Diablo's Cantina

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3770 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Diablo's Cantina Las Vegas Reviews

seatosky3 seatosky3
3 reviews
Friday Night Latin Night, so much fun Mar 14, 2016
Diablos is connected to the Monte Carlo, which is great. We came here for Friday Latin Night and were not disappointed. The band and DJ were fantastic as was the atmosphere for all ages. 2 for 1 drinks, decent food, especially the wings, and the bar server was awesome. The party started on the outdoor top deck, love it and then moved downstairs as it was really windy and chilly. From top to bottom the music was great and the dancing even more so. Why pay so much to go to a club when you can literally walk out the front door of your hotel and come here. Great value for your money but wouldn't come with children after 9 or 10pm. Will definitely being coming back.
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Rokerij Rokerij
91 reviews
Excellent For Food, Horrible For Drinking Apr 28, 2010
We went here twice. The first time we walked in and grabbed a seat at a table in the lounge. The only table left was a 4 seater tall table. Our friends were finishing dinner elsewhere and coming to meet us, so perfect.

We sat down and waited about 10 minutes for a waitress to come by. No one did. No worries, my wife went to get us a drink from the bar while we were waiting. Bartender asked where she was sitting and said he would get a waitress right over there, instead of taking her order himself.

Again, no worries. This was our first night in Vegas. We waited another 5 minutes, this time we noticed three waitresses pointing at us and talking. Great, they are deciding who gets to serve our table.

Another 5 minutes goes by and a waitress walks by and drops some menu's on our table and keeps walking without even a "hello". We stopped her and asked for a couple margarita's and she asked if we were eating. We said no since we just had dinner.

She tells us that you have to eat something to be there. Seriously? I've never heard this before anywhere. We were stuffed, but we figured we could order a small appetizer and pick at it. So my wife picked out something, and the waitress said "no it has to be an entree" to stay here.

We decided to just leave. That was pretty ridiculous. As soon as we were getting up some guys asked for our table. We gave it to them and went to the to go margarita stand near the front door. The waitress was to them immediately, we sat at the front waiting for our friends which actually took 20 minutes. These guys got their drinks but never even seen a menu in that entire time.

The next night we didn't want to go back, but it was our friends night to pick dinner location, so we went. We had a muscly black guy waiter who was extremely nice and a great waiter. A complete 180 degree turn from the bitch we had the night before.

Despite the great way we were treated our second time, the first time confirmed for us that we will never go back there.

Not to mention the guilt trip bathroom, where someone hands you a towel and holds their hand out for change. I am not cheap, I just don't like being guilted into tipping for something I would rather do myself. It bothered me in Europe, and it bothers me in North America.
mellemel8 mellemel8
275 reviews
First of all, the parking is horrible. you need to park at new york new york. i would not recommend to meet up here. you need to leave your house about an hour before arrival. the food was over priced. i am very disappointed with this place that i am doing a short review. i did not even take a picture of my meal.

i had a taquitos, for 4 pieces it was $9

you also had to pay for the chips and guacamole for $8. which they don't tell you.

julz's sandwich was about $15. WOW!!!!

the drinks were watered down and the too much ice. about $12 for a margarita.....eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek

well, what can i say you get what you pay for when you are on the strip.

what made it up was the company. we all had a good time which each other.
mellemel8 says:
glad you went during happy hour. i will not plan a meetup there again.
Posted on: Mar 16, 2008
FR-ank says:
definitely the strip is F* expensive...
we went to diablo's cantina ( easy to find with the red devil girl ;-) )
just drink during happy hours so margarita = $2 ( on the terrace, pretty nice place ).
but no food.
Posted on: Mar 10, 2008

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