladies not to be scammers !

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Garacho, Tenerife, Spain
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Don`t trust old ladies not to be scammers ! Tenerife Reviews

Stigen Stigen
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Knowing when to be sceptical.. Sep 27, 2010
I learned something last week about scams. I`ve spent lots of my life travelling so thought I knew to much to be scammed at this point...but noo..

Me and my girlfriend were driving around on Tenerife doing some sightseeing , and after a few hours we decided to go for lunch.

We went to a little local village , and even though there were multiple touristy restaurants, we went to one that was of the tracks , looking like a proper local restaurant.

Then this cute old (like 80++) woman came along to serve us. There was no menu(first clue) , and we could choose between real canary meat , or real canary we opted for the fish. Based on the state of the place we expected it to be fairly we were fairly surprised when we asked for price and she quoted 10€ , about twice as much as the other restaurants.....but we figured the price in this case must reflect the quality of the food , and it would be a proper canary grandma made meal...

It started bad...a dry piece of supermarket bread that we did not touch(or ask for)...then for the main 50 g piece of old fish that was supposed to come with salad and local potatoes...the salad was one slice of tomato , and the potates were dirty , and unpeeled. So there we are peling potatoes in a restaurant(!).

This meal probably costs about 1-2 € for the locals, it came to 22€ for us as she charged for the bread as well.

She had a massive grin when we paid up... we did not leave with a grin.

What did I learn for future travels ?

1. don`t trust people based on a friendly attitude and an harmless apperance (cute old lady) . Again that`s not to say that we should go through our travels beeing eternal sceptics...I think it is good to have a smiling friendly attitude, even to people that are trying to scam you...but of course not giving them any of our hard earned money :)

2. Be sceptical to places without menues , specially if the prices quoted are higher then what to be expected. But then again I think there are lots of hidden gems out there that don`t have menues, but may give a proper taste of genuine local flavours...It`s just about asking for prices and quality/size of meals before ordering..

3. Just because a meal is more expensive then a similar meal in all the other restaurants DOES NOT mean it is in any way better, and in some cases may actually be significantly worse (like in our case). We were willing to pay a high price expecting something great , then the disappointment is al the greater then if we would have spent 1€ on the meal (which would have been acceptable price for value).
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Im_a_local says:
ROFL, Just seen this post and those dirty unpeeled potatoes are Papas Arrugadas they are served everywhere, wrinkly potatoes cooked in sea salt We also always offer bread before a meal,and if you start to eat it then you pay €1 per person otherwise it is deducted from the bill. Salads, well we are not good at salads even in top restaurants you are likely to get a lettuce leaf, a slice of cucumber and a slice of tomato. And most places away from the resorts don´t have a menu. You have whatever is available that day. So sorry you felt you were scammed, it is just the way we do things here. Nothing personal :)
Posted on: Sep 22, 2014
Stigen says:
We have become cynical- always making sure exactly how much things cost before buying anything !
Posted on: Apr 21, 2013
Andy2010 says:
I had a very similar experience in Mallorca last year. What started as a friendly conversation with the pub landlady and offering a "truly Spanish Sangria experience" ended in us paying 12 euros for a small glass of ordinary sangria which you were expecting to pay not more than 7 euros.
Posted on: Apr 19, 2013
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