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4700 HWY. 17 South, North Myrtle Beach, SC, USA

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Great food, fun service and a crazy place to eat. Jul 16, 2008
Tonight we had dinner at Dick’s Last Resort, which is located in the Barefoot Landing shopping area. We did arrive early, around 4:00 pm so we would avoid the dinner rush at 5:00 or 6:00. Ok, here is the thing about this place, they do not talk nice to you and are sometimes abrupt, but it’s done in a funny way. They will talk back to you or say something like, “yeah, what ever” or “I’ll get to it, I’m busy”, but it’s all done in fun! If you don’t have a sense of humor, this is not the place for you.

We were seated as soon as we walked in, so no waiting! Next, one of the bus boys went behind every one and tied a plastic bib around their neck. If you took it off, he would return and put another one on you. It was best just to leave it on!

So our waitress comes to the table and asked if any of us has been here before. Then she takes the sets of silverware, which are rolled up in cloth napkins, and tosses them into the center of the table and says, “here’s your forks, knifes and spoons, pass them around!” and she walks away. She returns about a minute later with a handful of 18” x 18” pieces of paper and proceeds to walk around the table as she flips pieces of paper at us as if she was dealing cards…with no aiming ability. She says, “these are your place mats, paper towels, plates or what ever else you want to use them for, I don’t care!”

She then says to listen up because she is going to read the menu, which is on large chalkboards hanging on the walls, and she is only going to say it once, so we had better listen up! She then asked what we want to drink, and after getting everyone’s order, she leaves saying, “When I get back, you better know what you want to order!” When she returned with our drinks, she asked if it was going to be all on one check or if we were going to be a pain in her ass and have separate checks. Of course we said separate checks, it’s easier that way when there are 15 of us. She took our order, making funny comments along the way, and then we told her my step dad was still not here and she would have to get his order when he showed up. She just rolled her eyes and went to place our order.

A few minutes later, Wes arrived and our waitress promptly started giving him a hard time, saying, “Come on grandpa, what do you want to order? You’re holding up the whole process because you can’t keep track of time. I’m busy, let’s get a move on! Everyone is waiting on you now!” We were all laughing so hard! I don’t think he actually looked over the menu, I think he just picked the first thing he saw.

Before our food arrived, she brought a tray of little bowls of coleslaw. She stood at one end of the table and started placing them in front of who ever was sitting there and told them to pass them around to who ever wanted it. If you didn’t, you ended up with 15 bowls of coleslaw in front of you!

While we were still waiting for our food, she started making us all hats out of the same kind of paper she had tossed to us earlier. They all had funny saying on them about the person warring it. Mine said I cried during “Broke Back Mountain”

Our food arrived quickly considering how many of us there were and how many different items we all ordered, and it was all hot! I ordered a fried seafood platter which is served on a large plastic oval plate. It consisted of a large fillet of white fish, crab balls, shrimp, scallops and fries. Everything was cooked perfectly, not over fried, and not under fried, just right! The portions are also deceiving, because it looks like there is not much there, but every one was full, and I couldn’t finish my desert, which never happens! Most of the other food items we ordered were served to you in a stainless steal bucket. I also had a large glass of beer with a take home glass and Lena bought a very nice shirt (see picture). For desert, I had a very large piece of chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream. The brownie came hot, and stayed hot almost to the end! Unfortunately, I was unable to finish it, there was just too much! At the end, she brought us our checks, which had gratuity already on it, but we added a little more because she was so much fun!

When we were getting ready to leave, the “band” was stetting up on stage. They have live music every night and you can get up there and sing along of you dare! This was a great place to eat and I can’t wait to go back!
marksreynolds says:
You're welcome :]
This place was a blast!!! Can't wait to go again :)
Posted on: Aug 05, 2008
missandrea81 says:
Sounds fun! Thanks for the review! :)
Posted on: Aug 05, 2008
Roguefairy13 says:
Dad...don't tell them what happens! It ruins it for them when they go!
Posted on: Jul 31, 2008
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