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Dilijan has great importance as it is the site of Haghartsin Monastery. You will be snaking through the forest. Arriving at the monastery it is covered in scaffolding (as of May 2009) as it is being heavily renovated with money from a sheik. He came for a visit as his financial advisor is Armenian. He loved the church so much when he saw it he decided to donate the money for the renovation. The interior of the church was very similar to the last one, but it had a water trough around the outer edge of the outer room.

Behind the church there is a tree which looks like it was hollowed out buy fire or lightening. Supposedly if you stand inside the tree and make a wish it will come true. There were dozens of Armenian people lined up to do this. If wait and make a wish, it may come true. There was also a tree with many pieces of fabric tired to it. It is good luck to tie a piece of fabric on a tree near a church. The views were so spectacular.

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