Dole Plantation

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64-1550 Kamehameha Hwy, Wahiawa, HI, USA

Dole Plantation Wahiawa Reviews

ellechic ellechic
137 reviews
Pineapple Crazed! Jun 11, 2012
If you love pineapples, then you'll get a kick out of this "everything" pineapple place.

Dole Plantation offer tours (see website for current prices).

Having seen a pineapple plantation before, I was more looking forward to what they were selling at the shop than seeing the plantation - which you can see on the drive along Kamehameha Hwy --- a sea of pineapples!

Okay, so I'm not THAT crazy over pineapples-themed stuff - which is exactly what you will find at the shop. From pineapple wine, tshirts, chocolates, housewares/decors, and whatnot, this place is the HQ for everything pineapples.

Pineapple cutting and other pineapple-related demos (and tasting) are available.

If there is one thing I recommend not to miss... there are only two things you should try before walking away from this place: (1) pineapple soft ice cream and (2) pineapple-mango jam (great present, too). So good!
Dole Plantation
Dole Plantation: shop
Dole Plantation: pineapple soft ic…
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kingoftheicedragons kingofth…
83 reviews
Worth a Stop Apr 05, 2011
On the way to the north shore, using the direct H2 route, you will pass by the Dole Plantation. There are activities that you can do here, such as the garden tour or the maze or the train ride, you don't have to do any of those if you don't want to. In fact, we didn't. Cost for our trip here, therefore, was free. The cost goes up if you choose to do any of those things, and whether or not they are worth it, I don't know. They have a pineapple variety garden that you don't have to pay to see, and you can see a variety of pineapples growing in a variety of different sizes and colors, which was really interesting, and you can learn about what it takes to grow, harvest, and prepare pineapples.

The giftstore here is expensive, and you can find most of the things here cheaper elsewhere on the island, so I wouldn't recommend it unless you wanted something that actually says Dole on it.
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kingoftheicedragons says:
No, we stayed away from the food there. We saw plenty of people carrying ice cream around, but we had just eaten breakfast not long before and weren't hungry yet.
Posted on: Apr 11, 2011
jamartin39 says:
When I visited we did the train ride, it was pretty interesting. We didnt have enough time to do the maze but when I go back I will definatly opt for the maze being I already did the train ride.

Did you get your pinapple ice cream?
Posted on: Apr 10, 2011
pinchora pinchora
162 reviews
Riding the Pineapple Express and walking though the 2001 Guiness Book of Records Largest Maze Jan 22, 2009
Marie and I decided to head out the the Dole Plantation... not really knowing what to expect except for a train ride, a large maze and a garden to look around... we didn't even know what kind of food they had because that information was not on the webpage...let alone if they had anything...well, until my cousin told me to try the pineapple ice cream.

We got there around noonish and walked up. On the left hand side was a little stand that said farmers market...we decided to check it out. When I think of the term "farmers Market" I think of people selling locally grown don't get me wrong..this is locally grown but doesn't a farmers market have multiple marketers on the land selling? Ok, well, this isn't about figuring out what the term's to let you know what something is like. So this is what I thought of the fruit. We got the medley which had sugar cane, mango, papaya, coconut and apple banana's in it. The mangao, sugar cane and papaya was amazing... the coconut was hard and dry and the apple banana's had a strange texture and little holes going through them like a bug was in this was not 2 thumbs up.

We then went towards the main enterance where you walk through the gift shop... in front are women and men who are handing out prizes where you can get a percentage off the cost of a pearl. the pearls are $20 and you buy the setting seperately. But the fun part is you get to pick your oyster and watch them break open to find a pearl, anywhere from white, to pink to black to small to large. I did this in Orlando when I went to disney.. it was fun and you could get it set for $50USD or so... but here that was not the case... they had settings for $150 and up and were trying heavily to get you to get a credit card to finance it for 12 months no interest payments...which I think is absurd... I give this 2 thumbs down.

Next up we went into the walking Garden... it was confusing to get around and Marie and I ended up off track on a dirt road with the apple banana trees...which were interesting to look at. We found our way back into the garden and was sort of disspointed...I don't know if it's because it's off season but the garden didn't look put together and you could see tarps sticking out where there should be plants. Despite the scares amount of plants and floweres there were some cool things like Lychee plants, papaya plants and coffee bean plants... I do not give this 2 thumbs up.

then we went on the Pineapple express...which is their version of an edcational train ride. we got on the train (cost is $10 and includes garden access)... and went on our way. We had to laugh because through out the ride there were cut out people who are supposed to look like workers from back in the day of the plantation. The narrater was educational and we learned a bit and the views are absolutely beautiful! I give this 2 thumbs up.

We then went into the gift shop, the out door markets and the food court. The gift shop is HUGE and it has a lot of crappy gifts and some really good ones, and some cheap ones and some crazily expensive ones! But it was a good gift shop I was impressed... there were also places for demonstrations on how to cut a pineapple and lots of dried fruit. The out door markets were less to be desirable...there was some really cute stuff but the people who worked there were pushy and made me not want to buy anything (and you can get alot of this stuff cheaper elsewhere, like the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet---read my blog from saturday)... The food court had a lot of interesting stuff...including Tero bread, coconut bread, pineapple chili dog and pineapple ice cream... The fresh bread looked fabulous...the chili dog had too much chili and not enough pineapple and the ice cream was AMAZING!!! Absolutely delicious! There were other meals there too that looked good but I didn't get to try... I give this one thumb up and one down.

We finally went through the worlds largest Maze according to the 2001 guiness book of world records. I thought the maze was going to be the one enterance in and you have to find the one way out. What you actually do is find 6 stop points and trace something onto a piece of paper. there are multiple ways in and out of the maze. The woman who sat in the friend to take money was less than desirable...she didn't give the patrons coming in the mini map to find their way around so alot of people we ran into didn't know what was going on (I picked one up for us...thinking it would be a good idea)...and then since we both have a short attention span we got bored after finding 4 of the stop points. other patrons have also broken away areas to make secret passages to make it easier to go around...and we found a surprise of a peacock wondering around. I can see how it can be fun for some people but I wish it was just a go in and you have to find your way out. There is a contest where you can win a prize if you finish the maze within 14 minutes by beating out others times.... over all this is a one thumb up and one down!

Over all this was a fun time... educational... and great for a family fun time!!!
digging for oysters to get a pearl
apple banana tree
Lychee Fruit tree
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mellemel8 says:
you are evil to send me photos of that!!!!
Posted on: Jan 26, 2009
alyssa_ob says:
I don't remember most of this stuff from when I was there - maybe it is newer? It sure got a lot of thumbs down though, too bad. At least I heard no complaints about the ice cream ;)
Posted on: Jan 26, 2009

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