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Do it the Non-Tourist Way Nov 03, 2010
People who have gone to Paris will definitely post up their photos of the Eiffel Tower, and those who's been to Rome will post up photos of the Colleseum, in Switzerland would be the snowy mountain and in Kuala Lumpur would be the Twin Towers.

Is there a point where you thought... this photo again????

Why not do something different? Live like the locals... do what they do.. experience their daily life. Of course, that would be easier to do if you have some local friends to host you. If you're lucky enough to have one, why not try the following:

1. Follow them to work. See how they commute between home and office. The means of transportation. The traffic jam. The working hours. The working attire. Their office building. The interior of the local offices.

2. Celebrate festive season together - Xmas, Halloween, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali. Have a family meal together and experience the closeness of family and friends, their traditional food, the preparation of the meals, the traditional costumes worn during the festivals, the traditional customs...

3. Follow a child to his/her school. See how the local school is like, what facilities are available, the school uniforms, school activities, the teachers, the subjects being taught...

4. Attend a wedding. Share the spirit of joy and happiness with lots of smiles and tradition, and how the bride parade in her gown, the bridesmaids, the best men, the ballroom decoration, the food, and how Happily Ever After is made...

5. Go to a supermarket. See what their best seller is. See if they have things being sold there, that cannot be found in your home country. Compare prices and guess the standard of living in the visited country.

6. Watch their local TV drama. Try to pick up a word or two. Learn the expressions used in their 'dramatic' conversations.

7. Go to a shopping mall, try on their 'local attire' or traditional costumes. Take as many photos as you wish in the fitting room! And there you have it! A localized you! :)
beetles108 says:
I wish to. :)
Posted on: Nov 04, 2010
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