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umaivana umaivana
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Dogs on the streets of Bucaresti Nov 13, 2010
When I went to Romania few years ago, I didn't realise how stupid was I not to think about some things. I adore Romania and deffinitely LOVE the legend of Dracula, but I fogot that I was going to the country similar to Russia for street life - specially homeless people and cold (which is of course tragic) and one thing more that roams in cold December streets of Bucaresti. The Dogs. Bucaresti has enormous number of street dogs but they are not really stry dogs but the dogs people brought from country as their pets after Causescu decidet to make Bucaresti as capital. Luckily, me and my friend did not have close encounter but the two of our friends did. They were attacked by those dogs (they attacked them since in cold winter of Romania they are starving) but they had pepper spray and they used it. So I do reccomend Romania (I simply LOVE Romania and plan to go soon) but this is one thing you must have in mind if travelling to Romania and Bucaresti.
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heshi heshi
1 reviews
Aug 27, 2007
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