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Orlando, Florida
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debcon debcon
33 reviews
Enjoyable May 26, 2011
This place is quite expensive however it makes sense when you realise only a certain amount of people are allowed in each day. You can come here as a spectator if someone in your group is swimming with the Dolphins.

You have your photo taken and are given an ID card and you are also given a time for your Swim.

You are then taken for a talk with the instructors that tell you the rules of what you can and cannot do with the Dolphins. You then get given a life vest and go into the water to meet your Dolphin. Ours was called Jenny and She also had a baby called Coral. You learn commands and give them to the Dolphin and then you feed it fish.

You can also snorkel with fish and sting rays and there is also a lazy river to float around in.
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mamlman mamlman
1 reviews
Swimming with dolphins May 13, 2011
If you are going to visit Orlando, Florida, then you mist make reservations to visit Discovery Cove! They have the most amazing man made coral reef with thousands of fish and stingrays. The beaches are clean and the staff is friendly. The dolphin interaction is about 30 minutes and makes you feel as if you are the only one there.
AME079 AME079
3 reviews
Discovery Cove -great day in FL Aug 18, 2010
When we first booked this place I wasn't quite sure if I would like it. In the end I LOVED IT. And the price seems kind of high at first as well but when you see what is all included I don't think the price is that bad.

Discovery Cove is in Orlando FL. It is a place where you can snorkel with fish and stingrays on your own all day long. Each person also gets to swin and play with the dolphins and you get to take your picture kissing the dolphins. They have a lazy river with waterfalls if you want to take a break from snorkling. There is also a Stingray Bay feeding area were they allow you to feed the Stingrays and a pool area to just swim. And then there is a nature type trail area that has exotic plants, trees, and birds that you can walk through and spend time in.

They supply everything for you. When you first arrive you get your picture taken which becomes a necklace/badge that you wear all day so you show proof who you are. Also you can use this as a credit card at the gift shops so you do not have to carry around money when you are swimming. They swipe the card and you pay at the end of your day.

So after you get your badge you go to eat breakfast. Again its all included and all you can eat (you do need to get there very early in the morning). After you eat you go get your wetsuit or vest to put on which you must wear when you are the water so lifeguards can easly spot you. Do not worry they have every size imaginable to fit everyone. And then they give you your snorkle and mask. They have kid sized and adult sized. And you pick up your towels (yes they even supply the towels).

Then from there the day is yours to do as you please. We started of course with snorkeling. It was amazing the stingrays were huge. And so were the fish. It does take a little getting used to breathing through the snorkle and having large fish swimming up to you. The man-made coral reef gets pretty deep the farther you go. They also have behind glass some sharks that you can see under water(you don't notice the glass at first and think you are swimming with the sharks) and some different types of water snakes are also behind the glass. They have a man made shipwreck that you can swim around in with the fish.

Then it was lunch time. Again you get free lunch everything you could want and all you can eat. And they did offer vegetarian meals :) So I was happy. Oh and during the day there are a few different snack bars that you can get free food,drinks,including alcohol all day long as well. So you do not have to wait for lunch.

Then after lunch we went down the lazy river and waterfalls. They supply noodles and tubes that you can use in the river. You also can have your photo taken right under the falls which was a great shot.

Then our time came to swim and play with the dolphins! When you first check in, in the morning they give you a set time for when it is your turn (so the earlier you get there the earlier your dolphin scheduled time will be). Which I thought was great so you didn't have to wait in this long line for your turn all day long. So they show you a brief video and give a little talk about each dolphin. Then they walk you to a huge water area where they have each dolphin. You then go into the water meet your dolphin you get to pet it play with him/her. Then they have you swim out to the very deep end and have you ride the dolphins fin back into the shallow area. It was amazing. The whole thing is about an hour long. then you get to take a picture with the dolphin kissing you and go back to the other areas. It was really amazing. My dolphin was Dottie.

It stays open until early evening. So we decided it was about time to go. They have showers and towels. In the showers they supply the shampoo, conditioner, soap, everything. And the showers are private. You then can go into a seperate dry changing area after you are done (again private) and get dressed and dried off. They have hairdryers also for those that do not want to go out with wet hair.

You then drop off your wetsuit or vest and give back the glasses. But they allow you to keep the snorkel to take home.

You can then go and take a look at all the photos they took of you through out the day and if you want you can purchase the photos. You also get to keep your badge that you received at the start of the day.

They also had lockers that you used for free to put all of your personal belongings in because you did not need them during the day besides maybe a camera. Which I highly recommend bringing an underwater camera. They do have some you can purchase there (the one time use cameras) but a little more expensive then if you buy it at a retail store.

And to keep the animals safe they ask that you do not wear any makeup or use any hair products or perfurm or cologne. They try to keep their enviroment as clean and safe as possible.

All in all I was so happy I did it and hope to return it was amazing. I do suggest that your kids be a little older to go as the water can get deep and the fish are very large. My niece was 5 so she went to magic kingdom instead that day. But my other neice who was 9 and my nephew who was 8 at the time loved it.

This is something different than the normal theme parks people tend to stick to when they go to Disney. And maybe a once in a life time thing for some people.
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S-Jay S-Jay
44 reviews
Jan 15, 2008
At discovery cover there are various options for guests.

One option is two buy an inclusive dolphin pack that allows the indvidual to swim with dolphins for half an hour and have all meals/ drinks and access to the entire park for free as this is included in the ticket.

The next is for a package that is inclusive apart from the dolphins and this still allows you access to the park and the facilities also meals and drinks throughout the day are free.

The ticket prices start from $200 - $250 depending on the package and on the season.

The tropical lagoon is about the size of 4-5 Olympic sized swimming pools with the deepest part reaching 20ft. The lagoon is salf water and contains over 150 differ species of marine creatures to small small fish to rays that have a wing span of 5ft. The lagoon also has built in barracuda tanks and shark tanks that people can observe through.

You are provided on arrival with a wet suite and a snorkling mask and goggles (that are yours to keep and with these can spend as much time as you want in the lagoon).

If you are a strong swimmer and know how snorkles work, may even try diving down as deep as you can to the differnt levels to try and touch a ray or swim after the fish. Non of the sea creatures in the lagoon are classed as dangerous or poisionus.

Life guards are fixed around the pool at all times to maintain safey for the guests and the marine creatures.

It is a breath taking experiance as you feel yourself seperated from the normal day-day life and relax in the clear blue waters respecting this beautiful and powerful creatures.

A water camera is very hand and can be baught from the shops onsite.

There is also no time limit of asto how long you can stay in the pool.
Beautiful wings
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Koralifix says:
Seems to be great fun :)
Posted on: Mar 08, 2009

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