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Marne-la-Vallee, France

Disneyland Resort Paris Marne-la-Vallee Reviews

flaco400 flaco400
1 reviews
From an experienced Disney Fan, this place was great! Put it on your bucket list! Nov 24, 2017
I read a lot of negative reviews about Disneyland Paris, and although it was a pilgrimage I had to take as a devout Disney fan, I was not looking forward to some of the things mentioned in other reviews online. I was pleased to find that they were exaggerated claims. The smoking? 100% accurate. I'm curious to see what WDW Enterprises will do now that they bought the park back. They are sticklers about their rules. They do it to make the experience as great as possible for guests, but yes they are strict. Anyway, I went for the 30th Anniversary, and people were smoking everywhere. I grew up in the 80s and 90s so I'm not a stranger to having to tolerate smoke in my face, but in recent years that has changed for the better. To experience today is off-putting to say the least. I am a frequent traveler, so this doesn't ruin an experience for me, but if that gets fixed, I will enjoy my next visit more. Now the upkeep of the park. I don't know. Maybe it was the 30th year celebration, but the park was in great shape! And this is according to Disney standards! The park was clean, and well painted. Very crispy and clean, as one would expect from Disney, so I write that negative comment completely off! The rides? They were great! Different from all the other parks, and just a great experience. The huge offering of Alice in Wonderland was really great, and I know any Alice fan would lose their mind for this. The tomorrowland Jules Verne look was fantastic. This is not unique to Paris. Tokyo Disney Sea has the same theme in it's park. But the differences are enough to make each park a unique experience. Now I am a fan of the original Anaheim theme park, as it was the very first and still keeps me entertained. I would not want to take out any of those classic staples, but it is awesome to see this theme that isn't likely to show up in an American park anytime soon. Another interesting thing about France is their love for westerns! This is obviously a big part of how they see America, and it's cool to see it from a French perspective. I'm sure I'm out of characters by now, so I guess I'm done. Check it out! It's worth it!
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andyrossonero andyross…
6 reviews
If you're hesitating because of your age... just go. May 22, 2012
As with my friend, we didn't have the chance to go before to the US or Japan, visiting this park(s) appeared like a possibility, and since it's so close to Paris we didn't have many excuses to miss this chance. We were hesitating a bit at first, because you know... we thought at 26 yr old we would be overaged for the standards of that place. The experience was nice, cute at times, and there are plenty of activities for people of all ages, in fact, most of the theme park like rides are for adults or brave children over a certain height. You can take pictures of the well animated areas and randomly find characters of the brand. The rides are exciting enough, well animated and original. Don't forget to eat little or nothing if you're having some action up there
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nimic nimic
70 reviews
It's Mickey's Magical Time! Jun 19, 2011
Disneyland Paris was the very first Disneyland i've ever visited, and I enjoyed it! (Of Course the US one would be better :-P)

First of all, The entrance price. If i'm not mistaken, I paid about 50 Euro for a 1 day Hop ticket (which means you can hop between parks on the same day) PARKS? Yeah, there are 2 parks in Disneyland Paris, one being the Disneyland Park while the other being Walt Disney Studios Park. 50 Euros is definitely not cheap, but you can save about 10 % if you have an ISIC Card (International Student's Card)

1 Day is never enough to explore Disneyland, unless you want to run around like me aimlessly, going like "Hey Mickey!"and then jumping into Space Mountain, lol. Don't think that the attractions there are for kids only!

I wasn't a fan of roller coasters in the past. But Disneyland made me one! Here's a funny story. After going to the Buzz lightyear Laser Blast, My friends and I decided to try the Space Mountain. And I thought it would be just like an ordinary kids roller coaster. DAMN, I was wrong! It was the scariest one ever! Came out with my hair standing (My Hair Gel sure didn't work before)

There's another crazy roller-coaster : "Finding Nemo". Kinda embarrassing that a 9 year old would be enjoying it to the max, while I was screaming like crazy.

I can go on & on. So i'm gonna sum it up. Don't miss the "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Peter Pan Flight" which was closed at that time, Animagique (MY FAVOURITE!!), Cinemagique and Stitch Live! I couldn't take the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror!! >_<

Don't miss their Parades & Disney Character Meet N Greets (Featuring Mickey, Winnie the Pooh, Goofy & so on)

Remember the Park closes at 6 pm, so plan your trip wisely to make full use of time!
Not For Kids! =D
Goofy ^^
Space Mountain! 5 STARS
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Jesss85 Jesss85
2 reviews
Great day out for all ages! May 11, 2010
Me and my best mate visited in 2007 while living in London.

Such a fantastic day out - allows anyone of any age to feel like a kid again and gte up to all sorts of mischief! Definitely recommed Disneyland Paris for everyone!
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evansA93 evansA93
16 reviews
Re-live your childhood! Dec 06, 2009
Disneyland paris is the PERFECT break away! I have been around 6 times and every time I have enjoyed more than I have enjoyed a week away! The best time to go to disney is novemeber/december time where the christmas season is in place for them and it is even more magical than usual! Here all the decorations are spectacular with bells, holly, candycanes, sleighs, presents and elves! There is always snow at this time of year and a Santa is always present at the amazing parades! At xmas season disney have EXTRA parades (night time one/day time ones/smaller parades in certain areas of parks) PLUS fireworks display and along with this they have mini showS. One I saw was the adorable mickey and minnie xmas show where they were ice skating which was fab!

