Do not use Jetbus to get to Melbourne Airport!!

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Melbourne, Australia

Do not use Jetbus to get to Melbourne Airport!! Reviews

drum_2222 drum_2222
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Do not use Jetbus travel bus from Melbourne!! Oct 24, 2013
I don't usually write reviews but just to warn people off. They mayb cheap but definatly not worth the hassle! Do not use!!

My mom and grandma were coming to visit me from the UK! They landed at 6:15 in melbourne airport! I had booked them on a bus for 07:20 (which it recomends to do for an hour later)

The woman rang me at 7am, who by the way was so rude and pretty much having a go at me because i selected an address for them to be taken to, outside the zone! For one why leave it till 7am to tell me this and why be so rude and shout at me! So I re-arranged a drop off zone for them and she was still very rude and very un-helpful!!

My mom is aged 52 and Grandma is 81!! They fot to where they should stand by about 7.23 (and just missed the bus) I then again had to ring the rude lasy to rescedule their bus! She said the next available one will be at 9am! So they went and got a coffee and returned to the stand at the airport at 8:45am so they were in plenty of time! By half 9 (after waiting a further 45 minutes for this bus, two jetbuses went passed and each time they told them they wasn't on that bus and that they were waiting at the right place and just stay waiting it will be along shortly! I rang the woman back (once again not helpful) saying that the bus wouldnt be for another 25-30 minutes!!

My Grandma and mom in the end got a taxi!! They were frozen and had been messed around far too much!!

This is not acceptable for any service especially when people have been travelling over 24 hours to be greeted by such awful customer service! and that is so unlike australia!!
sosborne says:
Would also like to say our recent trip to Melbourne 3 weeks ago didn't go as good as it should have .Our flight arrived dead on time and as Jetbus states they meet and greet (joke). After waiting half an hour I managed to use one of the other shuttle drivers phone as I didn't have mine set up and rung them. I was told they were on there way and would only be a few minutes. Another half an hour passed and certainly not the meet and greet customers was mentioned?
I was so worried about them not being on time that I rung 3 days before our flght leaving Melbourne to say we weren't happy and that we were concerned they would pick us up late. No apology was even given but lucky us our ride was on time but with a different company. The van was dirty, smelt,noisey and certainly not worth the $125.00 we paid. Had I seen these reviews first I would never have gone with them as not good reliable clean or honest company.
Posted on: Mar 28, 2015
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bula_niki bula_niki
5 reviews
Stay away from Jetbus!! Jul 16, 2011
I booked with Jetbus through the Nunnery in Melbourne, paid and had a receipt. It was meant to pick me up at 6am on a Sunday and take me to the airport. It never showed up, and no one answered the helpline. I ended up having to lug my backpack into the city and desperately flagging down a taxi who sped the whole way to get me to the airport in time.

The customer service was extremely rude. I spoke with a woman to complain, who first said she was new and couldn't help me. When I asked to speak with a manager, she suddenly decided that she could help me. I supposedly had no booking, despite having a receipt to show I had paid for it. The woman was very rude and accused me of lying when I said I had called their office three times to check where the minibus was, and about having a booking. Why would I lie about that? They are meant to have people on 24 hours, but no one answered in the time I tried calling (over 40 minutes). I ended up asking her to leave a message for the manager, which she didn't do.

Over the next 2 weeks, I spoke with 3 different people, who all said that they would pass it on to the manager. Three weeks after my initial complaint, he finally called me. He was efficient and apologetic, and the $50 taxi fare was refunded (but not my ticket price of $16). I will never, ever use them again, and there are enough good shuttle companies that you shouldn't have to.
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aureliasylv says:
I agree with you. I actually have dealt with a lady that was super rude, thinking that I was stupid and all. However, I have used Jetbus so many times prior to this problem with this lady, and they were all fine. I suppose that the only problem is her, and others were better. I should've asked to talk to her manager that time, but I didn't. She gave me a hard time over a simple booking, and the supposedly a reconfirmation call ended up being a half-an hr call full or arguments and heart-aches! I posted a reivew on them as well, but in a different title as yours
Posted on: Jul 27, 2013
melbournemac says:
I agree, do not use jet bus in Melbourne. There disorganisation made us miss our flights and incur huge expense. Do not use them, as the saying goes, " Pay peanuts and get monkeys."
Posted on: Nov 03, 2012

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