Devil's Bridge

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Antigua and Barbuda

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NOT a tourist trap. Feb 02, 2012
Great views from on top of a outcropping on the eastern side of the island, at certain hours the ocean beats down on the rocks and sprays mist high up in the air and when it gets dark parts look like a lunar landscape. It is very hard to find (I had the advantage that I knew someone living there). They should really pave the road too it as they could make it one heck of an attraction. The views back towards the island are also beautiful, with rocky cost lines, turquoise bays, the ocean and small beaches leading to the green interior of the island.
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Airpunk Airpunk
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Devil's Brige Feb 16, 2008
Devil’s Bridge is the most popular natural monument of Antigua. Water and time have carved this arch of limestone with a length of around 10 meters and a height of around 4. There are many legends around this place. Some say that this was a places where slaves commited suicide out of their desparation. Others tell that if you throw to eggs into the water, the devil will keep one and return the other. Fact is that dumb tourists try to swim there and don’t come back alive. The currents and waves are strong there and the rocks quite sharp. Some others try to walk on the bridge. Please don’t do that – not because I care for your health, but because it may destroy this wonder of nature forever.

Close to the bridge, a couple of meters to the north, there’s some other notable formation created by the elements. Perhaps not more than a hole, it makes noises like a big, deep-breathing creature and when a stronger wave hits the rocks, some water will splash out of the it. Back then, I used to call it “the demon”, but I don’t know if it even has a name. Follow the noises or the single water fountain and you’ll find it.

A small beach to the right hand side (coming from the main road) is a good place to see coral formations and is surely interesting for snorklers. This place is safe to swim, but don’t go too close to the rocks.

If you want to know, how I got completely lost on the island and finally arrived at Devil’s Bridge, have a look at my travel blog for Antigua and BArbuda.
Devil's Bridge, Antigua and Barbuda
Devil's Bridge, Antigua and Barbuda
Donkeys close to Devil's Bridge, A…
Devil's Bridge, Antigua and Barbuda
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