Doha International Airport

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Doha, Qatar

Doha International Airport Reviews

Chokk Chokk
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In general I found Doha International Airport really boring Jan 20, 2012
I found Doha International Airport really boring, but the security control was pretty fast and also not very thorough, but I guess that they do a good enough job, it there are just a lot of other places that overdo the security work because they see it as their mission in life to harass travellers. I really hate when I am asked to take off my shoes and belt; like that should make a huge difference.

Having passed the security area I stepped straight into the bazaar or at least it felt so. Given the fact that we quickly were approaching the Chinese New Year made the chocolate and cake selling the most attractive feature in the airport for loads of people. I had never seen a crowd go bonkers like that before on chocolate, not even in Belgium. People were shopping sweets like it would sold-out in the next hour.

I passed the chocolate area in nice style and I was not being intimidated by any of the offers that I passed; well I managed to walk by. I left the tax-free area and went for some benches on the first floor where I tried to make my Wi-Fi work without any success. The next hour or so I spent sitting on the bench just watching people and there was a lot to look at since people were transiting from all over the world.

Doha International Airport is really boring and especially the resting area. The chairs and sofa's were nice to sit in but there were not any nice places or areas where you could spend your time. The airport had loads of people because the airport is such a huge hub but there is not much to do than to sit and wait.

I found the prices in the tax-free area pretty expensive and far from what I had expected; especially on technology products. The airport is so large that you have to be transported in busses to your plane, which also make the boarding procedures pretty long, but with an airport like this; you might as well wait in the plane rather than in a boring boarding area.

Their transit system upon landing in the airport I found working pretty well and likewise the entry procedure. I found the visa payment a bit steep for a country that lives on oil but I guess that all incomes are good even for an oil country.
Having a delay
Empty seats
The Tax-free area
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GeorgeLeach GeorgeLe…
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Doha's airport Jul 07, 2010
Doha's main airport also serves as a hub for Qatar Airways and offers connections and flights worldwide. There's also free internet availible (useful to know) as well as a fast food joint (literally there's only one. It takes Pound Sterling, Rubbles and US Dollars) and duty free. Unfortunatly there's little there besides that. There is also a Muslim prayer room if needed.

Small airport with little else to shout about but the free internet helps pass the time, even if it chucks you off after 30 minutes you can just log back in! The boarder guards also seem very relaxed, one of them look positively annoyed when he had to search me (I think my watch set it off).
lauro lauro
236 reviews
doha international airport Apr 16, 2009
doha international airport is probably one of the few airports around the world that is open 24 hours.

the new doha international airport is under construction and would take many years before it will begin its operation, so the still functional old airport which is very small to handle almost 20 million passengers is still in operation.

the airport is so small, crammed with many passengers wiating for their connecting flights but had to endure long stop overs.

the airport has two levels, the 1st level is the duty free and boarding gates.

the second level also had the boarding gates plus fastfoods, oryx lounge and a lone cafe.

if you are staying for more than 5 hours up to 20 hours (which ia had) the amenities include:

- prayer rooms for islam worshippers.

- 3 toilets on the 2nd level and 2 toilets on the 1st level.

- 2 smoking rooms in the 2nd level and 1 smoking room in the first level

- water fountains

- free internet cafe but it disconnects every 10 minutes.

- a cafe which is expensive.

- 2 fastfood areas whch is really loud and noisy.

- quiet rooms for long stopovers and place to sleep.

as i said that the airport is 24 hours open, its really noisy and its hard to fall asleep in the quiet rooms even with blindfolds and earplugs.

the toilets ARE VERY DIRTY.

there are no atms that accepts maestro cards.

if you dont have dollars/euros in hand except for credits cards - you will starve.

the only quiet corner is located bear the oryx lounge and the expensive cafe.

although the service of qatar airways is undoubtedbly the best in long haul flights, the small international airport of doha.. is well... its like a crowded boarding house.
thr airport seen from the plane.
the free internet cafe.
the runway early in the morning.
early morning.
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lauro says:
i had 20 hours soptover on my way to the phils and 10 hours back! my god! i went broke in the airport - to save money from food - i drank alot in the water fountain! people looked at me like crazy! but its the best way to save money - the toilets in the men are soooo damn dirty!!!!! i dont even breath when i go there!
Posted on: Nov 17, 2009
sarahsan says:
Had an 8 hours stop over in Doha and Qatar Airways took us to a hotel for breakfast, rest and lunch before our next flight departed. On the way back our stop over was only 7:50. That did not qualify for a day room! Doha airport was not fun!
Posted on: Nov 17, 2009

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