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With 18th century towns, bubbly cities, rugged castles and an enormous Lego-based theme park to entertain them, you’d expect the Danes to be a pretty happy bunch. You’d not be wrong: pan-European surveys have the locals down as the most contented on the continent, as well as some of the richest. Slow-paced and teaming with history, their homeland is an often-overlooked European pearl.

Blossoming capital Copenhagen is at the centre of it all, a gridded city on the sea, full of cobbled streets and gentle canals. Modern architecture is taking the city by storm, with Copenhagen’s buildings winning numerous awards for their designer creativity. As locals traditionally save their meals out for special occasions, the plethora of Michelin Stars comes as a pleasant surprise too.

Wherever you go in Denmark, you’ll never be more than an hours drive from the coast. The northern city of Skagen is a superb place to make the most of it, with vicious seas, sandy beaches and seafood to die for. The island of Møn is known for its tall white cliffs, which hide tiny coves and shelter expansive beaches. It acts as a friendly base for potters, in amongst the clay soil and winding countryside roads. Petite cobbled streets and half-timbered houses make Ærøskøbing another windy island delight.

1000 years of history can be discovered at Roskilde, the customary burial place of the Danish Monarchy. In the summer it becomes one of Europe’s party capitals, with a famously crowded - and often extremely muddy - music festival named after the town. There’s plenty of partying to be done in picturesque Århus too, but it’s the astonishing wood-framed buildings, often fronted by ponds or colourful courtyards, that visitors write home about.

There’s only one regular moan from travellers visiting Denmark: price. It’s unquestionably not a cheap destination, but then neither are any of the major European cities, and Denmark’s mix of history and friendly modern lifestyle are a match for most. As an architectural haven with plenty of history and a jubilant, party-time vibe, there’s little else to grumble about.

Did You Know

The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen.

Saint Anskar's Day is celebrated on 3 February throughout Denmark

People who live in or who come from Denmark are called Danes and are Danish

The currency of Denmark is DKK (the Danish krone)

