Dohuk Corniche

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Dohuk, Iraq
Dohuk Corniche - Dohuk Corniche 2014
Dohuk Corniche - Farmland by Dohuk Corniche 2014
Dohuk Corniche - The Duhok sign near the Kawa Street entrance to the Corniche, 2014
Dohuk Corniche - Farmland around Dohuk Corniche 2010
Dohuk Corniche - Dohuk Corniche 2010
Dohuk Corniche - Farmland around Dohuk Corniche 2010
Dohuk Corniche - Dohuk Corniche 2010

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maykal maykal
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Dohuk Corniche Jan 11, 2014
The Corniche could be so much better, and perhaps in summer it is. A corniche usually refers to a promenade along a seafront or a riverbank, but in Dohuk's case, it is a concrete walkway which snakes through the city centre all the way up to Dohuk Dam, the only water being a tiny stream boxed into an artificial riverbed. Either side of the corniche are orchards, so there are plenty shady places to sit, and an attempt to make the area more appealing has been made by adding sculptures and statues at intervals. Unfortunately, half of the artwork has been vandalised; a marble violinist has had her arm chopped off, and a nearby stone man has been beheaded. Also, more litter flows down the stream than water.

Nobody seems to go there anymore, and both in 2010 and 2014 whenever I walked along it, I only saw a handful of others. It's a real shame, as it could be really the top end, somebody has put a lot of imagination into creating a pleasant park, with seats on little islands in a lake reached by bridges, as well as a wooden tunnel containing more private seating...but it all sits empty for now. Maybe in summer, everyone flocks here and even the broken seats are full...but I've got a sneaking suspicion it is always quiet.

Off Kawa Street, there's an "arty" street with an art gallery (which seemed to be permanently closed) and a fine arts college, which leads to the corniche as well as to a pedestrian bridge over to some orchards where kids sell bags of bitter almonds for a few hundred dinars. Buy some almonds and climb the the top, turn left and look out for another stone arch....this takes you to the highest part of the Corniche, above the big DUHOK sign, with some great views over the city centre. Under the bridge here, beside the stream, is a popular teahouse and nargile/chicha place, the only real sign of life along the Corniche, although it is right under Kawa Street.

Access is easy...Kawa Street crosses the Corniche, with stone arches marking entry. there's another point of entry behind the big new shopping mall, again on Kawa Street. At the other end, you can leave the Corniche and keep going uphill for another ten minutes until you reach Dohuk Dam and its parks.
Dohuk Corniche 2010
The Duhok sign near the Kawa Stree…
Dohuk Corniche 2014
Dohuk Corniche 2010
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