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Delta Airlines Oct 04, 2011
I flew on Delta from Phoenix to Atlanta in preparation for Spring Break in Cancun, Mexico last year with my buddy. It was an awesome experience on Delta. They have the small TV's in the back of the headrests with movie choices, games, the newest music, and tv shows. The staff was very friendly and well put together. On the way back from Cancun, Mexico to Atlanta we made it there safely, but then from Atlanta to Phoenix on Delta my buddy couldn't hold it in and he threw up all over the University of Arizona sorority girls sitting in the row in front of us! I know this is bad but that was the hardest I have ever laughed in my life let alone on an airplane! I'll keep you all updated on Spring Break 2012 when I decide where we will go next! HA!
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JoeriNL JoeriNL
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Only domestic US flights Nov 24, 2010
I took two pretty short domestic flights in the US with them. The first one was only half full, and everyone was encouraged to spread through the plane and make yourself comfortable. The second flight was full and a bit longer but I had great fun with the onboard personal entertainment system. This was the only domestic flight in the US I've seen PTV.

Good service and on-time flights.
Delta 737.
world-traveller123 world-tr…
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Delta Airlines - My Review and Experience Jun 27, 2009
Delta airlines is an american carrier. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia. They are another victim of bad publicity.

I flew with them once from Toronto going to Rio De Janerio in Brazil back in 2008.

I checked in with the ticket agent in Toronto, the man behind the counter was quite positive and happy.He took my bag with respect and nothing was damaged.

On board my main flight, we were given a toothbrush and good choice of meals for dinner.

I ate the chicken, which was kinda decent for airline food, but what can you expect.

The attendants served us quite well and were providing good customer service, throughout the entire flight.

I did not have anything negative to say about this airline.

I would fly with them again.

If your booking with Delta, I suggest call them directly, as you get the best service. The website was hard to book from as they ask you to sign up and make a password for everything.

But go ahead and book a flight with them anytime.

Just ask me any questions.
delta airlines
Delta Airlines
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Africancrab says:
I shall agree with you with the online booking. I have had a little luck with them but definitely their phone customer service is to be commended.
Posted on: Jun 27, 2009
Flyinhigh says:
We will have to agree to disagree
Posted on: Jun 27, 2009
DragonFlies DragonFl…
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The Reason we fly Delta Feb 28, 2009

* Fantastic Service

* Competitive price

* Member of the awesome "SkyTeam"

* Never had a delay

* Very user friendly website

* Skymiles with american express credit card, you cant beat the goodies as a member.

* Frequent service

* Awesome Domestic and International.

* Cheap first class upgrades at the gate offered.

* Great award ticket choices!

You get what you pay for and we prefer paying a couple of extra bucs to get the best service without delays.
trhoades trhoades
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Ode to Delta Airlines Mar 26, 2008
I knew I would be punished one day for attending a bachelor party in Tampa on Easter weekend. You don't have to be religious to know that you shouldn't make the big man upstairs angry on holidays. My punishment was flying Delta Airlines. Admittedly, when I fly nowadays, I expect something to go wrong. That's because something always does. This trip was no different. It wasn't any worse than normal, just the same lousy service we have come to accept a normal here in the U.S.

Being Easter weekend, I show up to the airport early. Too bad our flight attendants did not. Our plane was sitting there, ready to go, only no flight crew in sight. 15 minutes before takeoff time, the crew does show up. Only one problem, they were missing one. So the pilots and flight attendants boarded, but we still could not, because not ALL the flight attendants were present. I'm sure this is some FAA regulation, but I had never heard it before. So we wait, and we wait. Then, 15 minutes AFTER the plane was supposed to takeoff, our missing 20 year-old flight attendant finally shows up. He blamed the airport hotel shuttle bus driver for his delay. Standard excuse. It's never their fault. Just blame it on weather, mechanics, shuttle bus drivers, catering, terrorists, fuel prices, or global warming. Not a good start Delta.

A 30 minute delay would ordinarily not get me that upset, except that I had to change planes in Salt Lake City, Utah. Why? Because, there are no direct flights from the Bay Area to Tampa. Not one. 3 airports, not one direct flight. So after we landed, then subsequently waited another 15 minutes on the tarmac for the airport crew to move some vehicles out of our way, we got to the gate. I hoofed it over to my connecting flight and made it with a few minutes to spare. That was the best part of my experience with Delta, spending as little time as possible in their terminal in Salt Lake.

Naturally, I had no time to eat anything during the connection. On my 3+ hour flight from Salt Lake to Tampa, they gave me only crackers. They had other items for sale. But none of it was proper food. M's, chips, peanuts, and other assorted garbage for an ADDITIONAL cost. Hey, I hate airline food as much as the next guy. And they are probably doing me a favor by not feeding me. But if you're going to charge me extra for something to eat, at least offer something I can't buy from a vending machine. Thanks Delta, appreciate the help.

The flight to Tampa was uneventful. They tried to charge me for headphones to watch the movie. But the movie was so bad, that I read my book instead. We arrived on time, and my luggage even arrived on time as well. I'm sure Delta would consider that to be a job well done. Sadly, compared to most flights nowadays, they are right.

No such luck on the return flight. I had to leave the NCAA tournament early in order to catch my flight to Atlanta. It left on time. But then I got delayed more than an hour in Atlanta because (you guessed it), the cleaning crew and caterers had not yet serviced the plane. Now delaying me an hour is one thing. But making me leave a sporting event early, then delaying me? That's just downright cruel. I caught the final moments of the game on the TV in the airport. Then I started getting work emails. At 6pm on Easter Sunday. Don't these people have any respect for this religious holiday? Don't they know I'm at a bachelor party watching the NCAA tournament (and other less tasteful activities)? I blame Delta.

The flight back to San Francisco was ok. Each seat had a personalized TV (for an extra charge naturally) but the video trivia game was free. I competed against a few other passengers that had logged on. Martyn in seat 22C was my prime competition. He beat me on science and history questions, but I took him on literature, movies, and geography. Our duel went down to the very last question with him in the lead. I beat him on a buzzer-beater question about Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. At the end of the flight, the flight attendant announced me as the trivia winner of the plane (there were only 10 other contestants). That was clearly the highlight of my return flight.

Got to San Francisco more than an hour late. That meant that the BART train was no longer running so I had to take a cab (price difference about $40). When my luggage came off the belt, my trolley handle was broken off. I was so tired and frustrated at that point that I didn't bother to report it. Delta will hear from me however. I might just copy and paste this review.

They get 2 stars only because I rated American Airlines 1 star. Delta was pretty lousy, but they didn't cost me a full day of time like American did. Don't fly either of them if you can avoid it. Unfortunately, sometimes you can't.
stock photo of delta
sybil says:
sorry about your flight trouble. united is just as bad. i can't wait for virgin america to fly everywhere...
Posted on: Mar 26, 2008
yadilitta yadilitta
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Delta Airlines Jul 22, 2008
I flew with Delta Airlines just once. It was a long distance flight from Atlanta to Lima.

They offer a direct flight from Lima to Atlanta. But if you want to go to the States, this might not be the cheapest way to do it.

Their service was good. The plane left on time. I was traveling on coach, but the flight attendant gave to me the business class kit, haha. So sweet, haha

The flight was leaving almost at midnight, so they just gave us some refreshments, but served breakfast when we were about landing.

Anyway, it was a good experience. Nevertheless, I think this is an expensive option. I flew with them because they are part of the skyteam and was redeeming miles.

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