Denmark were World Speedway Champions in 2006 and 2008

Copenhagen #1 most popular location
Formerly something of an off of the beaten track capital, Copenhagen has spent the last few years clamoring its way up the European tourist spot ladder, and winning over many a travel critic …
1,641travelers 371reviews 167blogs
Skagen #2 most popular location
Skagen is not somewhere you pass through. It is somewhere you go ? and can go no further. The end of the journey. That is what it was for Hans Christian Andersen, the writer of fairytales, an…
4travelers 4reviews 3blogs
Arhus #3 most popular location
Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark. With a population of nearly 300.000 people. Aarhus is also one of the major universty cities in Denmark, which means that a lot of the population…
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Aalborg #4 most popular location
Aalborg is the good life, and in Aalborg the relaxed and happy atmosphere is prevalent. The spirit of the inhabitants of North Jutland and the twinkle in their eyes contributes to the inf…
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Odense #5 most popular location
Odense is not only the birth place of Hans Christian Andersen. It is also one of the oldest cities in the country - actually more than 1000 years old. There are plenty of attractions, a livel…
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Helsingor #6 most popular location
Helsingoer, or Elsinore of Hamlet fame, is situated some 45 kilometers north of the Danish capital, Copenhagen, and 4 kilometers west of Helsingborg, Sweden. It is here you will find the f…
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Herning #7 most popular location
Herning is situated in western Jutland and is the capital of the Municipality of Herning. The city is the fourth largest in Central Jutland Region and has 45,470 inhabitants (2009) [1] incl. …
27travelers 1blogs
Roskilde #8 most popular location
Roskilde, located just west of Copenhagen, Denmark, is a historic site dating to the viking age. The Roskilde cathederal is one of the most popular tourist sites in the city - it is also …
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Kolding #9 most popular location
Kolding is a fjord city and town in the South with 56,249 inhabitants (2009). Area itself has been shaped by ice, glaciers and meltwater at the end of the last ice age called Weichsel glaciat…
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Billund #10 most popular location
Almost everyone who visits Billund for the first time exclaims: "Wow, it's all so new!" And they are quite right. Billund is a young town, a very young town. And a very special town. Billund …
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Kastrup #11 most popular location
5travelers 7reviews 3blogs
Vejle #12 most popular location
Vejle is a picturesque town known for the forested hills that rise to the north and south of the town and fjord. The windmill build on the southern hills of town has become the town symbol. T…
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Viborg #13 most popular location
Viborg is one of the oldest cities in Denmark. The city has 35,108 inhabitants (2009) [1]. The city's name, which throughout history has been written as Wibjerg, Wibiærgh, Wybærgh, Wiburgh …
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Hillerod #14 most popular location
This town is located in the centre of North Zealand some 30 km to the north of Copenhagen. In 2015 it had a population of 31,505 It is most known for its large Renaissance castle, Frederiks…
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Frederiksberg #15 most popular location
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Faaborg #16 most popular location
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Frederikshavn #17 most popular location
The sun smiles every morning as it casts its first rays across the town's red rooftops. Pleased to meet a "competitor". Because Frederikshavn is also synonymous with light, not daylight, but …
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Ribe #18 most popular location
Ribe is a municipality in southwest Jutland and often referred to as Denmark's oldest town (celebrating the 1300 anniversary in 2010). The city has 8,210 inhabitants (2009), located in Esbjer…
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Middelfart #19 most popular location
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Silkeborg #20 most popular location
Silkeborg's station and lies on the railway line between Skanderborg and Herning. It is known, however, primarily as a "car city" because of its many car dealers close by Primary Route 15, pa…
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Fredericia #21 most popular location
The venerable fortified town of Fredericia on the shores of the Little Belt, with its chessboard of completely straight streets surrounded by imposing, well preserved ramparts, offers a view …
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Esbjerg #22 most popular location
Located on the west coast of Denmark, the most notable landmark is the 9 meter high, white concrete sculpture called "Man meets the Sea" by Svend Wiig Hansen. Esbjerg is Denmark's fifth la…
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Millinge #23 most popular location
Ebeltoft #24 most popular location
Ebeltoft/Mols tourist information center can help you book your stay locally and the rest of Denmark at holiday centres, hotels, inns, private rooms, apartments and summer cottages. You c…
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Hirtshals #25 most popular location
HIRTSHALS - THE TOWN ON THE EDGE OF THE SEA This is the busy centre of commerce, fishing and ferries for the entire Vendsyssel region. Hirtshals is one of the most important fishing ports…
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Nyborg #26 most popular location
8travelers 1blogs
Dragor #27 most popular location
Dragør is known for its well-preserved village environment. It is a small fishing village 12km south of Copenhagen on the southern end of the island Amager. Dragør has just over 13.000 inh…
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Borre #28 most popular location
Borre is a village on the island of Møn in the south east of Denmark. It's the third largest community on the island after Stege and Store Damme, counting a population of 309 in the villag…
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Saeby #29 most popular location
Saeby, the town by the sea, is a perfect example of an idyllic Danish market town, and one of Denmark 's most attractive holiday resorts with direct access to the broad, child-friendly beach …
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Aabenraa #30 most popular location
Aabenraa - an old maritime town. Aabenraa is an unique, interesting and active town. It was granted market town status i 1335, and grew during the 18th and 19th cenuries from a small fis…
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Ronne #31 most popular location
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Hornbaek #32 most popular location
1travelers 2reviews
Korsor #33 most popular location
2travelers 1reviews
Jelling #34 most popular location
A quaint little town visited by more than 150,000 tourists annually, and not without reason. Jelling boasts some of Europe’s most prominent Viking Age monuments, which in 1994 were included…
1travelers 3reviews 1blogs
Ishoj #35 most popular location
Holstebro #36 most popular location
Holstebro The Municipality of Holstebro has approximately 57,170 inhabitants and covers an area of 80.000 hectares. Holstebro is the dynamic centre of Western Jutland. This goes for cultu…
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Aarhus #37 most popular location
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Koge #38 most popular location
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Hanstholm #39 most popular location
Hanstholm is a fishing town in Thy with 2302 inhabitants (2009) [1], located in Thisted municipality. The city belongs to Region Nordjylland. The name comes from the fishing village Hansted, …
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Hillerød #40 most popular location
Hillerød is a city with a population of 29,951 (1 January 2010) located in North Zealand in Denmark. Hillerød is the capital of "Region Hovedstaden" (The Capital Region), one of the five re…
7travelers 2reviews 1blogs
Rungsted #41 most popular location
2travelers 1reviews 1blogs
Brondby #42 most popular location
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Fjerritslev #43 most popular location
Soby #44 most popular location
Aars #45 most popular location
Aars means an oasis; and if you walk around the town you will encounter a lot of unforgettable things seen from a small scale of point; this will never be the centre of the world even though …
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Hennekirkeby #46 most popular location
Vordingborg #47 most popular location
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Hoje-Taastrup #48 most popular location
Struer #49 most popular location
Struer The municipality of Struer is characterised by prosperity and development. It is located by the Liim Fiord (Limfjorden) in the North Western part of Denmark around 200 km from the …
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Valby #50 most popular location
6travelers 2reviews 3blogs