There seem to be more characters around at xmas time which make the stay even more magical! Here they are more than happy to stop for autographs, have pictures and give you cuddles!!! However princesses never seem to be seen in the park unless they are in parade which is big disappointment!

The best days to go to parks are between mon to thurs due to QUEUES! These days are less popular so NO queues for rides, MORE time with characters and MUCH more fun for all to enjoy!

The rides in the park are fun for everyone! My favourites are:-

- Space Mountain

- Thunder Mountain

- Dumbo

- Small World

- Haunted Mansion

- Indiana Jones

- Pirates of the Carribean

Food facilities in disney are excellent! Whether you just want a hotdog (Caseys is pefect for this) or a full meal (Blue Lagoon by Pirates of Carribean). They are reasonable prices in most food places and there are plenty of places just to have a snack or a coffee which is much needed when going at winter!

The shops are excellent for gifts to take back but heres a warning because they are very very expensive!!!

However I have also been for St Davids Day (welsh day) and this was actually an event in disney with minnie and mickey in the costumes, welsh flags around the park AND shows shown every 2 hours with different songs and themes which made our trip extra special!

There is now the Walt Disney Studios in Disney which is absolutely excellent!!! My fave rides here are:-

- Tower of terror

- Rock n Roller Coaster

- Finding Nemo Ride

- Magic Carpet ride

Here there are less rides, but still have restaurants/cafes which sell these fab mini mickey mouse pizzas haha! There is lots of characters near the entrance and there is still gift shops, certain signs to have pics with and lots to see and do there!!

The disney village is also before the park which is nice in the day with lots of shops and restaurants such as 'Planet Hollywood' but can be scary in the night due to drunks and youngsters going to a few clubs there! There is a mcdonalds which is always absolutely packed but perfect before leaving park!

Overall disney is amazing for all the family, makes memories to keep forever and..

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Elizabeth-Willemijn Elizabet…
15 reviews
The ultime happy feeling already at the entrance Oct 08, 2008
Disneyland is simple te revieuw, its finished. Everything is right. As you walk through the entrance, you're in a magical kingdom where it seems even the smog of paris is magically sent away. Every staff member wears clothing that fits the whole thing. Every fence is decorated and neatly painted. My uncle was very sceptical, he found disney, epensive, hwy should it be better than any other park. He found out for himself. And is convinced he shall return soon. And so an I although I've been there 8 times know I never seen it. And I always hate to go. You will to.
The famous Castle
And the famous castle in swarofski…
A picture of me in Space mountain.
Name of the street?
2 reviews
One day like a princess!!!! Jun 08, 2008
Well I´ve been in DisneyLand Paris on June (2004), is the best month to go,

there´s no rows at the attractions, or to see the parades.

You can take many pictures with your favorites princess or animals (like Chip & Chop!!!), and if you don´t have time to waste making rows you can take the "Fast Pass" is a ticket than gives you an hour and at that hour you can pass with no problems (for exaple for not to do the row).

And other attraction to see is the palace of the "Sleeping Beauty" is lovely and if you are a girl you would like to have this palace.
Alice´s maze
Sleeping Beauty´s castle
Inside the castle
Abidos says:
I've been to the one in Orlando, I'd be curious to hear how you would compare it to Orlando - if you happened to go. Some friends go ALL the TIME, me, once was enough I think. :S
Posted on: Jun 18, 2011
mfmcp1982 mfmcp1982
36 reviews
Dreams Come True in Europe! Dec 08, 2006
This truly is one of the most magical places on earth! I'll be honest straight from the start though, and I'm not being in any way derogatory to the French, but the extra-bubbly 'Americanism' of Disney doesn't quite translate to Europe. I don't know whether it was just our experience, or whether the staff just aren't as smiley as in the States, but the staff can be staid and seemingly un-friendly at time - not all of them, just some. Also, I KNOW this is France, but some of the staff do have quite a poor grasp of English.

It's basically very much like the American versions of the park, except some of the song lyrics on rides are in French, although most swing into English as well.

There's lots of options for eating, from fast food such as foot long cheese hot dogs to sit down full steak dinners (word of warning: a very well done steak in the UK doesn't look the same as a very well done steak in France, Mark's meat almost walked off the place, so imagine what my medium cooked steak looked like).

There's also all the usual shops, selling every kind of Disney souvenir, clothing and homeware you can imagine!

So yes, a wonderful place, totally magical - it can get expensive because it's so easy just to get completely carried away and buy everything you like, but a great place for a few days - I want to go back at Hallowe'en!

We loved Christmas at EuroDisney!
Sleeping Beauty's Castle by Day
Sleeping Beauty's Castle by Night
The Disneyland Hotel at the Parc E…
Main Street USA Station
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vosking says:
Congrats on beeing featured!! :lol: Just look at my my profile photo. Do I need to say more? hahahaha
Greetings Charlotte.
Posted on: Mar 19, 2008
mellemel8 says:
congrats on being "featured" :)
Posted on: Mar 18, 2008
tvillingmarit says:
Congrats being featured. Nice blog Morven. Visited Euro Disney in 2001 and spend 12 houer there with my blind niece. We had lots of fun.
Posted on: Mar 18, 2008

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