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Dieng Overview

Dieng plateau lies 26 km north of the city Wonosobo, Central Java. With it’s height of approximately 2000 meters above sea level, this area has a cool climate. The temperature is about 15 to 20°C at noon and about 10°C in the night.

The name Dieng comes from the words ‘Di’ which means ‘Place’ and ‘Hyang’ which means ‘God’. According to the ancient Hindu believe in this area, Dieng is the residence of the gods. So you will find ancient Hindu temples all around the Dieng Plateau.

Also to be found in Dieng, are the craters. Dieng is a caldera of a volcanic mountain. Such a big caldera that you don’t realize you’re inside it. Be careful when you walk around the craters, some parts of the soil are thin, so you can step into a crater, so make sure you find a guide. There are no fences cause the places of the many craters aren’t constant. Usually a guide will find you.

There is also a nice Lake worth to visit: Telaga Warna or The Coloured Lake. The sulfur in the water give different colours to the Lake. Near the lake you’ll also find many caves. Sometimes a cave is occupied by persons meditating. They can meditate up to months without eating or drinking. So don’t get scared and don’t disturb them.

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