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2300 Steele St, Denver, CO, USA
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nik2blessed nik2bles…
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Animal fun Jul 29, 2017
I have been to many zoo's throughout the world, and this one was okay compared to the others. During my trip, most of the exhibits were vacant due to sick animals, or other unknown reasons. I had never walked so much in a zoo, from exhibit to exhibit and not enjoy the wonderful animals. Hopefully things changed, and it was temporary during the Decemeber month and on. Had there been more animals, I am sure there would of been an amazing trip. Except my out of town family wanted to go, and we did.

The indoor exhibits were good, possibly because most of the animals had heating indoors. The few we observed were fish, lions, elephants, alligator, rhinos, and the peacocks of course. Even the food places were closed. We ended up waiting until leaving to grab food that day. My recommendation is to plan your visit during the summer months but not winter. I am sure I will visit again, so I won't say it was entirely bad, because I will eventually go again.
Lovely elephant
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huddleston huddlest…
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The Denver Zoo Apr 01, 2010
I have been going to the Denver Zoo for 25 years now. I have been for school field trips, birthday parties, holiday lights, and yearly family visits. It never gets old. Over the years, the zoo has undergone some major cosmetic surgery and become a contender in the top ten zoos around the US.

The Denver Zoo is located just outside of downtown Denver, within City Park directly next to the Museum of Nature and Science.

Since my days as a youngster, the zoo has been nearly transformed. The entire entrance has been redesigned, and there are some fantastic animal sculptures by the ticket booths. Predator Ridge is the first attraction you will see when you walk in. This exhibit is new, and it houses the African Lions and the Dragons. The primate area is also relatively new. The primate exhibits are amazing! The orangutan and gorilla areas are mesmerizing. I sat nose to nose with a silver back gorilla, for nearly 20 minutes one afternoon.

One of the other exciting exhibits is Tropical Discovery, which is the amphibian, reptile, and fish house. This area is an indoor rain forest! The animal exhibits in the Tropical Discovery are interesting and really informative. There are some crazy animals in that building. My favorites are the capybara, the mud-skippers, crocodiles, giant sea fish, and the anaconda!

These new exhibits are part of the Denver Zoo's master plan, which is a 15-20 year plan to improve the lives of the animals, enhance the educational resources at the zoo, and to become a world class conservation center. Currently under construction is a new exhibit called The Asian Tropics. These facilities will house the tigers, Asian elephants, some of the Asian primates, the tapirs, and others.

The zoo is a great place to take a picnic. There are plenty of areas to enjoy some lunch in the grass. One of my favorite things about the zoo growing up are the free roaming peacocks that stroll about the zoo. During mating season the male peacocks spread their tail feathers, which is really a sight to be seen. I always found the peacocks to be fascinating when I was a child. (Well I guess I still find them fascinating!)

On top of the great animal exhibits, there are plenty of feedings, demonstrations, and special shows going on everyday. Plus there is a fun little train that kids just melt over. The train takes you on a short track around the western part of the zoo. Oh, and a little insider's knowledge for ya; it is imperative to have your photo taken by the bronze statue of the hippos. That is a must! I have a a 25 year collage of myself in front of the hippos. (One year old, two years old, three years old...)

The zoo hosts special events throughout the year, such as "Boo at the Zoo," which are huge draws during non peak times of the year. The best special event is "Zoo Lights" that happens during the holidays. From early December to mid January, the zoo puts up thousands of lights and animated light sculptures. There are over 38 acres of illuminated brilliance. Most of the animals are put away for the night (except for some of the indoors exhibits such as the pachyderms), but there are carolers, fresh roasted chestnuts, and Santa!! Plus thousands of lights to look at! It is a lot of fun. Other events such as "Wild Ice" and fundraisers are frequent and can be great fun!

I find parking to be a hassle, but its worth the walk. The Denver Zoo is a blast!
Primate exhibit at the Denver Zoo
Nemo at the Denver Zoo
Beautiful birds at the Denver Zoo
Tropical Discovery @ The Denver Zoo

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