Dick's Last Resort Las Vegas

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3850 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Dick's Last Resort Las Vegas Reviews

Wirra436 Wirra436
3 reviews
Fun Place to have a Laugh..... Jul 08, 2011
Food is average, just typical cafe/pub food.

but your going there for a laugh and a bit of entertainment.

You have to be a little thick skinned as you can become a target for some " Pay-Outs"

but hey be part of it and join in on the fun.

Safe Travels.
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Krystalpassion Krystalp…
3 reviews
Entertaining Mar 16, 2011
This place is the most entertaining place to eat. Special night the servers dress up. Example Elvis, birthday...............Be carefull what chair you sit in..................You get funny hats with personalized says. (sometimes suggestive)
nicolecarp nicoleca…
51 reviews
Dicks Last Resort, no wonder Jan 19, 2009
Where the food sucks and the waiters are assholes. Plain enough right?! This is no exaggeration because the food really isn't that great for the price they offer it at. $14.75 for some chicken fingers and fries? As for the waiters, they are paid to be rude to you. It is part of the whole experience to go visit the restaurant. They can be rude but so can you, it's almost a contest to see who can push the line without stepping over it. When you first walk in you hear loud music, lots of people talking and take notice to the bar with bras hanging from it. Everyone is ready for a good time!

The first time I went there was for my cousin Heather's (she is in a lot of my pics) 18th birthday last year. Poor thing had her head bounced on the sweaty body of the larger fellow named Taco, or so that is what he had tattooed on his stomach! I thought I was going to pass out I was laughing so hard. Over the weekend we went back to celebrate my brothers 25th birthday. We were expecting a ton of fun but it was a disappointment, the waiter was sort of lazy and the food was not good. Maybe I'm cheap but I can think of better places to go for as much as we paid. $20 for a pitcher of beer..I thought that was a bit much. Maybe it had gold flakes in it or gave you the ability to fly? Magic beer! I think I'd rather go to a local bar spending that kind of money on beer.

Dick's Last Resort is a fun place and I suggest it for the experience if nothing else. I just hope the food is better!
My brother the birthday boy
sincitytraveler sincityt…
6 reviews
You Can Get Crabs at Dick's...and a Whole lot More! Aug 22, 2008
Along the lines of Ed Debevic's in Chicago and Durgin Park in Boston, Dick's Last Resort is one of those restaurants where you don't really go for the food, it's the service that beckons you...REALLY BAD service!!! That's right, you come here and pay money to be treated rudely by the wait staff...only in America! The fun part to this however is that you are encouraged to be rude right back. What a great way to take out your frustrations. Come on, how many times have you been somewhere and wished you could tell off the waiter or Maitre D'? Well have at it at Dick's the people around you will love it! Where's my water DAMMIT!

The menu is somewhat pricey for the quantity and quality of the food but that's ok because the great souvenir paper hat that's hand made for you by the waitstaff proclaiming things like "I'm proof that condoms do break" or "EZ Ho" will make you laugh so hard you'll forget that you spent $25.00 for a $10.00 meal! There's also priceless entertainment included featuring a big guy named "Taco" (I know this because it was tattooed across his pot belly) who will gladly take off his clothes and sweat on you and rub against you with his G-string! I hope I can get the video footage I took of this on here so you can all see for yourselves! What I think I'd like to do is just sit at the bar and watch unsuspecting tourists come in expecting it to be a legit eating establishment in Vegas...what a hoot!
C'mon Mel make up your mind!!
Hmmm...but are your wings as good?!
My microscopic 1/2 slab of ribs an…

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