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Don't be cheap on food Jul 31, 2011
After I quit eating local food in Asia;

I did not want to spend a lot of $$$ on food going to a local restaurant in Asia and get myself "expensive" european food, which costs 10 times less than in europe and few times more than local food in Asia. Since I planned a year long journey and another journey after that, so i decided to go cheap on food and Asia was a great place for cheap food.

But the problem was that (at a time i was in India) in India I don't remember eating something not spicy, my brains, eyes, ears were boiling, I ate it every day for 2 months, and I really really had enough!!

So as I said I did not want to spend money on "expensive european food" and i choose to eat from 7-11, Kmart, and those little stores across asia you know. And it was very bad idea, I quit local food in August and treated myself with chips, bisquites, chocolates bars, hot dogs, mentos, some candies, varieties of chocolate, and this was my only diet until october, In late october in Bali, I had a lot of blood coming out of me, like a gallons each time.

I had 6 different pains in my stomach, the ugliest one was in bottom part, it drove me nuts.

And as a young optimistic backpacker, I thought ok, I will be ok, situation seems like crap, but i will be ok. acctually it is a quite an asset to have positive attitude always.

So and I did not go to doctor because i did not have insurance, who needs it, dongie fever, accidents..pff not me So I thought if i am still quite moving, then I might be ok, let things pass and see what happens; I could manage the pain, it was always with me as a ate, sometimes on verge of losing consciousness when i began eating.

I thought what is this a virus or something, sometimes pain came back sometimes it was absent i guess 60% of the time it was here. So i get used to it,and kept on travelling, I came back home, went to see a doctor, and they told me: Ok

you have totall irritation of upper and bottom part of your stomach, if you keep on going with the diet you had, you will have a hole in yourself, you will get on a surgeon table. I had to go treatment, like pills, and with time, 3 months or so, I cured my stomach.

So now when I go travel, I don't care how much money I spend but i will buy descent food, eat at a right time, and now food is the last thing that i will ever be cheap on.

Some learn hard way, but they still do..:P
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